3 reasons why you should get a levitating speaker

Portable speaker systems are useful for several situations, but most commonly they are used for work and recreation. Not only are they a great way to listen to a presentation, but you can use them to spruce up a party. What is so amazing about a portable speaker is that it allow you to take your music to places where it was not possible before, but more importantly they come in different styles. If you are considering to make a purchase, then levitating sound systems are what you should consider. Basically these gadgets defy gravity by floating in the air and they deliver great sound. A levitating sound system is what you need for your desk and here are some reasons why.

You will be more popular

Whether you choose to place it at the office or at home, the floating gadget will definitely be the center of attention, the gadget being practically a combination of iconic design and quality. The speaker uses a magnetic system in order to float and spin 3-4 centimeters above the main unit. What is even more, the device has a microphone built, so that you can use the device to answer phone calls. It works just like any Bluetooth device, the only difference being that it can last up to 15 hours. You can place the speaker in any room because it will instantly blend in with the décor. The ball that resembles an orb is available in so many designs, like jet black, glacier white and disco ball design.

The speaker delivers high-quality sound

The fact that the speaker levitates is the reason why it delivers great sound in comparison to other portable devices. What happens is that the amplification energy is transmitted fairly easily to the speaker driver, the outcome being that the sound is of a higher degree of quality. Equally important is that the battery life does not sacrifice audio performance. On the contrary, you have the possibility to listen to your favorite songs for about 15 hours. If you really want to have a full stereo sound effect, then you should buy two multimedia devices instead of only one.

Well … it’s portable

It is needless to say that a portable device comes in handy when you are going to a picnic or if there is no source of electricity where you are going. The portable Bluetooth device is very useful because as mentioned before it runs on batteries. All you have to do in order to enjoy good music with your friends is to connect the device to your smartphone. Even though you probably have your headphones with you, think that you will be the only person who can hear the music, portable speaker were invented for this exact purpose, more precisely to allow everyone to hear the loud music.

The bottom line is that even if the device would not float, it is still a good idea to buy such a fidelity system. It will allow you to throw an unforgettable party and enjoy your favorite songs even when there is not power.