The benefits of online user testing for small businesses
The benefits of online user testing for small businesses
3 reasons why you should get a levitating speaker

Main features of floating speakers you should know about

When it comes to speakers, the first thing that pops up in people’s minds is those bulky and of fashion speakers that are usually placed somewhere in the corner of the room and occupy a lot of space. However, technology has brought major changes in people’s lives and these devices are no exception. In order to get rid of those big and out of date speakers, people have designed some interesting floating sound systems that have become more and more popular in the past months. Before buying a floating speaker, it is important to know exactly what the main features of this device are.

It has bluetooth connection

One of the greatest advantages of these floating speakers is the fact that they have bluetooth connection. This means that you can forget about all the wires that are spread all over the room in order to be able to listen to music to that bulky speaker that was also mentioned before. All one has to do in the case of a floating speaker is to connect it to a device that also has bluetooth connection, be it a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet.

They are lightweight and portable

Another reason why investing money in a levitating speaker it that the device is quite light in terms of weight. It weights somewhere around 1000 g, which is definitely a great advantage towards those speakers that were manufactured in the past. The fact that it is so lightweight allows you to move it from one place to another with ease. You can place the speaker in your kitchen, in the living room or even in your bedroom and turn on your favourite music.

360-degree sound projection

It is worth mentioning that one great difference between these levitating speakers and the ones that are now considered by many people out of date is the fact that these floating speakers have 360-degree sound projection. This means that the sound is projected equally in the room, regardless the place where the speaker is placed. This happens because the device has no “back”, since they have a round shape in most cases. This is clearly a great advantage, because you no longer have to worry that your music is altered in any way the moment you listen to it via such a device.

The amazing factor – it floats!

The built-in magnets that cause the floating effect make this device to catch your attention the very first moment you see it. It is for sure that having a levitating speaker on your desk will make you feel like you have a scene taken out of Star Wars right in front of you. What is more, all your guests will be amazed seeing that music comes out of something that is also capable of floating.
As you can see, these are some of the main features of levitating speakers. It is recommended to select a professional and reliable provider that is willing to offer you high quality products.



A little help to design the perfect mobile app

Nowadays, the tools and technology people use in order to create mobile apps have become more user friendly and more easily accessible, which is definitely a great advantage for those who want to embark on designing their first app. Businesspersons from all possible industries and domains want apps that suit their needs and interests and for this reason, they are looking for professional and experienced mobile app developers. If you are a beginner in app development, here are the main things you have to take into account when starting such a project.

Understand your client’s needs

The first step you have to make is to have a meeting face-to-face with your client and have a serious talk about the app they want you to create. Understand their needs and focus on the things that interest them the most. Ask them many questions in order to make sure you have understood everything clearly.

Do some research

The next step is the research. Browse the internet and check to see if there are other similar apps already on the online market. See how you can make the app different from the ones that already exist on the market. Check out your competition in order to get a clearer idea on what they offer and what things you can bring new to your app so that users will opt for your mobile app instead of a competitor’s one.

Make a sketch

It is time now to start designing the app. Start with drawing a sketch to have a clearer image on how it should look like. Think about the colour scheme and about the typography. Make sure the text is easy to read and the space between words and lines is neither too big, nor too small. When it comes to mobile apps, space is quite limited, so you have to ensure the text is easy to read. The colour is also quite important, because it has to match your design. If you opt for too many colours for instance, the app might be confusing or distracting.

Test it before launching it

After you have finished designing the app, it is time to test it. Under no circumstances should you launch the app before testing it. Keep in mind that thousands or even millions of users will use this mobile app, so test it on various devices to see how it works. Make sure the keypads are easy to access with only one hand and there is no important information blocked in any way.

Present it to your client

After you have tested the app, show it to your client. The final verdict should come from his behalf, since you are designing it for them. Observe their reactions when they are testing the app and ask for their opinion. If there is something they are not quite pleased with, make sure you improve it.

Overall, these are some useful tips to help you design the perfect mobile app. make sure you pay great attention to every detail when embarking on such a project in order to obtain the best results.


Should you outsource IT services?

One of the biggest changes that the past decades have brought about is the digitalization of almost all fields of activity. The days when professional IT services were required only by a handful of big companies are long gone. Nowadays, managers need IT on a daily basis and outsourcing these services is often advertised as an excellent time and money saver. This happened because small and medium sized businesses don’t usually have the necessary budget to support a greatly developed IT service, outsourcing becoming their primary method when it comes to information technology processes. Nonetheless, outsourcing managed IT services require a great deal of research and methodology, in order to make sure that your company’s needs and standards are met, which led to many businesses wondering whether or not this process is truly effective or profitable. Studies have shown that companies choosing to contract out IT processes grew in number considerably from one year to the next, which means there are solid reasons for which so many make the transition from in house to deployed information technology services.

How much can you save by outsourcing IT services?


Savings are the primary reason why companies choose to outsource IT services and studies show that they are right. In fact, you can cut your spendings to almost half, which is great news especially to small businesses and startups that don’t have the budget to create an IT department with all the resources that it entails. Moreover, resorting to outsourcing enables you to have better control over your finances, because you will be paying a fixed fee per month and you will not have to deal with unexpected costs.


Easy access to a pool of IT experts


Sometimes, money is not the main reason keeping companies from getting their own IT department. Sometimes, this a matter of human resources. If your company is based in a region that has little access to high-end IT resources and qualified IT experts, then you cannot compromise and create a sub-par department. By choosing outsourcing, you can expand your horizons and hire the experts that your company deserves. Don’t worry about time and language differences, because professional IT companies offer stellar customer support even if your company is hundreds of miles away.


Additional benefits of outsourcing over hiring your own personnel


In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, outsourcing can be a great short-term solution if you need a specific IT service for a short period of time. For example, you might need someone to change your logo. In this case, hiring a designer may not be a sustainable idea, because you would not need their services all the time. Instead, you can outsource this task to a designer and only pay for a one-time project.


Focus on what really matters

Being a manager comes with many responsibilities and it’s very easy to lose focus of what really matters when looking after small processes. If IT is not your field of expertise, let the experts do all the work. You can choose outsourcing for your managed IT services and you can focus on management and big picture decisions.



Running a profitable Google AdWords campaign

The world of e-commerce is continually changing and it is no surprise that even professionals get overwhelmed. In addition to managing your website to ensure traffic flow, there is a lot you will have to do in terms of reaping the benefits that the Internet has to offer. One thing you have to do is launch a Google AdWords campaign. Launching an AdWords search campaign is without doubt an exhilarating process. All the fears and the emotions in the world will overcome you when it is time to press the Enable button on a new campaign. You will have to learn how to use and optimise your search account in order to increase site traffic as well as revenue. The following tips from Irish PPC agency SMBclix will help you turn your campaign into a profitable one.

What is Google AdWords?

Paid search refers to when you pay for forcing your website and brand name to get at the top of the search engine result. The surest way in which you can make sure that you get at the top of the list is to pay Google to put you out there. While this can be the exact opposite of the organic search, it is very effective when you are in a highly competitive market. However, attention should be paid to the fact that there are ins and outs to running an AdWords campaign. If you want to see how an agency can help you manage your Google AdWords campaign, see this infographic.

Key ingredients to a profitable Google AdWords campaign

The most important component is customer demand. If your customers are not actively searching tour product, then it is obvious that the search advertising will not work for you. Even before starting your campaign you need to make sure that there is search volume for what you are intending to offer. The tool that will come in handy is the keyword suggestion tool, which acts very much like a thesaurus. All you have to do is enter a phrase and Google tells you if something alike exists. You will also have to a basic understanding of math. Before finalising the keyword list, you should make sure that the math makes sense so as to determine if there is any chance of being profitable. Thirdly, you will need to reduce the competitors’ intelligence since most of them have tested and optimised their campaigns. For this, you will need their information.

How to increase your leads

The first thing that you will need to do is update your landing page. Even if visitors do come to your landing page, you have to ensure that the page meets their expectations. A landing page should always load fast and allow users to navigate easy. In order to generate as many leads as possible, you have to make sure that the landing page is user-friendly. If the users perceive your website as being untrustworthy, then they will not provide their information. It is possible that not every lead is genuine. This can result from the fact that the information was not validated, so protect yourself from fake leads. Record submissions. Last but not least, you may want to consider a campaign re-structure. Keep the campaign stocked with high performing keywords.



Stay focused on the online recruitment field

Finding the perfect job is really not as simple as one might think. You have to do a lot of research and you need a bit of luck to find that one opportunity that can completely change your life. Lately, people have decided to contact recruitment agencies, online and land based in order to obtain their dream job. You might think that paying an extra fee to a team ready to help you with all recruitment aspects makes absolutely no sense. However, you might be in for a surprise. Online recruitment agencies have developed greatly and today they enjoy a great deal of appreciation and popularity. For instance, if you are looking for specific positions like pharmacist jobs UK based, you ought to try collaborating with a recruitment agency. You really have a lot to gain. To better convince yourself of this fact, here are three ways in which such an agency is ready to help.

Discover the many opportunities


If there is one thing the online market can provide you with, then that would certainly have to be diversity. You have so many options and alternatives in each and every respect. The recruitment field makes no exception to this rule and as proof, when asking for help from online platforms, you will find several options worth taking under consideration. If you are determined to work in the UK, you will have the opportunity to choose from various pharmacist jobs, located in different cities across the country. Depending on the scenery and your financial exceptions, you can make the right decision fit to your needs.


Improve your resume


The resume matters greatly when trying to find the ideal job. This is why you have to make sure that your work experience, educational background, future expectations and so on, are adequately represented by means of your resume remember that in the world of recruitment, this is your calling card. It is by means of these pieces of paper that you are invited to take part in interviews. The good news is that online dedicated platforms have the experience needed to advice you with regard to your resume. The staff working there can tell you a few secrets about ways to improve it and make it more appealing to entrepreneurs.


Easy and fast


Unlike the land based market, the online one offers fast solutions. This is a valid rule for the recruitment field as well. So why not take advantage? Choose a dedicated online platform specialised in recruitment and take a tour. Get to know the offer. You will notice that there is a great diversity waiting for you, so chances are you will find exactly the job you want. Even better, you could for an online platform that specialises in a particular field. Take the healthcare market, as there are several recruitment platform presenting opportunities for interested candidates. So, if you have the chance to identify the right position for your needs, the one that can completely satisfy you, both financially and personally, then why not take advantage of it?


Things to consider when selecting a metal detector

Metal detectors have become a very popular item, and the number of treasure hunting enthusiasts out there is growing bigger every day. If you have been given treasure hunting serious consideration, then buying the right device is the best place to start. Because there are so many brands and models of metal detector for sale on the market, it can be rather difficult to make a decision. Here are a few things you should think about before actually buying a particular model:

How often are you planning to use it?

Before starting your search, think about how much time you will be spending hunting for hidden treasures. Are you planning to allocate this hobby enough of your free time or are you thinking of using the detector only on the weekends, when you have nothing to do? If you will be using this device only occasionally, then you should avoid spending a fortune on it. On the other hand, if this will be your new hobby, you should know that the more money you spend on this type of gadget, the more features you will benefit from.

What is your budget?

One of the most important things that you will need to consider is the amount of money you are willing to spend on this purchase. If you are only planning to hunt for treasures occasionally, then you should avoid making a large investment. Think about your financial possibilities and expectations as well. If you desire to benefit from accurate gold hunting results, then you will need to pay some extra money, and buy a more qualitative device. Do some research and see which brand or model would be more suitable for your needs and desires. Think about performance-price ratio, and do not rush into buying the cheapest or most expensive metal detector out there.

Place of use

Metal detecting can be a fun activity, but you can only hunt for treasures in the right locations. It is important to inform yourself regarding this aspect, to buy a detector that has the right operation mode incorporated. It is more than necessary to think about all the important details, before making a purchase. From sensitivity to discrimination, calibration, radar and metal detecting technology, think about any feature that might make a difference between one device and another.  Look for one that is easy to use and appropriate for the exact location you are planning to use it.

As you can see, there are a few things you should consider before deciding on a metal detector brand or another. If you are willing to spend a lot of money on this device, then it is best advised to make an informed choice. Read as many reviews as you can before making your final decision. If you research the topic enough, and learn about product specifications and features, you will be able to make a wise purchase. Make sure you buy from the right supplier, to get the best product for your money.


Have you ever thought about buying robotic vacuum?

Once a week, at least, you have to do a bit of cleaning around the house. It can take much of your time and in the end it might not even be effectively performed. Sometimes, it can happen to have to scrub the floors twice or three times, before being completely happy about the way in which your house looks. It is hard work, if you want to do it the old fashioned way, using the broom and the mop. If you are however looking for the solution of the future, then here is an interesting suggestion. The robotic vacuum has certainly taken by surprise when it first appeared only to win them over soon after that. Today, a lot of households are equipped with this gadget and their users are completely taken by it, being fully satisfied about the way in which it does its work. Have you ever thought about investing in such a gadget? If you have then you must have noticed that the dedicated markets, both traditional and online are packed with options. You have so many alternatives that finding the right one just seems an impossible mission to master. Still, knowing a few tips might make this purchase simpler and faster.

Orient yourself towards the online market


It is advisable to buy this item from the online market. Technology is what brought the device in the first place and there is nothing that can stimulate the evolution of this domain better than the Internet. Buying a robotic vacuum from an online platform is just like buying shoes from a specialized store. This is the way it ought to be, apart of course from the fact that the prices specific to this domain are considerably lower than anything you might find in land-based stores. Therefore, a suggestion would be to check the online market.

Consider reputation


Reputation is an important aspect that ought to be carefully considered by the client. When searching for details about the company in question, you are bound to discover all sorts of facts, some of them less pleasing. However, even bad news is good in this case, as long as you are reading about them and not actually experiencing them for yourself. It is better to know which device suits you better by eliminating those that are absolutely wrong for you, first.


Reviews are the key


Since it has been established that the online market is the best place to purchase such an item, it is also worth mentioning that reading reviews could be tip to try. Reviews are easily found on the online market. There are experts that give their opinion to those that want to read, but at the same time, you will find thoughts coming from actual clients that have used the device. Reviews will tell you the pros and cons of a device and will convince you either buy it or avoid it. There are tones of helpful details you can discover from these pieces of writing.


Things to consider before buying a 3D printer

3D printers are by far the most innovative product that world has seen in the past few years and while at first they were something that only scientists or those with unlimited funds could access, these days 3D printers have become more and more affordable. Even so, those who are interested in buying a 3D printer for sale should take their time and do the proper research, as the lowest prices can start from $250, so they will still be making an investment. Even so, the prospect of being able to print virtually anything is definitely worth a closer look into this subject:

Types of 3D printers

There are two main types of printers currently available on the market: the FFM or Fused Filament Manufacturing 3D printer that basically liquefies a plastic filament to create the desired shape and the SLA or Stereo Lithography printers that use an UV laser to create the solid shape. The FFM printers are usually easier to use and cheaper, which is why they are a more popular choice among those who have limited resources.


What materials does it use?

Depending on what you are planning to print, you will need to make sure that the printer you choose to invest in can deliver the expected results. FFM printers can use materials such as PLA, nylon, ABS (plastic similar with the ones used to make Legos), TPE (a soft, rubber-like material) and many others. SLA printers may offer fewer functions, but they can use resins to create very flexible products, so this might still be a more suitable choice for some people. The point is you have to think of your current needs and your potential future ones and choose the 3D printer that will work best for you.


What build volume does it have?

Another important aspect you will have to look for is the build volume the printer you are investing in has. Naturally, you will only be able to build parts that are up to a certain size and the bigger the printing volume, the higher the cost. The limit of any printer is determined by the size of its bed and how far its print head will be able to move.


How long will it take to print something?

Printing speed is definitely an important factor as well and something that can be adjusted in certain printers. All items are printed in layers and the thicker the layer, the lower the quality will be. However, a high quality item can take up to 12 hours to print, even if it is not larger than 5 or 6 inches. Not all printers allow users to adjust the quality of the print, which is why it is an aspect you should look for before buying one, especially if you are interested in printing very detailed items.


These are just a few aspects that those who are interested in purchasing a 3d printer should look for, as they will help them make a better decision.


LEV – an important system for any industry

When it comes to industrial activities, there are plenty of operations that result in dust, fume or simply unbreathable air. For this reason, various companies and manufacturers have had to find a healthy alternative for their employees, such as change of processes, replacement of practices, substitution of certain toxic solutions used or even elimination of toxic chemicals. However, these options are not applicable in any industry and as a consequence; ventilation has become a process mandatory in most manufacturing plants. This method is necessary for controlling workers’ exposure to harmful air, which may contain toxic chemicals or flammable vapors, thus protecting their health and even life. Basically, a special ventilation system is used to eliminate contaminated air, by taking it away from the working area, filtering and replacing it with clear air. This way, people who need to spend time inside the processing rooms are no longer exposed to contaminants in the workplace. There are several types of ventilation systems, and LEV seems to be the most efficient and popular one.

The basics of Local Ventilation Systems

Also knwn as LEVs, local ventilation systems are the most efficient method since they can handle even the highest levels of toxicity. Generally, these are used in industrial sites where the manufacturing workers are exposed to extremely dangerous agents or chemicals, welding fumes and great amounts of dust. The main principle of ventilation is based on air movement and filtration: the toxic could is absorbed by a hood, whose dimension may vary depending on the amplitude of the operation, and then transported to a special filter where the air is cleaned by a fan, eliminated and then replaced with clean one. If this process is unfamiliar to you, just think about how a household vacuum works, because the principle is basically the same.

LEV maintenance and troubleshooting

Taking into consideration that LEV systems are quite complex, their maintenance, design, testing and troubleshooting has to be performed by a specialised ventilation company, such as However, some basic pieces of information about LEV will help you not only choose the most suitable product, depending on your needs, but also be able to perform some important troubleshooting operations, if necessary.

The main components of a LEV

Although a LEV system may seem complicated at first glance, it is actually quite simple. It is made up of many distinct elements, which work together to capture contaminated air and then replace. The five components of such a system are: the hood (an opening that covers the source and gathers contamination air), ducts (for air transportation through the system), the cleaning device (a filter that eliminates contaminants from the duct), a fan (used for moving clean air and discharging it outside the filter) and an exhaust stack (to discharge dust and fume). All these ensure the proper functionality of the LEV system and could not be efficient one without the others. That is why you need to make sure each of them is in good condition through regular maintenance.



Animated videos – an effective marketing tool

If you have been looking for ways to increase your business’ online presence, then animated videos might be the best answer for you. Because the content you create for your website plays the most important role in compelling your target audience, it is important to come up with creative and original ideas to resonate with your audience. Animation has become one of the most popular marketing tools, proving to be an effective way for businesses to communicate their brand’s spirit. Just by searching online, you can easily come across a reputable animation studio Melbourne that can provide you with the services you require.

Bring your concept to life

With animated videos, you will have the opportunity to bring to life any abstract concept you might have. You will be free to do whatever you want. If you believe in a concept that bends the laws of nature is a great way to express your business’s creativity, with an animated video you can leave your imagination running, and bring to life any idea you might have.

Grab your target audience’s attention

There is no better way to grab the attention of your target audience than through a properly developed animated video. Animation usually uses bright colours, simple lines and perpetual movement that will maintain your viewer’s attention. Because these type of videos have the role of imparting information in a clear and simple way, they are easy to understand and they are suitable for any type of business.

Develop your brand

Animation is a great way to develop your brand. Regardless of what type of website your business has, animated videos can boost the SEO of your online platform, because search engines usually give preferences to those pages that have videos included. You can incorporate  logos or brand images and you will have the chance of building brand icons for your business.

Online visibility

These types of marketing tools are a very powerful resource, in terms of SEO strategies, enabling you to boost your daily average website’s visit number. If someone finds your video online, and you have risen their interest, they will most probably want to find out more information about your company. Through animated videos, you can gain notoriety, which can only be a positive aspect for the success of your business. This effective marketing tool can have a great impact on your website.

As you can see, animated videos are a great way to deliver content in a creative and original way. By opting for this type of marketing tool, you will influence your business in a positive way, by engaging and resonating with your audience.  Give yourself the opportunity to reach the level of success you desire, and choose animated videos to attract new people to your website. All you need to do is find the right team of specialist that can put your ideas into action.