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How to land your first tech job

Anyone who visits online forums is likely to find thousands of posts on the subject of employment in the IT industry. Even though the growth of the Internet has allowed the birth of many companies, it seems that the supply of jobs is not that high as expected. Probably one explanation is the fact that numerous unqualified individuals have been drawn to the technology industry, the result being that now employers rarely trust those that have actual certifications. In addition to this, those seeking employment do not have real world experience and are thus rejected by employers. So, how can you start a career anymore? Instead of accepting a job that is beneath you, consider working with IT recruitment agencies that work to the benefit of businesses and job seekers alike.

Why is it difficult to get employed?

Although you may send thousands applications, the truth is that you only get to a couple of interviews – if you are lucky of course. The worst part about seeking a job is that you may be required skills that you have not acquired in college. For instance, you may have to learn graphic design or even start learning a foreign language. If you do not possess additional competences, then you may not be hired for the job because employer do not like to spend money on training new workers. The lesson to be learned here is that learning new skills can drive your career forward, meaning that you should go to as many training courses as possible.

Never contact Human Resources

Generally speaking, it is advisable to deal directly with the manager of the company you are interested in instead of contacting Human Resources. The fact is that managers are the ones that decide your future. If you cannot do that on your own, then you can use a recruitment agency. These kinds of companies make sure that your CV arrives at the right person and can possibly set up an interview. Use the time you have been granted to prove that you are able to solve real-time problems and that you are capable of listening and understanding.

Managing the interview

When you finally get to the point of getting interviewed for the job, you have to keep in mind a couple of things. First of all, do not avoid answering disqualified questions. You should make sure to answer positively every time, meaning you should act as a professional. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not attempt to negotiate your salary from the very first meeting. When you are asked what you are looking for, try to explain how landing your first position is the hardest part. Basically you should agree to what the hiring manager asks of you.

To conclude, getting your first job in IT is hard, but not impossible. The only possible way to build a career is to work for a while in a place and once you have gained some experience to get certified. Having too many qualifications will hurt too because employers will see you as over-qualified, preferring experience to training.


The benefits of online user testing for small businesses

In today’s business environment, having a website is no longer a luxury or an option. On the contrary, it is an essential part of your business and you need to treat it with the attention it deserves. The site is a reflection of your company ethos in the online world, a connection between you and the customer, so you should invest time and money to ensure that it is intuitive and user friendly. As a small business owner, you are already facing a great deal of competition, so launching a poorly made website can be incredibly risky and lose you money. In addition to hiring a web development company  for the design and function of your website, you should also look for a professional team of testers who can analyse every section of the website and tell you what needs improvement. These are the three main benefits you get by working with companies that do online user testing in Australia.

Get relevant feedback from real users

Automatic testing software is useful up to a point, but your website will not be accessed by computers, it will be accessed by real people. The feedback provided by human testers is the most valuable, because it tells you how appealing your website is in the eyes of a potential customer. Testers visit every section of the site and check every page/feature, reporting the things that did not work at all or did not work well enough. This way, you know for sure what elements to leave unchanged and what elements to work on. Send the list of bugs and suggestions to the development team and, when the site goes live, you can feel confident that it has an intuitive design and works flawlessly.


Save money on website development


Fixing user experience issues can be time consuming, especially if the project is already in its final stages. You should contact a team of online user testers as early as possible, so that they can send you feedback. This way, you won’t have to pay extra to the developers for re-doing the design or rethinking features that they finished a long time ago. Needless to say, you will avoid frustrating customer support issues that may arise as a result of faulty programming, such as slow loading time or buttons that do not work. Sometimes, you may be too involved in the development process, focusing on finer details and neglect the bigger picture. In such cases, the expertise of online testers can help you readjust your focus on get back on track.

Analyse the competition


For small businesses, launching a website in an over-saturated field carries a lot of risks, but you can diminish them by analysing the website(s) of the competition and finding out what works for them. Testers can have a look at their web pages and then you can interpret this data to find out how your own project compares.


Tips for choosing the best car dealer


Shopping for a new or used car means you have to deal with all kinds of dealers and financing companies. While choosing a financing company is easy enough, finding a good dealer is a challenge. The main issue is that some retailers actually take advantage of the customer instead of helping him make a good purchase. The good news is that not all of them are interested solely in making profit. There are reliable car dealers out there that make you feel comfortable when doing business, not to mention that they take care of all the aspects of the buying process. If you are shopping around for Holden cars Melbourne, you should work with such a person. The following tips will help you make the right decision.

Read the online reviews

One of the most important aspects is to figure out the overall quality of the dealership. If you have not done business with a dealer before, then you have to get an idea on how the retailer treats his customers. One way of doing this is reading online reviews. Customers just like you write reviews in order to rate the experience they have had with a particular dealer. Although some of the opinions expressed are purely subjective, they can provide you with relevant information. If everyone is complaining about the retailer, then this means something is not right.

Don’t hurry into making a purchase

Generally people are willing to settle for less as long as they can get what they want faster. Rushing into making a purchase is a big mistake. After all, buying a new vehicle is an investment, not just any expense. You need to take into consideration both the price and availability. To know how much the purchase is going to cost you, visit the online page of the dealership and afterwards you can compare the price to other websites. Most importantly, you have to have a clear idea of what you want. For this reason, you have to talk to the dealer of the availability of the vehicle. For example, cars like Holden sell very fast.

Analyse dependability

To get in touch with the retailer you have two options: you can either email the dealer or contact him over the phone. If the retailer does not return your phone calls or emails right away, then he is not dependable. The experience should be without trouble, meaning you should not have to hunt down the retailer. In addition to this, the dealer should treat you with properly. If you are feeling uncomfortable, then you should find someone else.



The important improvements brought by steel doors

More and more people these days find steel doors to be an appropriate option for their homes. Changing the front door is a necessary step when taking care of your own household. In most cases the investment is pretty large and you need to consider your options carefully and attentively so you will not make any mistake. For this reason, given the popularity of steel doors, you might be interested in the benefits this particular type of door may bring. Once you start collecting information regarding this topic you will most certainly discover that the number of steel doors Toronto providers is larger than you thought. So, after discovering all the improvements this detail may bring your home, make sure you consider all related aspects, which will may lead you to locate a reliable and trustworthy. So, here are three important advantages that have made so many differently people say yes to front doors made from steel.


Security: an essential detail when choosing front doors


As expected, when thinking about replacing the front door, you need to consider the safety and security of your own family. It is enough to look around, to see how much the crime rate has grown and what dangers lurk in the dark to convince yourself that serious protection measures need to be taken to assure one’s self that his or her home is safe. There is no better choice in terms of material other than steel to protect your family. As long as the door has been adequately manufactured and installed, there are slim chances for thieves to manage to break it. So, by investing in steel front doors, you have secured your family from at least one type of danger.


Appropriate insulation

Changing the front door of your home could be motivated by much more than security. It is true that there are plenty of other reasons for which you might be thinking of changing the doors in the house, including the entrance. The good news is that beside protection, steel offers you impeccable insulation. No draft or moist will enter your house. Also, the temperature within the house will be stable and heat will not longer be lost. Even though steel doors might be a bit more expensive than other options, you will recover your investment by means of the savings you will be making in terms of your energy bills.


Long lasting investment


Clients, in general, appreciate investments that are durable and long lasting. Since it has been agreed upon the fact that changing the front door is a serious investment, one can only assume that clients search the market for reliable and trustworthy products, that won’t need to be changed any time soon. Front doors made of steel certainly fit this profile perfectly.


With these advantages in mind, investing in steel doors does seem like a wise choice of action. Therefore, it should no longer strike you as odd that so many clients choose this alternative as opposed to others existing on the specialised market.


Small guide on how a laser works


Nowadays people are often hearing that lasers are used in medicine, industry, skin care and many other domains, but most of them do not know how a laser works. A laser is a device that produces billions of atoms that pump out trillions of photons in the same time and in this way, it produces a concentrated light beam. A laser is made from a flash tube, which contains a long crystal made of ruby. A high-voltage electric supply makes the tube flash to pump energy into the ruby crystal. This technology makes the laser very versatile, and it can be used for multiple purposes, like cutting tools, scientific research or skin care. Many skin care clinics like use lasers to provide health services for their clients.

What people should know about lasers?

The ancestors of lasers were called masers, which produced radio waves not visible light as lasers do. Arthur Schawlow and Charles Townes invented masers, in 1950. Their idea was developed by Gordon Gould who decided to see how masers will work if they had to produce visible light. Gordon Gould had not built a real laser, but the person who realised a working one was Theodore Maiman. A laser is a source of high intensity light that has multiple properties. It is collimated because its light beams travel in parallel. It is monochromatic because it produces a single wavelength light, and it is coherent because its light beam waves are in phase. Its light can be focused into small spots. The laser light can be produced within an optical cavity that contains one of the following mediums: liquid, gas, or solid. Every medium produces a specific wavelength of light. This specific light can be visible in either the infrared spectrum or the visible spectrum.

How laser can be used in skin care

Different skin lesions can be treated with different type of laser light. For example, the visible light is used to treat the vascular skin lesions, because they absorb it at 418, 542 or 577 nm. Both infrared and visible light can be used to treat the pigmented skin lesions because they contain melanin, which absorbs them. Laser light destroys only the targeted cells and do not harm the surrounding ones. Some specific lasers can be used in skin laser surgery, such as: CW, Quasi-CW and pulsed. Laser is a technology that improves people’s lives.


All you need to know about O-ring gaskets

Even though this small part is something that most people have seen or even had to deal with at one time or another, many of them do know understand exactly its purpose or how it works for that matter. When it comes to O-rings in Ottawa, here is what you should know about them:

What is an O-ring?

An O-ring is basically a seal that is usually used to prevent the passing of air or liquid. For instance, an O-ring is what will prevent water from entering your waterproof watch or underwater camera. Of course, these gaskets can be used for more than just air and water sealers. They can serve as decorative objects for furniture or automotive parts, they can be used as drive belt or they can even serve as body jewelry.


How do the O-rings seal?

While everything depends on the material they are made of and on their size. But, this gasket actually works by blocking the pathway air or fluid might escape. These gaskets are usually placed between two surfaces and squeezed together until they get very tight, thus blocking the space where any leak might occur. Since most O-rings are made of a special rubber, when they are squeezed the rubber has a memory that makes it go to its original shape. Therefore, the space becomes safely sealed against any possible leak.


Types of materials that O-rings are made of

Most of the times, O-rings are made of elastomer, which is basically rubber, but they can also be made with plastic and metal. There are over 30 types of rubber that gaskets can be made of, each one serving a different purpose. Some rubbers work well with light and air but are not very good with oils, while other seal tightly against oils and greases, but do not last too long if they are exposed to the sun. In addition, the user should also think of temperature when choosing the gaskets as different materials have a different tolerance to high or low temperatures.


What are the main requirements of O-rings?

Regardless of what they are made of, in order to be considered of high quality, O-rings need to withstand the temperature they will be used in, perform well under high or low temperatures and have chemical resistance. When a gasket can fulfill these three conditions, you know you have a good product on your hands.