Beginner’s guide to buying coins in FIFA 2017

As the name clearly suggest, FIFA coins are the currency used in FIFA Ultimate Team to purchase players, consumables, but also packs. In order to earn decent coins you have to trade on the FUT Transfer Market, but this option only works well for those who actually understand the market. There are many factors that determine the supply and of course the demand for a player and, therefore, the corresponding price. While in time experience will teach what a player should sell for. The best way to make the most amounts of coins is trading, but the truth is that that the quickest way is purchasing FIFA 17 coins from a third party RMT supplier. Although there are some tiny risks involved, most people in the gaming community find that this is the easiest solution to their coin needs. This article will teach you how to buy virtual currency in a safe way and how to choose a legit supplier.

Analyze the FIFA 17 coin site

There are quite a lot of websites that sell coins and not all of them are legal, reason why you should be particularly choosy. You will have to determine which website is loyal; otherwise, you will not get your much needed currency even if you have paid. If by any chance you are advised to download the site, then it is obvious that you should not follow the instructions. When purchasing currency to purchase players and consumables, make sure you have complete guarantee of the acceptability of the website. Equally important is evaluating video reviews of coin selling sites on YouTube. Some sites are banned by the developer of the FIFA Series, so never use such sites.

Create an account

In order to be able to buy virtual currency, you have to first create an account, which will help you purchase currency safely. What you can do is open multiple accounts on different websites at the same time. This way, if an account is not authentic, you can easily transfer your gold from the game account that has received a warning. This will also come in handy is you are planning to buy large amounts of coins, by dividing them into smaller amounts and placing them on different game accounts. However, you should be careful so as not to close your computer without logging out from the site. In fact, you should reset your password and security code following a successful purchase.

Types of currency  

The vast majority of RMT suppliers have two ways of farming gold: bot and glitch coins. Bot currency implies digging paying money from your own pocket and discovering which cheap player can spontaneously be sold high. The process is similar to buying stock. When the time is right, you can sell the player, but in order to achieve this you have to be a patient person. On the other hand, glitch coins are risky because the supplier hacks the system to generate free of charge gold. It is important to mention that it is fairly easy for the FIFA administrator to track down the source. There is no way of knowing if the supplier uses glitch currency, but you should not worry since a trusted supplier knows the rules and will not try to sell you dangerous currency.

Set spending limits

A key point to remember is to never purchase virtual currency that you do not necessarily need; otherwise, you will be wasting your money. You should only buy currency when there is a real necessity and it should be clear that if you do not follow this instruction, you are going to be deceived. What may come as a surprise is that there is an ideal time for purchasing gold. If you can identify the right time, you will be a true gainer.