Digital marketing in 2018 – how to create good ads 

Digital marketing in 2018 – how to create good ads 


Promoting businesses online is the best way to deal with marketing nowadays. Why? Because people tend to spend more time online rather than doing anything else. Even though it might be difficult to believe, online marketing started to be more effective compared to any other strategy. The reason behind this is that the millennials prefer doing their shopping online, spending time on their social media accounts, looking for inspiration online, communicating online and so on. Digital marketing is meant to attract and engage potential clients through content that you publish. All social media platforms could help your business become more popular and more appreciated. You can do that by creating quality ads that you publish and sponsor on these platforms. Here’s how:

Put motion graphic first

As you may already know, 2018 is the year of video marketing. Motion graphics are now preferred to the detriment of static visuals. This preference of the users can be justified through one characteristic of today’s society – rushing. People hurry in order to save time for activities they actually enjoy doing. They no longer want to waste time. Thus, assimilating more information in a shorter amount of time is the goal, and what better method to do that other than video marketing? In motion graphics, you can even include background music from stock websites similar to The possibilities became unlimited and there are no boundaries when it comes to creating impactful ads. Digital marketing is entirely based on delivering information in impressive ways. The more eyes these ads attract, the higher the chances of gathering more customers. Boosting profits might be dependent on how your business looks in the online field, so don’t ignore the popular trends.

Instagram is constantly rising

If in the past few years Facebook was ruling the digital marketing industry, today you can rely on Instagram as well. Sponsored ads on Instagram seem to be even more engaging than the ones on Facebook. Because the Instagram social platform is entirely based on visuals, eye-catching ads work best here. Luckily, Instagram is optimized for business accounts that want to promote their posts to a larger target audience. What’s even more interesting about this platform is that it can be combined with a Facebook promotion. Cross-platform is a condition you can’t ignore these days because most people prefer interconnectivity over exclusivity.  

The same goes for Snapchat

If Snapchat was not the focal point of digital marketing in the past few years, the short stories published there can have a bigger impact on people than you think. Because most users scroll through their Snapchat stories daily, publishing short ads here can really make a difference for your marketing campaign. Snapchat also provides users with the possibility to switch to an advertising account, which will make it easier to track and analyze the resources you spend and the impact you received in exchange. You can choose a specific audience, a flexible budget and schedule all your posts right from the app. Isn’t that convenient? Choose whatever method suits your situation best and wait for the results.