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Video advertising is the new hot trend

It is commonly known that the internet has brought some major changes to all industries and has taken the marketing domain to a totally different level. Nowadays, nearly all companies build their marketing campaign based mostly on the internet, because they focus a lot on websites and social networks. There are many advertising companies that offer high quality services and is only one very good example. You should know that video advertising has become more and more popular recently, so here are the main benefits of including this in your marketing campaign.

Videos catch people’s attention faster

It is generally agreed that videos tend to catch people’s attention a lot faster compared to static images. Videos make people stop from whatever they were doing that moment and take a look at what runs on the screen, which means that there are high chances they become interested in whatever your company promotes. The video combines two of the human’s most important senses, the sight and the hearing, thus making easier for people to follow the information presented.

Videos can help your company increase sales

As it was previously mentioned, people’s interest for the products or services your company promotes the moment they see a video, which also means that it is possible for your sales to increase. Researchers claim that chances for someone to buy a product or service increase by up to 30% if that person sees a video presenting the product or the service first.

They are considered the new “long story short”

The main purpose of videos is to provide high volume of information about specific products or services in shorter amount of time without boring the audience. They can be called the “long story short” advertising tool, since you can use them to present more than 500 words of information in a video that lasts for no more than one minute. This is not only a great advantage for potential customers, since they do not have to waste too much time to learn about your products, but also for your company, since you can attract more customers by presenting information more effectively.

Videos can double as great educational and informative content

Video ads are perfect for offering people the necessary information they might be interested in when it comes to products and services your company provides, because they comprise elements that appeal to multiple senses. What is more, these videos can double as very good educational content, especially in the case of those how-to guides.

People talk about videos more

Video advertising is rapidly increasing in popularity and the reason is quite simple – it is both entertaining and informative. The moment people see a video that presents a certain product in a totally different way than what they expected, they are more prone to talk about it to their friends and relatives. This means that the marketing campaign is actually working that more and more people learn about your products.

As you can see, these are the main advantages of including video production in your marketing campaign.


Why you should consider using bitcoins?


It is the era of rush and things are changing quite fast. Nowadays, there is a new form of currency that is becoming more and more popular and for this reason, the number of websites that provide bitcoins increases by the day. If you are interested in getting bitcoins online, you should opt for a trust-worthy and professional provider and one very good example is Here is a list of the main reasons why you should consider getting involved in this type of virtual currency.

It is a lot faster

It is commonly known that when paying a cheque from a specific bank into yours, the latter usually holds that money for a few days in order to make sure the funds are available. The same amount of time is necessary in the case of international wire transfers as well, since they can also make you wait for too long until the transaction is successful. However, this does not count for bitcoin transactions, because they are instantaneous, especially if they are “zero-confirmation” type of transactions. This means that the merchant accepts the transaction before the bitcoin blockchain confirms it.

It is cheaper

It is true that credit card transactions are instantaneous as well, but people actually pay for that privilege, since some merchants can charge fees for debit card transfers in order to fulfil them. On the other hand, bitcoin transfer fees are either extremely cheap or free.

Your payment information cannot be stolen

This is a very good reason why you should consider resorting to bitcoins. When they first appeared, credit cards were not supposed to be used on the internet and since you introduce secret information such as expiry date, credit card number of the CSV number on various websites on the internet, chances for someone to hack your card are quite high. Bitcoin transactions however, do not require you to provide any such secret information. They operate on two keys, one public, which can be seen by everyone and the other one private, which remains secret. When making a bitcoin transaction, you “sign” it by combining the two keys you have, the public and private ones, which proves that the money came from you. If you do not publish your secret key anywhere online, you can rest assured you are safe.

You can make it as private as you want

Some people might not want others to know what they spent money on, in which case bitcoins are the right choice for them, since this type of currency is quite private. It is worth mentioning that bitcoin is actually transparent in the sense that people can see how much a specific bitcoin address possess in transactions, where these transfers actually came from or where were they sent to. Nevertheless, no one actually knows who the possessor of that specific bitcoin address is, compared to traditional bank accounts.

As you can see, these are only a few reasons why you should consider start using bitcoin transactions right away.


Things you should know about supply chain management in e-commerce


When creating an on-line business, there are many elements you should take into account. From the concept to the final product and additional services to the supply flow, all are elements of what your business plan should take into account. Specialized consultancy companies provide solutions for all matters might occur, including ecommerce supply chain solutions. Therefore, whether you have a retail type of on-line brand or you are a manufacturer, the matter of the supply chain management should certainly concern you.

The supply chain for e-tailers

On-line retail stores are certainly a successful business. In that case, the supply chain is a short one: you get the products form specialized suppliers, store them in a warehouse, then you trade them to the final consumer. In order to meet customer’s expectations, you should consider subcontracting the trading services to a specialized company. They often provide warehouse and order management services, return services, customer support and next day delivery services. If you are an international retailer, you should provide cross-border trading services at convenient prices, not to mention the order tracking services. In addition, a smart and user-friendly interface will assure you that clients always are aware of the products available, their quantities, colors and sizes. In order for you to provide such information, you should have a good management strategy for your supply chain. Furthermore, if you also have a physical store, a good solution would be the click and collect (C&C) strategy. According to it, customers can easily collect their on-line order from a physical store. Many big brands have such services and they are a success.

The supply chain for manufacturers

If you are a manufacturer, your supply chain is going to be a little more complex. Your raw materials are going to come from a larger number of suppliers and third-party suppliers. The final product is going to be a part of a bigger cycle. From your warehouse is going to be distributed to wholesalers, whom are going to sell them to the end customers. A good idea of business is to sell directly your own products to the final customers, in order to meet their needs of smaller prices and to create a more personal experience for them. By creating an on-line shop, you can create a stronger brand name and image, not to mention increasing the profit. Wholesalers always require smaller prices in order to have the possibility to add late charges. They also require you to deliver the products. Those two aspects are going to increase your expenses and diminish your profit. To save money, create an on-line store and find a good trading company, in order deliver your products to the final customers. Never forget about customer support services as well as order tracking services if you deliver cross-border.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when creating a supply chain management system. If you are not sure you are going to be able to create, develop and implement such a system by yourself, our advice is to hire specialists.



Cloud backup for businesses: a solution that works

Storage and backup are two important aspects for entrepreneurs. Irrespective of the actual size of the company, storage is needed. To clarify matters a bit, when saying storage, you are not actually referring to a warehouse or other similar facilities. Storage, in the world of business, is a business term referring to documents. It is true that a physical archive is a simple method of depositing all types of documents. However, as it has been already proven, this is one solution that is quickly losing popularity. Technology is quickly gaining ground, as it offers entrepreneurs more advantages. Cloud backup and storage are such solutions that tend to be more and more appreciated by company representatives. To better understand the phenomenon, here are three benefits any company will gain as a result of implementing such solutions, giving up on the physical archive.

Discovering how spacious the office is

As your company grows, so does the number of documents. These have to be deposited somewhere. The more you develop as a business, the more you realize that you need a proper, more spacious office to deposit the paperwork, among other things. By saying yes to a cloud back-up, you won’t need that much space. Instead of searching the market for a larger office, you could be putting your energy into finding a document storage facility.

Secure your work

This must be the number one advantage defining cloud storage. When stocking your business on cloud, you are also securing much of work. When your documents are lying around, in total chaos, it is very simple for your competition to quickly get their hands on your development strategies, for instance. When you decide to use cloud, access to documents will be limited. This way, one those that have been given approval will be able to consult your company’s paperwork.

Always have a backup plan

The idea of having a backup plan is spread and everyone knows that this is actually the key to success. Unfortunately, no matter the quantity of knowledge gained throughout a lifetime, you can never predict the future, especially not in the world of business. This is why you need a back-up plan, especially now when changes in economy are not your only concern. In case of a flood, earthquake or fire, all your company’s information will be safely guarded in cloud. The company’s building may collapse, but its essence, its documents will not vanish into thin air. You will be able to retake your activity whenever you feel prepared.



How to choose your SEO partner


The online market has been expanding considerably in the last few years, becoming more and more visible. There are so many reasons for which you, the client, should take the time to search the market attentively, whether you are interested in gathering information or buying products. For entrepreneurs, spreading the word about their work online might prove to be more challenging than they thought. However, help can be easily located, if you know where and how to look. Surely you have heard of SEO before. This is one domain that keeps online platforms high in terms of traffic. With an increasing level of popularity, SEO companies do come in a large number. To find that trustworthy SEO agency Leicester based, you could take into account the following suggestions.

Checking out reputation

The popularity of a brand is usually built from its reputation. As long as this is strong and positive clients will regard you with a greater trust. When you are searching for an online show store, you might be tempted to read a few things about its reputation. Why shouldn’t you do the same when it comes to searching for a SEO company? Try to find details regarding the agency’s reputation. Figure out whether or not the agency in question is indeed trustworthy. Keep in mind that this is one detail that is built in time, through hard work and dedication.

Focusing on services

A SEO agency is as professional as its services. This is one detail that needs to be taken under consideration. The more diverse a list of services is, the better it will be for you. In order to stay on top, you have to be creative. This is the number one rule of Google. Take a look through offers and see which company is ready to bring a rich variety of services. At the same time, figure out if these are of a high quality as well. The portfolio can help in this regard. Otherwise, it would be rather difficult to check quality.

Experience and passion

Everything about the online market is new and exciting. So, what you need to do is find that company that is passionate about its work, that can offer you the services and perspective you can actually benefit from. Passion is essential in any field, but in the online world especially. Only a passionate staff will always keep track of the changes that appear online. At the same time, try not to disregard experience. In order to accumulate more knowledge, you need a fundament and that comes in time after acquiring experience.


Reasons why online file sharing is a great option

Sending and receiving files across business teams can be done using several methods, but the most popular option for business nowadays is cloud-based file sharing. If you are wondering why you should replace your traditional data sharing method, such as FTP, with online file sharing, then you should learn a thing or two on the topic. With today’s technology advancements, the needs and requirements of businesses has changed, and this is why new backup and file sharing methods have been introduced. All companies, regardless of size, have the possibility to work faster and easier with the help of proper online file sharing capabilities.

Ease of use

One of the greatest benefits of cloud-based file sharing is the ease of use. Other file sharing methods, such as FTP, involve a steep learning curve, making the process more difficult to understand. Many companies have faced the need of hiring someone to oversee the setup or to offer permanent maintenance, which is rather inconvenient. Nowadays, there are many cloud platforms offering advanced file sharing functionality, requiring no additional hardware implementation. You have the possibility of freeing up IT resources, and everything will be easier for you, as a user.

Size limitation

The biggest downside of using traditional fire sharing methods is size limitations. It can become inconvenient for your business to have a maximum file size, especially when the majority of high-res multimedia files can be larger than expected. With a cloud-based solution, you can accommodate any files, regardless of capacity. Once the file is shared, you can also opt to notify the recipient for a retrieval. With this great option, sharing files will be less complicated and more efficient, which can only be a plus for many businesses.


Accessing any file you might need whenever you need it is a crucial aspect for the productivity of your company. With the right cloud-based solution at your disposal, retrieving files from any type of device or browser is possible, because there is no demand for an additional software or hardware installation. Improved accessibility is a great advantage for many types of companies.


Critical business files require an additional security measure, which FTP for example lacks. A reliable cloud service provider will ensure you of security standards that meet your requirements and needs. With proper encryption and strong password protection, you can feel safe knowing that all your information is protected. Your business can manage all its users effectively, without the need of involving an IT team. It is up to you to establish who can access each one of your business’ files. For security purposes, online file sharing is certainly the best solution you have.

If you desire to benefit from no size limitation, security and accessibility, online file sharing could be the best solution for you. However, with so many cloud backup and file sharing services out there, it is imperative to choose the best offer. Research the topic, and make sure you opt for the best alternative for you.


A little help to design the perfect mobile app

Nowadays, the tools and technology people use in order to create mobile apps have become more user friendly and more easily accessible, which is definitely a great advantage for those who want to embark on designing their first app. Businesspersons from all possible industries and domains want apps that suit their needs and interests and for this reason, they are looking for professional and experienced mobile app developers. If you are a beginner in app development, here are the main things you have to take into account when starting such a project.

Understand your client’s needs

The first step you have to make is to have a meeting face-to-face with your client and have a serious talk about the app they want you to create. Understand their needs and focus on the things that interest them the most. Ask them many questions in order to make sure you have understood everything clearly.

Do some research

The next step is the research. Browse the internet and check to see if there are other similar apps already on the online market. See how you can make the app different from the ones that already exist on the market. Check out your competition in order to get a clearer idea on what they offer and what things you can bring new to your app so that users will opt for your mobile app instead of a competitor’s one.

Make a sketch

It is time now to start designing the app. Start with drawing a sketch to have a clearer image on how it should look like. Think about the colour scheme and about the typography. Make sure the text is easy to read and the space between words and lines is neither too big, nor too small. When it comes to mobile apps, space is quite limited, so you have to ensure the text is easy to read. The colour is also quite important, because it has to match your design. If you opt for too many colours for instance, the app might be confusing or distracting.

Test it before launching it

After you have finished designing the app, it is time to test it. Under no circumstances should you launch the app before testing it. Keep in mind that thousands or even millions of users will use this mobile app, so test it on various devices to see how it works. Make sure the keypads are easy to access with only one hand and there is no important information blocked in any way.

Present it to your client

After you have tested the app, show it to your client. The final verdict should come from his behalf, since you are designing it for them. Observe their reactions when they are testing the app and ask for their opinion. If there is something they are not quite pleased with, make sure you improve it.

Overall, these are some useful tips to help you design the perfect mobile app. make sure you pay great attention to every detail when embarking on such a project in order to obtain the best results.


Should you outsource IT services?

One of the biggest changes that the past decades have brought about is the digitalization of almost all fields of activity. The days when professional IT services were required only by a handful of big companies are long gone. Nowadays, managers need IT on a daily basis and outsourcing these services is often advertised as an excellent time and money saver. This happened because small and medium sized businesses don’t usually have the necessary budget to support a greatly developed IT service, outsourcing becoming their primary method when it comes to information technology processes. Nonetheless, outsourcing managed IT services require a great deal of research and methodology, in order to make sure that your company’s needs and standards are met, which led to many businesses wondering whether or not this process is truly effective or profitable. Studies have shown that companies choosing to contract out IT processes grew in number considerably from one year to the next, which means there are solid reasons for which so many make the transition from in house to deployed information technology services.

How much can you save by outsourcing IT services?


Savings are the primary reason why companies choose to outsource IT services and studies show that they are right. In fact, you can cut your spendings to almost half, which is great news especially to small businesses and startups that don’t have the budget to create an IT department with all the resources that it entails. Moreover, resorting to outsourcing enables you to have better control over your finances, because you will be paying a fixed fee per month and you will not have to deal with unexpected costs.


Easy access to a pool of IT experts


Sometimes, money is not the main reason keeping companies from getting their own IT department. Sometimes, this a matter of human resources. If your company is based in a region that has little access to high-end IT resources and qualified IT experts, then you cannot compromise and create a sub-par department. By choosing outsourcing, you can expand your horizons and hire the experts that your company deserves. Don’t worry about time and language differences, because professional IT companies offer stellar customer support even if your company is hundreds of miles away.


Additional benefits of outsourcing over hiring your own personnel


In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, outsourcing can be a great short-term solution if you need a specific IT service for a short period of time. For example, you might need someone to change your logo. In this case, hiring a designer may not be a sustainable idea, because you would not need their services all the time. Instead, you can outsource this task to a designer and only pay for a one-time project.


Focus on what really matters

Being a manager comes with many responsibilities and it’s very easy to lose focus of what really matters when looking after small processes. If IT is not your field of expertise, let the experts do all the work. You can choose outsourcing for your managed IT services and you can focus on management and big picture decisions.



Property management software – is it useful for your rental business?

A properly developed property management system can significantly increase the productivity of a rental business. If you need to take care of many duties on a daily basis, and your schedule has become rather overwhelming, this might be the solution to your problems. This type of system has become a very popular choice among landlords that need to manage several properties and are stressed with numerous daily tasks. The right property management software can prove to be extremely useful for your business, from several points of view. Here are a few ways in which this type of software can help your rental business.

Keeping track of occupancy and payments

As a landlord, it is necessary to take into consideration the needs of each tenant you might have, and this means keeping each property under supervision. With the right software at your disposal, you will receive reminders regarding any important task you might have. Cash flow is certainly the most important aspect of a rental business, and you have probably faced along the years many inconveniences with tenants who have not paid their rent on time. A management system can keep track of delayed payments, and possible eviction notices. Every important document and record will be stored in one single place, and you will be able to access with easy any information you might require regarding a particular property or tenant. You will manage to collect monthly or seasonal fees on time, because you will receive periodical reminders.

Maintenance management

Ongoing maintenance is probably the most stressful and time-consuming aspect of property management. With a properly developed software, you can keep track of every maintenance task that needs to be taken care of, and you can easily schedule other duties that need your personal attention. You have the possibility of keeping a record of each company you have worked with, giving you the chance to connect easily with the right companies, in terms of maintenance needs. From window replacement, to leakage problems or utilities reparations, a property management system will keep you updated permanently regarding the maintenance tasks that need your immediate attention.

Save time and money

One of the many reasons, why so many property managers resort to this type of software is time.  In the business world, where time means money, it is necessary to look for solutions to improve business productivity in a time-effective way. A property management software can help you save a lot of time, and thus money. Sending repair notices, producing accounts and balances, calculating interest or keeping track of transaction history are only a few ways in which this type of software can help your business.

Keeping these details in mind, you can see how beneficial a property management software can be. If you want to increase business productivity, and thus increase your profit, this might be the perfect solution for you. Because there are many options to choose from, it is more than necessary to choose wisely. Research the topic, and see which your options are. Choose a management software that has the right features for your needs. Save time and money, and choose to resort to an advanced management system.


Beginner’s guide to buying coins in FIFA 2017

As the name clearly suggest, FIFA coins are the currency used in FIFA Ultimate Team to purchase players, consumables, but also packs. In order to earn decent coins you have to trade on the FUT Transfer Market, but this option only works well for those who actually understand the market. There are many factors that determine the supply and of course the demand for a player and, therefore, the corresponding price. While in time experience will teach what a player should sell for. The best way to make the most amounts of coins is trading, but the truth is that that the quickest way is purchasing FIFA 17 coins from a third party RMT supplier. Although there are some tiny risks involved, most people in the gaming community find that this is the easiest solution to their coin needs. This article will teach you how to buy virtual currency in a safe way and how to choose a legit supplier.

Analyze the FIFA 17 coin site

There are quite a lot of websites that sell coins and not all of them are legal, reason why you should be particularly choosy. You will have to determine which website is loyal; otherwise, you will not get your much needed currency even if you have paid. If by any chance you are advised to download the site, then it is obvious that you should not follow the instructions. When purchasing currency to purchase players and consumables, make sure you have complete guarantee of the acceptability of the website. Equally important is evaluating video reviews of coin selling sites on YouTube. Some sites are banned by the developer of the FIFA Series, so never use such sites.

Create an account

In order to be able to buy virtual currency, you have to first create an account, which will help you purchase currency safely. What you can do is open multiple accounts on different websites at the same time. This way, if an account is not authentic, you can easily transfer your gold from the game account that has received a warning. This will also come in handy is you are planning to buy large amounts of coins, by dividing them into smaller amounts and placing them on different game accounts. However, you should be careful so as not to close your computer without logging out from the site. In fact, you should reset your password and security code following a successful purchase.

Types of currency  

The vast majority of RMT suppliers have two ways of farming gold: bot and glitch coins. Bot currency implies digging paying money from your own pocket and discovering which cheap player can spontaneously be sold high. The process is similar to buying stock. When the time is right, you can sell the player, but in order to achieve this you have to be a patient person. On the other hand, glitch coins are risky because the supplier hacks the system to generate free of charge gold. It is important to mention that it is fairly easy for the FIFA administrator to track down the source. There is no way of knowing if the supplier uses glitch currency, but you should not worry since a trusted supplier knows the rules and will not try to sell you dangerous currency.

Set spending limits

A key point to remember is to never purchase virtual currency that you do not necessarily need; otherwise, you will be wasting your money. You should only buy currency when there is a real necessity and it should be clear that if you do not follow this instruction, you are going to be deceived. What may come as a surprise is that there is an ideal time for purchasing gold. If you can identify the right time, you will be a true gainer.