The benefits of online user testing for small businesses
The benefits of online user testing for small businesses
3 reasons why you should get a levitating speaker

Three key provisions of a good binary options broker

Binary options have become a very popular trend withing the trading sector, as more and more people have discovered and acknowledged the benefits of this type of trading, starting with its potential for great returns. Binary options can help you win a lot of money really fast, but you can also lose all your investment just as quickly, depending on the time interval you choose. Basically, binary options entail you predicting the behavior of an asset on the market, meaning whether it goes up or down in a particular time interval. This type of trading requires the help of a broker and a brokerage platform and there are numerous providers out there, ready to sweep you off your feet with the sweetest deals, but you need to hold your ground and research the alternatives carefully before choosing a broker. There may be plenty of options for you in this direction, a good example being Zoomtrader, but there are also plenty of resources, where you can find detailed reviews and feedback to help you choose wisely.

There are certain things a good binary options broker must be able to provide you with, regardless of the particularities of the operating platform and one of the most important of them is variety of assets. The great advantage of trading binary options is the diversity it provides, allowing you to trade commodities, stocks, currency and even indices like NASDAQ, so it is important for the broker to transpose this diversity to you by providing a high number of assets, as well as different types of options. The most common types of options are Classic, One Touch, Short Term and Turbo, but there are many others and you should inquire about the differences, so that you can choose the most suitable one for you. Secondly, binary options are so popular due to their simplicity, meaning that everybody can easily trade binary options, without having to learn or study complicated market analysis reports or financial strategies. To that extent, it is important for the broker to offer you a simple platform, a user friendly platform, such as Zoomtrader, that you can easily operate and doesn’t require training or assistance. However, it is important for the platform to be reliable and prove high performance, so that you don’t experience any difficulty while trading and you can find out about the platform’s reliability from feedback and reviews from other clients.

Last but not least, the return percentage offered by a binary options broker weighs a great deal and many people choose their broker depending on this aspect. Although the profit percentage is not as important as reliability and diversity of assets, mainly because it doesn’t varies so much from one broker to the next, a good binary options trading broker should be able to offer you up to 95% on the investment. The bottom line is that there are many things you need to consider and factor in before choosing a broker and a platform for binary options trading and the above mentioned aspects are just three of the most important things to consider.


Why do SEO for a Jewelry Website

The business field today is highly competitive regardless of the domain or market you are into and the Internet seems to be the largest output for both products and services. Nowadays, everybody turns to the online environment for virtually everything they need, whether just information or actually hiring services or buying products. To that extent, having a website is like having an open for business sign and any company that wishes to succeed and be profitable today needs an online presence. However, since all businesses have acknowledged the importance of promoting their products online, the Internet has become a very crowded place and consumers have countless options for every query, reason for which a website needs to stand out from the crowd and that is exactly what search engine optimization is for. Every website, regardless of what it has to offer, has plenty benefits to reap from SEO services, even a jewelry store like, which sells silver and pearl jewelry, as well as fashion and gemstone pieces.

Search engine optimization techniques help websites increase their visibility on the world wide web, which is essential when you are trying to sell your merchandise. Taking the example above, one would think that the company enjoys a large market of consumers, as people have always been and will probably always be interested in jewelry. Teenage girls are interested in fashion jewelry, like statement necklaces and bracelets, which the website provides, women are interested in pearls or gemstones or classic silver jewelry, men are permanently looking for the perfect gift for their spouses or maybe their daughters or even mothers, so the success of a jewelry website may seem undeniable. However, there are plenty of online store that market this type of jewelry and when people get online and search for what they need, they trust the results generated by the search engine. To that extent, your website should be at the top of the results list generated by the search engine, which one can achieve by doing SEO.

A lot of people associate search engine optimization with Internet marketing  and the IT field and while that may be partially true, website owners need to acknowledge the fact that it has become a must for any kind of business, from firms offering legal services to stores selling jewelry. is just one example of the many businesses who have taken their operations online and, through right SEO, have managed to enjoy great levels of consumer retention. A quick browsing of the website will convince you and if you would like more information about search engine optimization techniques and campaigns, there is plenty of details you can find on the web, on specialized forums and websites. It is important to remember that even if you have a jewelry website like the example used above or any business that has nothing to do with IT, optimizing your site is essential, as it brings you higher exposure to relevant users.


How to Download Whatsapp for PC and Android

Technology is a beautiful thing and those of you who are familiar with it will have a lot of benefits and will be able to simplify your life a lot. The internet is probably the most beneficial technology and one of its main advantages is that is simplifies communication. Whatsapp is probably the best internet communication software as it allows people from around the world to communicate at any time, free of charge, as long as they are all connected to this program. In this article, we will teach you how to download Whatsapp for PC or for Android devices.

How to Download What’s up for Android
Android is a basic operating system used by numerous smart phones or tablets. Unlike a computer operating system, Android has fewer features in order to be easier to use. In order to download Whatsapp for Android, all you have to do is go to the Official Google Play Store, download the application and select install. You won’t have to deal with any installation settings. The advantages of using Whatsapp for Android is that you don’t have to login every time you use it and you can can connect it with you phone contacts in order to be able to communicate with your friends who are also using Whatsapp.

How to download Whatsapp for PC
The computer operating systems are a lot more complicated than Android. Installing Whatsapp on the computer can be a little complicated if you use the official version so it is better to use a non-official yet secure version. Make sure that you do a background check on your download sources in order to avoid installing harmful programs. Aside from the Whatsapp software, you will also need an Android Emulator called Bluestacks. For the Whatsapp program, browse the web for WhatsApp APK file. Once you are done with downloading the two programs, install Bluestacks and follow the installation instructions and then run the program. Locate the Whatsapp icon and open it. Once you open it, it will immediately start installing itself. In order to use it, you need to start by feeding your contact list into the PC software. On Android, the contact list is uploaded directly from the phone.

What are the benefits of using Whatsapp?
Whether you download Whatsapp for PC or for Android, you will have numerous benefits. You will have unlimited free messages to use with any other person who is connected to Whatsapp. You will also have 100 free messages to use with people who aren’t’ even using the application. Last but not least, you can share photos and videos at any time of the day, free of charge.


Jobs that are Always in Demand – Become a Water Filter Fitter

Our world is currently defined by a very unstable economy. A while ago, lawyers and accountants were very demanded on the market. However, as more and more people focused towards these careers the job offers become a lot higher than the market’s demands. Nowadays, you have to be the among the best if you are to make a living in any of the jobs. As we said, the economy is unstable and the market is constantly changing. Things are ever more challenging for people who don’t have a higher education. However, there are certain jobs which are always going to be needed. Nevertheless, in order to success in such jobs, you have to rethink yourself from time to time. For example, pipe fitters will always be needed. Nevertheless, if they want to make more money, they need to expand their field of expertise a little bit. This means that they have to learn how to fit items which are now in demand such as different water filter system models.

What is the job description of a fitter?

A fitter needs to know how to use different types of hand tools such as hammers, drills, pipe benders and so on. A fitter must also have gluing skills, brazing skills and caulking skills, but he also needs to know how to read blue prints. They can work in the residential field, but also in the commercial field. Last but not least, in order to be successful fitter must test their work when completed in order to make sure that it is functional and leak-free.

Why focus on water filter systems?

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of consuming tap water. Moreover, bottled water is expensive and wasteful and cooking with it is quite inconvenient. As such, a lot of people are turning towards water filters. Depending on its capacity, a water filter system can be mounted directly on a water source, such as a faucet, or it can be mounted on a home’s main pipe. These devices are pretty straightforwards and easy to install. The smaller units, such as counter top units or under sink units, could be installed by anyone with basic plumbing skills. However, few people have basic plumbing skills. Furthermore, the whole house water filter system models are quite complex and definitely need expert plumbing skills. Last but not least, in order for the warranties to remain valid, a lot of manufacturers demand that their products are installed by certified fitters. As you can imagine, this requirement increases the job demands of pipe fitters.

How can one become a fitter

Fitter education can be obtain from vocational schools or from apprenticeship programs. Local jurisdiction can influence the job of a fitter which is local trade unions should be approached in order to get more information on this matter. It would also be advised to keep in touch with the market’s constantly changing offer. Reading some whole house water filter reviews 2015 could be a great way to stay ahead of the competition.

Is this job hard?

Since pipes need to be kept away from moisture and mud, fitters usually work in reasonably clean environments. Furthermore, if there are no serious pipe leaks or bursts emergencies, most fitters work about 40 hours per week. Under rare conditions, they sometimes work outside. In this cases, they must work in all types of weather conditions in order to get the job done according to the preset time schedule. As you can see, the job is pretty easy. Most fitters make about $40,000 per year. However, a fitter that specializes on various water filter system models could make a lot more. As we already mentioned, in order to keep up with the latest models, read some water filter reviews. We advise you to visit On this website, you will find everything you need to know about the best water filters, information that you can use in order to offer better services to your clients.



The accelerator for your projects – high skilled consultants

In today’s highly competitive business field and permanently changing business environment, the management of many companies, whether big or small resort to the services of high skilled consultants, in order to guarantee the success of their projects. Management consulting has become a popular practice these days, as many executives consider that third party advice brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the table and has the result of enhanced performance. To that extent, the market is now abundant of management consultants and consultancy firms, which makes the selection process, at some degree, difficult. However, if you know what skills great consultants should posses, you will certainly be able to hire highly qualified advice. Consequently, the more skilled your consultants are, the higher are the chances of accelerating your projects and reaching your business goals. There are two main abilities that good consultants should have, that of creative problem solving and people skills.

Management consultants need a strong ability to solve problems creatively because the main part of their job is to identify and analyze problems within the foundation or progress of a project and then suggest creative methods of resolving them. Since consultants work closely with the executives of the client company and with different companies for that matter, both of which have different needs and perspectives, it is essential for consulting experts to have great people skills, so that they can ensure a fruitful communication and collaboration and thus keep their clients happy. As an example, management Consulting Köln specialists carefully and in detail observe the daily activities of the client company and the dynamics within, which means they put in many more hours than the employees. To that extent, high skilled consultants are those who are stress and effort resistant.


Furthermore, while good management Unternehmensberatung Köln specialists can come from very different professional and even academic backgrounds, they need to share a common attribute, an essential characteristic that makes them good at their jobs, the passion for solving problems and driving business performance. So how can high skilled consultants actually help you improve your business operations and guarantee the success of your projects? Well, although different consultants have different modus operandi and their activities vary depending on the type of project you are putting forward, there are some characteristic actions commonly met within project based consulting activities. As mentioned above, one of the first actions is to look out for and examine problems, then come up with possible solutions. Another way in which consultants can actually help your project is by researching and collecting the necessary data to resolve specific problems, as well as synthesizing outputs of the analyses in order to deliver an overall conclusion.


Management consulting also implies specialist who will run workshops and meetings that are meant to facilitate communication between departments, as to improve performance. They will also put together and deliver business presentations and progress reports, helping you monitor the advancement of the project. In an era where the face of business is permanently altering, companies of all sizes and within all industries are constantly looking for ways to improve performance and for projects that can generate new business and high skilled consultants are their trump card in this endeavor.


The Value of Referral Links

Next time you log on your Google Analytics account, verify the Traffic Sources Overview page, especially the pie chart that shows your sources. How much of your traffic comes from referring sources and how much from the rest? More than 20% of your traffic can come form referring sites such as, and Although it is a smaller percentage than that resulted from search traffic, you must recognize the value of referral links.

Experts tell us that site owners should care about their smallest source of traffic, because at the end of the day, there are billion search phrases, trillion web sites and only ten-twenty search results everybody fights for. Only those site that find ways to create link profiles and provide traffic other than from Google will survive and thrive. Think about what happens if those ranking at Google you worked so hard for suddenly vanish.

Of course, nobody can deny that we live in a Google environment, and the main reason SEO industry exists is because Google exists. Although most sites who want to keep their doors open can’t ignore this, there is another interesting theory. If thousands of websites fight for for that one #1 spot per keyword, how do people find websites that are not top 10 in Google? The answer is simple: the same way they did before Google existed, through referral links. The referral links used to be the only way a site could generate traffic, so it was the only practice.

Moreover, the visitors from referral links can actually be better potential customers than those who come organically to your website, if the source is good. For example, if you are the owner of a pet store, refereed visitors from Where My Dogs At app can convert better than those who are running a search on pet stores. Furthermore, referred visitors from a vet’s website might bring you more cash than someone who came across your site in Google, because they are more willing to spend on training classes or organic dog food. They will consider you trustworthy if their vet refereed your website.

Another important aspect you must consider about referral links is that each link can drive targeted traffic to your website. This is because they don’t just make you look better in search engines, but also send visitors over time. If you look at links as a source for traffic and not only as means to rank better, you tend to create more relevant referral links. If you still don’t recognize their value, do the math: if you have 100 referral links and each send 10 visitors a month, than in one year you will have 12,000 targeted visitors.


The Advantages of Using a WordPress Child Theme

Think about the feeling you get when you work on your WordPress theme for hours, increasing line height to make the text eaaily readable, alining images, making images bigger, and weeks later when you see there’s an update and you install it, your site becomes similar to a soup. Everything is a mess, the images overlap, things are misaligned and the sidebar looks horrible. The solution to this problem could be creating a WordPress child theme.

Why a child theme?

If WordPress is your CMS of choice, you probably need a way to make updates to the parent easier and without compromising the functionality and design of your website. A WordPress child theme is the best way to modify your theme, but not everyone needs it. If you have a custom WordPress website, you don’t really need it because all the changes should be handles by the developers. However, public WordPress templates may have a problem when you instal updates. To solve this, you can either never modify the theme files directly or create a WordPress child theme which inherits all the genes form the parent theme, but still lets you override them. However, if you know little or nothing about web design, and would like to set up a professional website for your company or business, it may be a better idea to hire a web design company. If you do want to find a reliable company for web design Los Angeles services all your needs, offering a wide variety of choices.


The best thing about a WordPress child theme is that its only downside is that it may take a couple of minutes to create one. Moreover, working with is is safe due to the fact that you don’t have to rely on a parent. If you do something wrong or miss a line of code and aren’t sure about the result, you can always return to the original. Although it is easy to edit the aspect of the parent theme using a child theme, make sure you research the best parents. The child theme allows you to add or modify the functionality of the parent theme. Because it holds all the custom changes made, updating the parent is pretty safe. As a result, you will minimize the chance of ending up with a scrambled styling. With a good parent theme, you will only have to modify a few CSS lines to get the desired result. This practice diminishes the development time and allows you to learn some new WordPress tricks.

How to create a WordPress child theme

If you are considering adding a WordPress child theme, you must first learn how to create it. There are two methods that you can use: using plugins that automatically create child themes and doing it manually. There are several plugins avaliable in the WordPress plugin repository: Child Themify, One-Click Child Theme and Orbisius Child Theme Creator. Although this method is easy, you won;t have full control over the theme. If you don’t want to spend too much time on it or are a beginner, this is the best ways to create a WordPress child theme.

If you decide to create it manually, you must first create a directory in your wp-content/themes/ directory and name it without using spaces. In that directory, create a new file named style.css. Then insert the lines and import parent’s stylesheet. If you want to change more than the look, copy the file you want to edit in the child theme and edit it there.


An easy way to convert your video files

If you want to listen to YouTube videos on your iPod or mp3 player as music tracks, you are not the only one. Millions of Internet users are always in the search for the best mp3 converter and the online market used to respond to the demand with numerous websites and software that provided this tool. However, recent complaints have shown that many sites offering to convert audio from videos to mp3 are in fact scams that redirect clickers to other websites, from where they get malware and other such “bonuses”. To that extent, the quest for a good and reliable converter has become a little bit more difficult, but seems to stand tall in the middle of this storm of security issue related to mp3 files converters. 2conv is an online music converter that Internet users can benefit from for free. It works in all major browsers, so whether you prefer Internet Explorer over Mozilla Firefox or you’d rather use Google Chrome instead of Safari, you can still get your favorite music onto your mp3 player, iPod or any other device.

Using this website to convert video to mp3 is a perfect choice for two main reasons. First, the website’s highly reliable, so you don’t have to worry about malware or viruses or third parties getting your information. Secondly, the software is very easy to use and requires very little to no effort from your part. Just like in most online video to mp3 converters, you simply have to copy the URL of the YouTube video, or from any other website that you find videos on and choose the format of the music file you wish. Although generally called an mp3 converter, 2conv allows you to download the converted file in a variety of popular formats, including mp3, mp4, iPhone, Windows DivX and more, as well as less popular ones, such as ogg or 3gp. The website offers the possibility to become a premium user, in which case the conversions are not free and you will receive an invoice for every conversion on your email, together with the download link. The advantages of such an account are that premium users have a dedicated convert server, which means significantly lower waiting times, and the opportunity to save their files for unlimited periods to file storage. In addition, premium users can not only take advantage of a free YouTube converter, but also other video portals, such as Myspace, Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh, Metacafe and others.

Free users can convert their videos into mp3 files, iPod and Windows DivX, while basic subscription users can also use for Linux DivX format and iPhone. For premium users, that list is completed by Idivx, ogg and 3gp. So, basically, the website is a great mp3 converter for both the usual Internet users, who only need to convert a couple of videos per day or per week and don’t need super speed of conversion, nor the widest range of formats, and those users who want or need to convert a large number of videos from multiple platforms and into multiple formats, with better speed and more options.


What RSS Feed Aggregator or Reader Can I Use?

By using an RSS feed aggregator, you can read news and weblogs in a quick and efficient way. A powerful aggregator allows you to get most out of newsfeeds, because you can search, categorize and organize the news items just like you would with emails. Although the best feed aggregator is a matter of preference, some are better than others. The list below will help you choose the one that is most suitable for you:

Desktop readers

Many people prefer desktop readers that couple an internal browser with feed management. This creates a reader-centric workspace that can be very powerful. Neveertheless, desktop readers can cause an unnecessary bandwidth burden on the site they’re downloading from and on the local client.

Web-based readers

A web-based RSS feed aggregator is the direct competitor of desktop feed readers. If you have a good one, it can produce a powerful workspace that gibes you better work flow than the desktop aggregator. Moreover, they are free and you can access them from any location, unlike the desktop apps. However, the majority can’t subscribe secure feeds, so if you have a number of password-protected feeds you need to keep track of, try using another tool.

Major browsers

All major browsers, including Opera and email clients such as Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird have the ability to read feeds. If you are looking for a more powerful RSS feed aggregator, you can install many extensions and add-ons that enhance their capacities.


Feedly is the RSS feed aggregator of the 21st century, available as an extension for all major browsers, but also on iOS, Blackberry and Android. They even developed a backed server to replace Google. Add it to your mobile device or browser in order to gain access to the latest news and best blogs. Moreover, you have a minimalist interface that allows you to focus on reading.

Google Reader

Google Reader is a very simple and reliable tool, because of its comprehensive web-based RSS feed reader and flexible labeling system. If you combine it with Google News, the result is a powerful RSS feed aggregator. While the reader allows you yo add many feeds and organize them, Google News agreggates thousand of newspapers, blogs and online magazines, delivering the content almost instantaneously.

Omea Reader

Omea Reader allows you to stay up to fate with RSS feeds, web pages and Usenet news. You can use flagging, annotations and search folders so you can stay organized. Although it finds items fast, Omea does not offer categories and learning filters. Moreover, you cannot synchronize multiple installations.


What is RSS Feed?

RSS or Rich Site Summary was originally called RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. It uses standard web feed formats to publish information that is frequently updated, including news headlines, blog entries, video and audio. An RSS feed document is also called a web feed, channel or simply feed contains full summarized text and metadata. If you want to know what is RSS feed, continue reading this article.

What is RSS feed?

An RSS feed allows publishers to syndicate data automatically. This way you can easily distribute update notices, a list of headlines and even content to a large number of people. Users can also benefit form RSS feeds if they want to aggregate data from many sites, or receive updated from their favorites. If they subscribe to a to a website, manually checking it is no longer necessary, because their browser constantly monitors the site and sends notifications of updates. Moreover, the browser can automatically download the new data, if the function is enabled. Users can subscribe to feeds by entering its URL into the RSS reader or by clicking the feed icon.

What problems does it solve?

RSS feed is a better way to be notified about changed or new content. Many people who don’t know what is RSS feed keep track of several websites the old fashioned way, and this can be difficult when the content changes on an uncertain schedule, as it does for news sites, medical websites, community and religious information pages, weblogs and product information pages. Having to check these pages over and over again can become annoying and tiring. An early solution was email notification, but receiving many disorganized emails is overwhelming and some of them are mistaken for spam. RSS feeds makes handling multiple websites easy, saving you time and ensuring your privacy, due to the fact that there is no need to join each site’s newsletter. Today, many websites offer RSS feeds, including Yahoo News, and their number is rapidly growing.

RSS Feed Readers and News Aggregators

News aggregators or feed readers software allows users to gather RSS feed from numerous websites and displays them for read and use. There are many RSS readers available for each platform. For example, Amphetadesk works on Mac, Windows and Linux, NewsGator can integrate Outlook and FeedReader is only for Windows. There are also web-based feed readers available, including Google Reader, My Yahoo and Bloglines. After you choose a RSS feed reader, you just have to find sites that syndicate content and add them to the list of feeds. The information is made up of a list of items arranged chronologically. Each item has a title, a description and a link to the web page. Sometimes the description is just a summary, while other times it is the full information you want to read.