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Should you outsource IT services?

One of the biggest changes that the past decades have brought about is the digitalization of almost all fields of activity. The days when professional IT services were required only by a handful of big companies are long gone. Nowadays, managers need IT on a daily basis and outsourcing these services is often advertised as an excellent time and money saver. This happened because small and medium sized businesses don’t usually have the necessary budget to support a greatly developed IT service, outsourcing becoming their primary method when it comes to information technology processes. Nonetheless, outsourcing managed IT services require a great deal of research and methodology, in order to make sure that your company’s needs and standards are met, which led to many businesses wondering whether or not this process is truly effective or profitable. Studies have shown that companies choosing to contract out IT processes grew in number considerably from one year to the next, which means there are solid reasons for which so many make the transition from in house to deployed information technology services.

How much can you save by outsourcing IT services?


Savings are the primary reason why companies choose to outsource IT services and studies show that they are right. In fact, you can cut your spendings to almost half, which is great news especially to small businesses and startups that don’t have the budget to create an IT department with all the resources that it entails. Moreover, resorting to outsourcing enables you to have better control over your finances, because you will be paying a fixed fee per month and you will not have to deal with unexpected costs.


Easy access to a pool of IT experts


Sometimes, money is not the main reason keeping companies from getting their own IT department. Sometimes, this a matter of human resources. If your company is based in a region that has little access to high-end IT resources and qualified IT experts, then you cannot compromise and create a sub-par department. By choosing outsourcing, you can expand your horizons and hire the experts that your company deserves. Don’t worry about time and language differences, because professional IT companies offer stellar customer support even if your company is hundreds of miles away.


Additional benefits of outsourcing over hiring your own personnel


In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, outsourcing can be a great short-term solution if you need a specific IT service for a short period of time. For example, you might need someone to change your logo. In this case, hiring a designer may not be a sustainable idea, because you would not need their services all the time. Instead, you can outsource this task to a designer and only pay for a one-time project.


Focus on what really matters

Being a manager comes with many responsibilities and it’s very easy to lose focus of what really matters when looking after small processes. If IT is not your field of expertise, let the experts do all the work. You can choose outsourcing for your managed IT services and you can focus on management and big picture decisions.



Property management software – is it useful for your rental business?

A properly developed property management system can significantly increase the productivity of a rental business. If you need to take care of many duties on a daily basis, and your schedule has become rather overwhelming, this might be the solution to your problems. This type of system has become a very popular choice among landlords that need to manage several properties and are stressed with numerous daily tasks. The right property management software can prove to be extremely useful for your business, from several points of view. Here are a few ways in which this type of software can help your rental business.

Keeping track of occupancy and payments

As a landlord, it is necessary to take into consideration the needs of each tenant you might have, and this means keeping each property under supervision. With the right software at your disposal, you will receive reminders regarding any important task you might have. Cash flow is certainly the most important aspect of a rental business, and you have probably faced along the years many inconveniences with tenants who have not paid their rent on time. A management system can keep track of delayed payments, and possible eviction notices. Every important document and record will be stored in one single place, and you will be able to access with easy any information you might require regarding a particular property or tenant. You will manage to collect monthly or seasonal fees on time, because you will receive periodical reminders.

Maintenance management

Ongoing maintenance is probably the most stressful and time-consuming aspect of property management. With a properly developed software, you can keep track of every maintenance task that needs to be taken care of, and you can easily schedule other duties that need your personal attention. You have the possibility of keeping a record of each company you have worked with, giving you the chance to connect easily with the right companies, in terms of maintenance needs. From window replacement, to leakage problems or utilities reparations, a property management system will keep you updated permanently regarding the maintenance tasks that need your immediate attention.

Save time and money

One of the many reasons, why so many property managers resort to this type of software is time.  In the business world, where time means money, it is necessary to look for solutions to improve business productivity in a time-effective way. A property management software can help you save a lot of time, and thus money. Sending repair notices, producing accounts and balances, calculating interest or keeping track of transaction history are only a few ways in which this type of software can help your business.

Keeping these details in mind, you can see how beneficial a property management software can be. If you want to increase business productivity, and thus increase your profit, this might be the perfect solution for you. Because there are many options to choose from, it is more than necessary to choose wisely. Research the topic, and see which your options are. Choose a management software that has the right features for your needs. Save time and money, and choose to resort to an advanced management system.


Beginner’s guide to buying coins in FIFA 2017

As the name clearly suggest, FIFA coins are the currency used in FIFA Ultimate Team to purchase players, consumables, but also packs. In order to earn decent coins you have to trade on the FUT Transfer Market, but this option only works well for those who actually understand the market. There are many factors that determine the supply and of course the demand for a player and, therefore, the corresponding price. While in time experience will teach what a player should sell for. The best way to make the most amounts of coins is trading, but the truth is that that the quickest way is purchasing FIFA 17 coins from a third party RMT supplier. Although there are some tiny risks involved, most people in the gaming community find that this is the easiest solution to their coin needs. This article will teach you how to buy virtual currency in a safe way and how to choose a legit supplier.

Analyze the FIFA 17 coin site

There are quite a lot of websites that sell coins and not all of them are legal, reason why you should be particularly choosy. You will have to determine which website is loyal; otherwise, you will not get your much needed currency even if you have paid. If by any chance you are advised to download the site, then it is obvious that you should not follow the instructions. When purchasing currency to purchase players and consumables, make sure you have complete guarantee of the acceptability of the website. Equally important is evaluating video reviews of coin selling sites on YouTube. Some sites are banned by the developer of the FIFA Series, so never use such sites.

Create an account

In order to be able to buy virtual currency, you have to first create an account, which will help you purchase currency safely. What you can do is open multiple accounts on different websites at the same time. This way, if an account is not authentic, you can easily transfer your gold from the game account that has received a warning. This will also come in handy is you are planning to buy large amounts of coins, by dividing them into smaller amounts and placing them on different game accounts. However, you should be careful so as not to close your computer without logging out from the site. In fact, you should reset your password and security code following a successful purchase.

Types of currency  

The vast majority of RMT suppliers have two ways of farming gold: bot and glitch coins. Bot currency implies digging paying money from your own pocket and discovering which cheap player can spontaneously be sold high. The process is similar to buying stock. When the time is right, you can sell the player, but in order to achieve this you have to be a patient person. On the other hand, glitch coins are risky because the supplier hacks the system to generate free of charge gold. It is important to mention that it is fairly easy for the FIFA administrator to track down the source. There is no way of knowing if the supplier uses glitch currency, but you should not worry since a trusted supplier knows the rules and will not try to sell you dangerous currency.

Set spending limits

A key point to remember is to never purchase virtual currency that you do not necessarily need; otherwise, you will be wasting your money. You should only buy currency when there is a real necessity and it should be clear that if you do not follow this instruction, you are going to be deceived. What may come as a surprise is that there is an ideal time for purchasing gold. If you can identify the right time, you will be a true gainer.



What you should know about polygraph tests

Even though most people have heard about polygraph or lie detector tests, most of them still do not know exactly how these tests work and how it is that they offer such reliable results. Since virtually anyone can take a lie detector test these days with companies such as, here are a few details that you should know about them:

How does a lie detector work?

A polygraph actually measures several indices such as pulse, blood pressure, skin conductivity and respiration that when analysed will indicate whether or not the person taking the test is lying. There have been many studies that show how people react when lying and there is clear evidence that they cannot hide their emotions, as much as they would like.


Are polygraph tests reliable?

Yes, polygraph tests are very reliable when they are conducted by professional examiners who have been properly trained and can identify the signals accurately. Most people are afraid that they will be too nervous and because of this they will fail the test, but they do not realise that the nervousness will certainly not influence the results because an experienced examiner will easily make the difference between a lie and a genuine nervous reaction.


Can I beat the test?

As much as some people might try to convince you of that, the fact that that an examiner will always be able to tell if you are trying to distort the readings. Obviously, most people who are guilty of something will try to beat the test, but a qualified examiner will not have any problems in interpreting the results accurately and offering the client a reliable result. In fact, studies have shown that examiners can be up to 98% accurate in most of their readings, so in case you are planning to beat the test you should probably refuse to take it altogether. At the same time, those who want to ask their spouse or a job candidate to take the lie detector test, can always expect to receive honest answers and find out the real truth about the facts they are interested in.


How long does a test take?

Usually, a polygraph test takes about 3 hours, but that time can vary depending on the situation. If you are the one who has requested the test, you will be able to discuss with the examiner the questions you want to be asked or the information you might be interested in obtaining. If you are the one being tested, you should prepare yourself to spend this time taking the test.


These are the most important aspects that anyone should know about polygraph tests. Whether you are someone interested in taking the test or you want to ask someone to take the test in order to prove their honesty, with the help of a skilled examiner you can always count on receiving accurate results. So take your time and find the right person to test you and you will always be glad of choosing this option.


Harnessing the power of mobile apps


If you are under the impression that sending email notifications will help you get through to clients, then you are wrong. Almost every smartphone user has a Facebook installed so as to be able to keep in touch with others and find out what is going on in the world. What is most intriguing is that when people surf social media they are also looking to make purchases. Therefore, in order to really sell something, you have to remind customers that you still exist. The main difference between notifications sent via email and those sent by software is that they get read. If you are a small business, then you probably have not been aware of how important mobile marketing is. If you are still in the dark, then maybe you should learn more about how to build an app the possible benefits.

Building an app for your business

Since building a software is not simple, you will need some help. Fortunately for you, there are online tools that can help you accomplish this task. To be more precise, you have the possibility of getting the web work done yourself with the help of DIY tools that do all the heavy lifting for you. Online tools allow you to gather content like images and social media and integrate them into an application that will impress your clients as well as your competition. You do not even need to have programming knowledge since the system is designed for users of all levels. What you should keep in mind is that the initial idea and the strategy should be completely accurate, reason why you may need the advice of a professional.

What mobile apps can do for your business

The most important benefit of using the mobile channel is that it provides you with the opportunity of engaging with your customers immediately, regardless of location. Not only do you have the possibility of sending clients information based on their activity and past choices, but also promote advertisements that will increase your sales. When you use interactive means is that customers become revenue-generated ones. A mobile app gives your clients the chance to acquire products that add value to their lives and services a lot easier, as well as offering access to discounts and promotions. Online promotion actually allows you to enhance your offerings and capture an important part of the market. Just remember that the smartphone is the most powerful device of all.

How do you know if you need a business app?

Developing a successful mobile application will take some time, so you need to know if you really need one. Mobile marketing is so much more than building a software; it is about evaluating what the customers want. If the customer is on the move, then you have to learn where they aggregate in the digital landscape and why. So, are you reaching the most people? If your target is the masses, then you need to know how many of your customers are using mobile devices. You also need to asses if you need a software for the online page as well. If you are on a tight schedule, then enhancing your mobile website may be more important.


Why you should choose freelance services for your business

Whether you own a small business or a bigger one, you agree with the fact that it is important to have everything done at the right moment. Even though you believe you can do everything by your own, it is practically impossible so you should ask for some help. However, some of your employees might not know exactly how to please you and how to do the job the way you want, so in order not to get disappointed, you should resort to freelance services. There are many sites where you can find dedicated freelancers, so all you have to do is some quick research on the Internet.

Freelancers help you develop your business

Many people who have worked in the corporate system for instance, decided that it is better to become a freelancer, some of the reasons being that their work was underappreciated, or their work was confined and they could not develop their skills. Whatever the reasons might be, choosing freelancers to do your work might be the best solution for your business. They are highly dedicated persons who love what they do and would definitely do anything that stands in their powers to meet your expectations or even exceed them, not to mention that your business quality might improve.

A two-way winning process

Believe it or not, hiring a freelancer is a two-way winning process. Firstly, you get your job done in the shortest time. Secondly, the freelancer does what he likes most and gets the opportunity to acquire new skills that he can use later in other projects too. Freelancers are dedicated to their work and most important, love what they do, so you would certainly not regret hiring one of them.

Search for freelancers using online platforms

There are many websites where you can come in contact with freelancers from all over the world. For instance, as afar as the IT field is concerned, you can hire someone that lives on the other side of the earth without ever seeing him or her, because all you need is the work that he or she provides. You can opt for a means of communication to keep in touch with that freelancer. Online platforms are probably the easiest way to find the right person to help you with your project. You can choose from a variety of domains and resort to that freelancer who best fits your needs.

Be careful what you choose

Bear in mind that after deciding that a freelancer is what you need for your business, you should only look for the best. Check out whether that freelancer has good reviews or not, what projects has he done before and in what domain is he specialised. When you have established the right person for your business, you have to contact him or her. It is advisable you talk about price and other terms and conditions of the contract from the first meeting, in order to avoid any misunderstandings.  As a result, you should only look for freelancers that provide professional services and that do anything to please you.


The importance of web scraping services for businesses

Internet technology has developed significantly with each year passing by. In terms of business purposes, resorting to professional web scraping services can come as a huge plus for any project you might have. With the competition increasing, every detail regarding better performances is highly needed. Using a website ripper and other technological elements can be easy when having the right specialists doing everything you need for you. Getting the hold of relevant technological information has become crucial for business from a variety of domains. Working with professionals is a necessity if you want to benefit from the best results.  Data scraping is not a difficult job when you have specialists to take care of every single detail.

Why is it necessary for businesses to use web-scraping services?

Any business process requires the inclusion of external web data. If you want to place yourself one level higher than your competitors, taking advantage of the right web scarping services is a must. Regardless of what product or service you are offering your consumers, any project you might have revolves around suitable harvesting or mining tools and of course web data scraping. It is highly necessary to comprehend the customer’s demands and preferences to accomplish reaching the top of the success ladder. Web scraping can be the solution you need to understand customer requirements. Through a process that involves web scraping you will be able to receive relevant information that can save the future of your business. Your business’ productivity can significantly increase when using the right data scraping tools. A company specialised in this domain can make any web related project become reality with no efforts from your part whatsoever.

Using important data to your advantage

For an increasing business, using new data to your advantage can be crucial for the well-being of your business. As a business owner, you probably want to grow your business and reach a higher level of success and productivity. For this to happen, you will need to be permanently updated regarding your product, but also market and competitors. Gathering more and more information will help you make the right decision and perhaps give your business the boost it needed. A reliable web scraping company will help you not only collect data, but also use a process that will enable you to make use of the information in your business’s best interest. Extracting data in an efficient way depends on the team you hire to handle this aspect. You will not be able to reach efficient results if you use only basic web scraping tools. This is the main reason why finding the right services in terms of web scraping is crucial. Having recent and relevant information at your disposal will be your ace in the hole. Keeping your business constantly updated is the factor that enables you and your business to grow and innovate. You will be able to have access to the most important developments on the market, when using specialised data web scraping tools.


How to Write User-Centric Content Utilizing SEO: Tips from iNexxus

Writing marketing content that is both engaging and effective is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. In order for marketing content to provide the expected results, it needs to attract readers by using notions, arguments and language that they can understand and relate to. This means that the content creator has to keep in mind the profile of the reader at all times and develop creative strategies that appeal to him. For many years, online marketing has been dominated by a brand-centric tendency where content was written for providers rather than users. However, things are changing and at iNexxus we recommend a new approach, one that focuses on users and utilizes the benefits of SEO.

From brand-centric to user-centric

Brand-centric content occurs when the content speaks “at” the user, not to him.

More often than not, this content abounds in technical jargon and impersonal phrasing, which makes it sound professional, but also cold and difficult to understand. Brand-focused content was the norm for a long time, until users simply started to reject content that they did not connect to. In fact, a marketing study conducted in 2013 by Janrain showed that a staggering 75% of Web users leave a website if it does not relate to them within the first seconds.

On the other hand, user-centric content speaks to users, connecting with them and establishing trust. It is more approachable, easier to understand and result-oriented. It describes benefits, without overemphasizing technical features and aims to inform, not confuse. When people search online for products and services, they do so using the terms they know, not industry jargon – and that is why every professional digital marketing agency will recommend a user-friendly strategy.

The importance of SEO-friendly content

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process through which you can increase the visibility of a web page in organic search results.

Meaningful, user-oriented content can only occur when you understand the group you are writing for and the reason why they are reading your message – this is where SEO comes in. When user-centric marketing content is sustained by SEO efforts, the results can be much better than writing brand-centric content. When done properly, SEO increases the exposure of your brand, product or service, bringing it closer to potential clients. As a marketing strategy, SEO also involves keyword research and writing content based on phrases that the targeted audience actually types in search engines. A well planned and SEO-friendly content page will be easier to find by users and some of these users can convert from visitors to paying customers.

What does the user-centric transition imply for businesses?

The modern user is constantly in a hurry and wants to find results fast, without learning about your brand. Failing to adapt to customers’ needs is a risk that can greatly damage businesses.

A user centric strategy can help you overcome this issue and, with the help of SEO, it can make your marketing content more meaningful, powerful and effective. The standards and expectations of your target audience cannot be neglected. Although these are becoming consistently more varied, by working with a professional digital marketing agency such as iNexxus, you will get content that is relevant for your business and, at the same time, attract and engage clients.


Binary options bonuses explained     

One of the most common features that binary options brokers offer are trading bonuses. A bonus can be defined as a sort of financial reward that is offered to the trader. While the financial rewards is a great method for compensating clients, they are also a good strategy for attracting new customers as well. However, there are many brokers who actually make use of these financial incentives to determine the trader to invest his funds and start trading with them. If you want to enjoy binary options risk free trades, then you have to choose your platform wisely. Following is what you need to know about binary options bonuses.

The perks of binary options bonuses

Bonuses and other types of promotions are not only beneficial for the broker that attracts more and more clients, but for the client himself. Financial rewards are a good way to get started trading with binary options because the reward is added to the initial investment, the result is that you have a lot more money to trade with. Most brokers provide an average bonus of 25% or 30%. This means that if you deposit $200, you are likely to receive about $100 extra cash, Another benefit is that brokers usually give you the financial incentive right after you’ve made the initial deposit. Above all, the extra money allows you to engage in more trades that usual and try different trading strategies. Not only will you gain important experience and knowledge about financial markets and so on, but also you don’t risk losing your initial investment.

Different types of bonuses

There are considerable differences between the services offered by broker in terms of bonus amount and types. Some brokers offer extra money for clients who decide to start trading with them. This type of incentive is called a signup bonus and it allows the trader to familiarize himself with the platform, the financial market and other data. The main goal of brokers is to provide clients with the opportunity of gaining experience. Other financial incentives are offered for a deposit made. The offer basically implies compensating the customer with a percentage of the deposit sum.

What are the risks involved

Although the extra money does come in handy, there are lots of dangers that the trader may not be aware of. The fact is that many people simply do not read the terms and conditions, meaning the section that outlines the restrictions and possible implications. In other words, you will be compelled to make a specific number of trades before being able to withdraw the cash. Even when you experience a winning streak there are criteria that prevent you from withdrawing the deposit. Since restrictions apply to bonuses as well, it is worth paying attention when you sign up with a broker. For these reasons, it is important to focus on key features when selecting a top broker, and not necessarily on bonuses. If not, you risk losing your funds.


How to find eBooks at a good price?

With the evolution of technology, eBooks have become more and more popular. The possibility of having a book you desire on your device in a matter of seconds, has made the number of people who opt for eBooks grow. You have the possibility to have all your favorite books on the same device and read the one of your choice even on the bus on your way to work.

Finding the best deal

When it come to the price of eBooks, it is a known fact you will pay a lower price for an eBook than for a printed book. However, you should know where to look, in order to find the best ebook deals, you need to know the right place to find them.  You have the opportunity to find special eBook discounts on websites that handle with this aspect. Such a website provides you the chance to buy eBooks from every domain, with discounts, that you would probably not benefit from, if searching direct on Amazon. This kind of website directs you to the right place, in order for you to get the best deal. You have the chance to discover new and interesting authors, and a large variety of eBooks. You can even find some free eBooks, and enlarge your virtual bookcase with novels that you would not have thought of buying. Visiting a website that has this profile, enables you to scroll through a large assortment of books and find more details about them. You do not need to worry about buying an eBook of low content quality, because the eBooks are attentively selected, only the best works of new authors are permitted on such an website. You can find some pretty good bargains on amazing books. If you are only interested in purchasing mystery or fantasy novels, or perhaps you want an eBook from your favorite author, you can subscribe and receive daily mails with deals on the book you are searching. It is so simple to buy an eBook of your interest, at the best price, or even to receive it for free. It does not matter which format you need, because you can find the eBooks in every format.

Why choose an eBook over a printed book?

The real book lovers will always have a special place in their hearts for printed books, perhaps due to the feeling they get when they turn a page and feel the smell of paper. Even though printed book have their own place, choosing to buy an eBook is much more practical. You do not need a lot of room in your bag to put your books, you can carry around as many books as you want, on your kindle or smartphone. Reading has been simplified; this way no matter where you are you can enjoy reading a chapter whenever you have some time to spare. Teenagers and children who are so found of technology will be pushed to read more, having the opportunity to have a book on their phone. One could say that eBooks are an improved and more practical version of the printed books.