All you need to know about O-ring gaskets

Even though this small part is something that most people have seen or even had to deal with at one time or another, many of them do know understand exactly its purpose or how it works for that matter. When it comes to O-rings in Ottawa, here is what you should know about them:

What is an O-ring?

An O-ring is basically a seal that is usually used to prevent the passing of air or liquid. For instance, an O-ring is what will prevent water from entering your waterproof watch or underwater camera. Of course, these gaskets can be used for more than just air and water sealers. They can serve as decorative objects for furniture or automotive parts, they can be used as drive belt or they can even serve as body jewelry.


How do the O-rings seal?

While everything depends on the material they are made of and on their size. But, this gasket actually works by blocking the pathway air or fluid might escape. These gaskets are usually placed between two surfaces and squeezed together until they get very tight, thus blocking the space where any leak might occur. Since most O-rings are made of a special rubber, when they are squeezed the rubber has a memory that makes it go to its original shape. Therefore, the space becomes safely sealed against any possible leak.


Types of materials that O-rings are made of

Most of the times, O-rings are made of elastomer, which is basically rubber, but they can also be made with plastic and metal. There are over 30 types of rubber that gaskets can be made of, each one serving a different purpose. Some rubbers work well with light and air but are not very good with oils, while other seal tightly against oils and greases, but do not last too long if they are exposed to the sun. In addition, the user should also think of temperature when choosing the gaskets as different materials have a different tolerance to high or low temperatures.


What are the main requirements of O-rings?

Regardless of what they are made of, in order to be considered of high quality, O-rings need to withstand the temperature they will be used in, perform well under high or low temperatures and have chemical resistance. When a gasket can fulfill these three conditions, you know you have a good product on your hands.