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DIY websites – Why you shouldn’t listen to “Internet professionals”

Today, people can find anything online. Products can be easily bought from the web, services can be conveniently booked and paid for online and information is readily available on anything and everything. Moreover, during the last couple of years, the DIY trend has developed quite aggressively and now one can find “simple steps” to any type of job or task. Do you want to build a shed in our back yard? You can do it yourself with the help of online guides. Do you want to install a tankless hot water heater? You will certainly find a DIY guide for that too. However, although it may be easy to clean a rain barrel or remove soot from a painted mantle all by yourself, it tends to be more difficult to undertake certain activities, such as repairing your own boiler, and you really shouldn’t. These “Internet professionals” who seem to know everything and want to share it with the world can’t really be tested on their knowledge, as regular London boiler repair servicemen can, so the risks are high.

Lack of knowledge


When you search for a DIY project online, all the guides and steps that you find make everything seem so easy, but certain things are not all that simple and boiler installation and repairs are definitely not projects you want to undertake yourself. First of all, as mentioned above, you can’t really know for sure where this information is coming from, whether the author of the “simple steps” or “how to” guide is actually certified to give such instructions, whether he knows anything about it more than what he could have read in his turn on the web. The fact that you can’t check whether this knowledge is real or not should be enough to keep you away from these so called professionals who apparently are very keen on sharing their expertise online, but don’t really operate within the field.


Lack of insurance


If you decide to take the word of DIY-ers and follow their instruction to whatever project you have in mind, all the responsibility falls on you. Again, this may not mean anything if the only thing you’re doing is trying to remove a stain from a carpet, but if you go into more serious projects, such as the repairing of different installations around the house, then the risk is high. At the opposite end, if you contract a professional London boiler repair service, you can easily check their credentials and certifications and make sure they’re insured in case something goes wrong. Things like gas boilers, water or heating installations, electrical installations and others as such are not matters to take into your own hands, as the consequences can be quite serious if you make a mistake. If anything happens, you can be sure that no DIY know how author or website will take any responsibility or help you in any way.


The evolution of screen printing

Putting a particular design on a fabric represents the main activity of many companies, since personalized garments are extremely fashionable and technology allows the use of performing devices that make everything much easier. When it comes to customizing clothes, there are many methods that you can choose from, and all of them deliver similar results. Among these, embroidery and screen printing are the most popular, each of them being used for certain material and fabrics. While the first one can be applied to almost any surface and object, the second one is used exclusively for clothes. However, it seems that the most popular choice is screen printing: the process through which color is print on a certain object through a fine mesh. Besides being the most common, this method is also the oldest used in the industry – it has a tradition of thousands of years, which dates back to ancient times. In case you are wondering how it all began and where the idea of putting designs on clothes came from, then you should continue reading this article, which presents a short history of the technique.

Which were the first forms of screen printing?

Although things are not particularly clear, there are records saying that the origins of printing date back at least twelve centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ. On the one hand, it seems that the process has initially started in China and the first embellishments were made on silk, due to the extensive use of this fabric in that region. On the other hand, there are certain historical facts that claim that silk printing was first performed in the areas between Mesopotamia and Phoenicia, near the Mediterranean Sea. This is due to the fact that scientist have discovered multiple signs proving that the Phoenicians knew how to reproduce patterns on fabrics, through techniques different from those used nowadays by screen printing Toronto companies.


How did the method evolved?

After the technique became known all over the world, the Japanese people took it over and started to improve it. The method developed into becoming a printmaking technique that got the name of ‘screen printing’ or ‘serigraphy. The main tools used back then were a stencil and a porous fabric, through which one could obtain a sharp edged image. The mechanism used was actually rudimentary, and consisted in a series of simple stencils glued onto a screen, which was made of human hair, in order to be as delicate as possible.


How did it became widespread?

During the Middle Ages, the technique reached Europe, but it was not until the early 1990s that it took the form we know and use nowadays. It was launched by Samuel Simon, a man from Manchester, United Kingdom, who also received a patent for the method. The machine he used had rubber blades (or squeegees), which pushed ink through the mesh, and the system has not been changed until today. In America, screen printing appeared after the First World War and was mainly used for flags and banners. Later on, it started to expand, becoming a common customization method.


Take control of digital painting with Photoshop color wheel

The concept of the color wheel has existed for more than 300 and Isaac Newton was the one that developed it. Although the design may seem basic, it is one of the main components of digital painting because it allows the user to create outstanding color schemes. The Photoshop color wheel is a tool with the help of which you can insert more accurate shades. Basically the tool lets the user to modify the way in which the layers of a photo react with each other. For example, if you have a photo that seems too dark, you can change the duplicate layer and correct the shade. The Adobe application has been significantly revised and consequently the shade extraction and themes are now more advanced as compares to previous versions.

Principles of the color wheel

For a better understanding of how the feature of the application works, it is important to have an insight into color itself. It can be defined as the reflection of light waves. The wheel features 12 shades that are combined in numerous ways so as to create special effects. While some shades are complementary, others are not and this can lead to chaos. Next, the 12 segments are divided into primary, secondary and tertiary hues. A further distinction that is made is between hues that are warm and those that are cold. Examples of warm shades include red and orange, while blue and violet are representative for cold shades. Additionally, some wheels may have tints for lighter tones.

Color command in Photoshop

The Adobe app functions according to the color wheel representation.  This means that it takes into consideration the chromatic relationship. The user is able to design the theme in any way that he wants and this means that he design analogous, triad, complementary and even pallets. Within the application, you can choose from different shades that can be either dark or light. Although the app comes with default shades, you can adjust the shade of the photo that you want to modify with the help of the application from which you can select all sorts of tones. The dialog box comes in handy when you are doing web or multimedia work and need to draw attention.

Add blending modes too

In Photoshop you have the option to choose from multiple layer modes so that you can harmoniously apply several objects to the same layer. The normal layer is set by default which means that the objects interact with each other as solid color objects. In addition to the normal mode in which the two shades do not interact at all, the dissolved mode practically puts one layer on top of the other. On the other hand, you might as well dissolve the layers and thus lower the opacity. Other options include darkening or lighting the shade of the layers.

To conclude, Adobe has certainly revolutionized the way in which digital printing is done at present and this is due to the fact that it allows you to control shades in a way that will make your pictures and prints stand out from all the others.



All the info you need on the MacBook Air

There is really no surprise in the fact that Apple is the leading manufacturer of notebook computers and in recent years the MacBook has come to entirely dominate the market. This can be easily explained by the fact that no one else is capable of producing such high-performance laptops, not to mention the fact that they all have such a sleek design that you can carry them anywhere with you. With new models emerging every day it is hard to keep up with the latest Apple news. However, there are numerous online platforms where you can find comprehensive reviews or even comparisons between the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. According to some of them the MacBook Air is the indisputable leader in the competition. Is that so?

What is an ultrabook?

The MacBook Air comes from a line of portable computers that have been designed to be as thin as possible and consequently making it that more apt for being transported. Ultraportability basically means that the laptop was designed around the notion of portability. Although the laptop features a very thin and light structure, it is equipped with everything you need in terms of performance. Typical features include wireless network and internal optical drive. In addition to this the keyboard is full-sized so as to allow the user to make full use of the computer for work. The laptop is available in 2 sizes: 11 and 13 inches.

Why is it so indispensable?

Contrary to popular belief the laptop is extremely pocket-friendly and represents a good investment for those who work 24/7 on the computer. In addition to this, the thin design makes it perfect for people who are always on the road and need to make presentations. The battery is said to last up to 9 hours as compared to the 5hour span of the other MacBook. This basically means that you can watch long movies or handling tasks such as writing email, using office applications and chatting on Skype. Equally important is the fact that the new models benefit from the latest Wi-Fi technology which ensures a solid Internet connection no matter where you are. The MacBook Air is especially valuable to graphic and multimedia designers owing to the fact that they have all the applications they need on it.


Besides the full-size keyboard, the MacBook Air consists of a machined casing that is manufactured from aluminum. In addition to this, the touchpad responds to various gestures such as swiping, rotating and pinching. Maybe the most notable feature for users is the fact that the laptop is equipped with improved graphics and the general performance is increased up to 40 times. Moreover, the graphics combined with the doubled storage capacity is just a dream for game addicts. If the customer happens to be unsatisfied with the initial storage, he can always upgrade it after purchase. The laptop virtually allows you to do anything from editing videos or working with the point-and-shoot camera.


How file compression works

Unless you are new to the Internet, you have probably encountered compressed files before. People use either paid or free file compressor to reduce the number of bits and bytes in a file. The purpose of compressing a file is to make its size smaller and therefore easier to store and to share. After compressing a file, you can restore its contents perfectly with the help of the same program or specialized software. You do not need to use the exact same compressor to open or extract files as the one used to compress the file, but you will need to ensure that the program you use is able to read the file format you wish to extract.

The process of compressing a file


It might seem unusual for a program to be able to reduce the number of bits and bytes of files, only to add them back as if untouched later. However, the process is fairly simple to understand and straightforward. Starting with the idea that files are redundant, which they are because they repeat the same information multiple times, file compression software was designed to eliminate that redundant information, thus, reducing the overall size of the file considerably. A file compressor lists information once and returns to it each time it is repeated in the original file. The best way to explain this process is by taking a phrase and eliminating the words, punctuation, spaces and so on that repeat themselves. Expanding the file to its original size and content is done by reversing the process. Irrespective of the nature of the information, files always have redundant information and a free file compressor will help you eliminate it and reduce its size. Although it relies on a complex encryption process that uses varied algorithms, file compression is easy to understand.


Lossy vs. lossless compression


There are two types of file compression, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. One could choose either lossy or lossless compression, depending on your specific needs and the type of the file that needs to be compressed. Lossless compression will allow the user to recreate the original file perfectly. Just like its name suggests, you will be able to compress a file by breaking it and recreating it later without losing any information. Lossy compression will eliminate the information it catalogues as unnecessary to reduce the size of the file without giving the user the chance to recreate it later. It is used to reduce the size of images for instance. Lossless compression will not be able to reduce the size of an image by much, because pixels will differ slightly from each other even though they depict the same things, the blue of the sky for instance. Eliminating redundant information to recreate it later will not work with images. In this case, the bulky information will be completely eliminated and the quality of the image reduced. The resolution of the image will be compromised, because the lossy compressing program will pick the color value of a pixel and change the rest of the sky to the same color.


Details to remember when selling your phone

The Internet has provided an essential tool for marketing various products and services and this is explained by the fact that millions of users go online on a daily basis and the number just keeps on growing. The high traffic can be exploited for personal means and companies are not the only ones who can make substantial profit. Ordinary users who have grown tired of their recently purchased mobile devices or those who have had the misfortune of breaking them can engage in selling mobile phones online. With popular selling platforms such as eBay and Craigslist all it takes is to upload decent photos of your device and let the buyers come with an offer. However, before creating that account you should consider some important factors.

It does matter where you advertise

Just like a commercial company, you have to think ahead and identify the target audience. While listing platforms are specially designed for those who are clearly interested in certain products or services, Facebook and other platforms may constitute a solution but there is no way of knowing which demographics uses the platform. For instance, the younger generation may not be as addicted to technology as you may think. In addition to this, the geographical location also plays an important role in the sense those who live in the big city will have strong competition as opposed to those that live is less populated cities. The problem is not necessarily represented by the fact that the mobile device will not be purchased, but the great disadvantage is that the value of the phone will decrease significantly.

The condition of the phone

Since the issue of value has been raised, it is important to pay attention to the fact that a phone that is clearly damaged will not meet with success. There are persons who are capable of taking care of their devices so that they appear to be brand new and this ultimately represents an advantage for them if they do not intend to sell it to recycling companies. Although the mobile device has no functional damage or no visible scratch, the question of age rapidly comes into the scene because no one will desire an old phone, at least buyers will not fight over them. In the market world an old phone is considered to be a mobile device that has at least 2 years. The reason for which they are generally undesired is the fact that they already lose the warranty which is an essential detail for convincing potential buyers to invest money in purchasing your home.

Product cycles

The cycle basically refers to the fact that new models appear on a regular basis which means that the value of the phone will not be appreciated as you might have expected. For instance an iPhone 5 cannot compete with the improved iPhone 6. Even if the smartphones are not entirely different in terms of features and functionality, the buyer will still remain fascinated by the new model and that is what he will want tom purchase. In order to know what your chances are you need to follow tech blogs and be up-to-date with the latest Apple news. Only after that do you begin to plan your selling strategy.


Things to consider when buying basketball clothing online

Basketball may be a great hit in the United States, but that does not mean that people in other countries are not interested in it. In fact, the United Kingdom is home to one of the biggest basketball fan bases in the world and many people here like going to basketball matches, sometimes even outside the UK. The NBA is a huge sporting phenomenon that has claimed millions of fans worldwide, so it comes as no surprise that people want to get their official merchandise. Until the advent of online shopping, fans would travel all the way to the United States to buy jerseys, caps and shirts, or ask friend and family to do this while on holiday. It was a difficult and stressful process, but, thanks to websites like, people can have access to a wide variety of clothing, even when there are no official NBA stores in their area. Ordering basketball clothing online has never been easier. Whether you want to buy caps, jerseys or T-shirts, you can get everything with a few clicks from the comfort of your home. However, there are some things you should consider before confirming your order.

Is the NBA merchandise original?

The best way of supporting your favourite team is to buy their official merchandise. If you want to do this, then make sure the store you are buying from stocks original clothing. This is obviously more expensive than replicas, but it is worth it if you only want to settle for the highest quality. Avoid websites that advertise original products but have suspiciously low prices. But sometimes not everyone is so passionate or committed to the NBA that they want to purchase original items. If you only want basketball clothing to create outfits or customise it, then it’s more convenient to order replicas, because they are cheaper.


Double check the sizing

The US and UK use different sizing systems, which makes it tricky for people to order clothes in the right size. Make sure the website has a size converter, but don’t forget to check the sizing chart as well to calculate your measurements. Basketball clothes usually come in bigger sizes and are not fitted. For example, if you are a UK size 10, you will probably be a US size 6, or even 4, if you don’t want your clothes to be loose.


Is the merchandise updated?

As any basketball fan knows, NBA clothing can become outdated when a player is transferred. This can happen very often, which why you should order from online stores that frequently restock with new items. More specifically, you should choose, if possible, a large retailer that is part of an international network of partners can offer you merchandise from both major and minor teams.


These are the main aspects you should take into consideration, but don’t forget that reliability should come first. Read reviews online and make sure your store is certified and stores all your personal data securely!


Boost your career with SAP IDES Certification    

SAP software, a tool launched to help the development of businesses all around the world in the 1970s, has become very popular nowadays, since each company’s activity is based on technology and workflow. In case you still have questions regarding this piece of software, the main thing you should know is that it has been designed to streamline the connection between all the elements of a business, from its core activities to peripheral operations. The brand has international notoriety, being one of the most widely pieces of software used by companies all around the world, regardless their dimensions or profile. If you are interested in a SAP career, you should know that theoretical knowledge is not enough, the most valuable qualification is represented by your previous experience. Some people may consider that reading training books and internet tutorials is enough, but if you get to speak to a specialist, they will definitely tell you that all the concepts you read about must be put into practice, in order to bring an added value to your resume. For this reason, SAP IDES access is extremely important, because it will help you gather hands-on experience as far as the SAP software is concerned.

What is SAP IDES Certification?

Since it is so important, you should do your best to get trained and obtain the IDES certification. IDES, Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System, consists in all the relevant data of a company model and is managed by the leading provider, SAP. The tool is extremely versatile, allowing the users to manage data belonging to a wide variety of domains: finance, human resources, logistics and so on, in order to support the activity of businesses operating in any industry. If you want to obtain the certification, you will have to attend a series of trainings and pass an exam, conducted by the main provider of Resource Planning software. Most of the times, the employer is the one paying for all these, since basically they invest the money in their employees’ preparation. While some employers are interested in what you can actually do, others require an official certification, and make sure you are always up to date with the changes in the IT field.


What can you use IDES for?

IDES is a versatile tool, because it has been designed to serve different purposes. It has many uses, but one of its main applications enables you to attend SAP training, sometimes even remotely. The business data it consists in is mostly used for official training, but you can also use it for self-study, if you are a proactive learner. IDES is the tool that can be found in all the exercises provided by SAP, because this system fosters the implementation of theoretical information.


How can you get IDES access?

If you are interested in learning and practicing SAP, the first thing you could do is get access to IDES system. Fortunately, there are different platforms available on the internet, which offer access to this tool, and all of them are official partners of SAP. In case you are not still convinced about the benefits of this system, you can ask for online access for a trial period.



What should the perfect video converter offer you?

File conversion software has been around for years and people have been using them to manage text, audio and video files for personal or professional reasons. Recently, videos have emerged as an excellent way of presenting information, not only on news and entertainment websites, but also on YouTube, where users post vlogs.

Therefore, the number of video file converters has been growing, so that people who want to turn video from one format to another have hundreds of options to choose from. The offer is so rich that choosing the right option can be a bit confusing. Here are the four most important things you should look for in a video converter, apart from a wide range of input and output formats.

Ease of use

In this day and age, converting files should not be complicated and it should not take more than a couple of minutes. When conversion technology first came out, those who wanted to use it had to download the software first, but today it is no longer necessary, because you can resort to a browser-based, online free video converter where you just drag and drop a video from your device to select and convert it. The output settings should be easy to find and overall the service should not require any advanced computer skills.



A quality converter should also be fast and the entire process should not take more than a few minutes on average. Of course, the waiting time also depends on the size of the video. Some services allow you to select the speed/ quality ratio; for example, you can choose to convert a video in the shortest time possible, but get only decent 480p quality, or wait for a few more minutes but get superb video quality.


High quality video

No matter the device that you want to watch the video on, the service you use should have minimum quality loss. Nowadays, even mobile phones have impressive displays, so you cannot compromise on this. The converter should provide not only 360p and 480p videos, but also 720p and 1080p for HD and full HD devices. Image quality is not everything; during the conversion process, the audio quality should also be preserved. If you have a larger file to convert and it’s your first time using a certain converter, you can test it out first with a smaller file.


Social features

Most people who use the Internet like sharing files with their friends and family, which is why social features are very important. Modern services allow users to share videos on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube or add them to Google Drive after processing is complete. This is not an essential feature, but it is a useful one, because it helps you save time and puts you in control.


Ideas for mobile web design

A few years ago, the idea of browsing the web from one’s mobile phone seemed unpractical to say the least. Nowadays, website analytics show that more and more visits come from users who access the site from their smartphones. The tendency isn’t at all surprising: with phones that get bigger by the year and that pack up impressive specs, one shouldn’t have to turn on their laptop or desktop on just to read the news or make dinner reservations. Users therefore expect mobile-friendly interfaces and a pleasant user experience from the websites they visit, so it’s up to designers to take advantage of the latest technologies and develop the right solutions. The idea of responsive web design is no longer big news. Now, mobile design has gone even further and websites don’t just look like their scaled down version, but like native apps. Web design Montreal companies have to create sleek, modern and intuitive designs that match the capabilities of the devices they are being accessed from. Here are some of the elements incorporated in the best mobile designs.

One of the biggest challenges when creating mobile designs is the complexity of the website. Because optimizing a simple blog for mobile use is one thing, and optimizing complex, image-heavy online magazines with plenty of elements is another. Smartphone browsers are capable of rendering heavier CSS or JavaScript animations, slideshows, but the way your website is going to work and function will ultimately depend on how it is developed, and not the hardware specifications of your phone. With complex websites, you have to offer users the same features they can enjoy on a desktop or notebook. If you have a slideshow or image gallery, they should be able to get seamless navigation. Navigation through the website menu is also an interesting task. For mobiles, it’s not always advisable to keep all the website sections visible, because they could have a negative impact on user experience. Instead, you can have an off canvas navigation bar, which users can tap when they want to go somewhere else on the site.


Content heavy websites are generally more difficult to browse through and, when it comes to mobiles, users expect a very simple, clean and straightforward approach. They don’t want to zoom in to see the text or tap a button. To make browsing easier, designers use white spaces. This gives the site a relaxed, comfortable look. Page dividers can also be used to structure information and give more guidance. Of course, there is no such thing as a universally valid rule. Depending on the site’s profile and content, the designer may apply different technologies. After all, it is one of the main purposes of web design to completely represent a company’s ethos. Shortly, the design team you’re working with has to make use of state of the art tools and trends, but not just follow trends blindly. Any website has to have a unique element that sets it apart from the thousands of other sites that do the same thing.