Binary options bonuses explained     

One of the most common features that binary options brokers offer are trading bonuses. A bonus can be defined as a sort of financial reward that is offered to the trader. While the financial rewards is a great method for compensating clients, they are also a good strategy for attracting new customers as well. However, there are many brokers who actually make use of these financial incentives to determine the trader to invest his funds and start trading with them. If you want to enjoy binary options risk free trades, then you have to choose your platform wisely. Following is what you need to know about binary options bonuses.

The perks of binary options bonuses

Bonuses and other types of promotions are not only beneficial for the broker that attracts more and more clients, but for the client himself. Financial rewards are a good way to get started trading with binary options because the reward is added to the initial investment, the result is that you have a lot more money to trade with. Most brokers provide an average bonus of 25% or 30%. This means that if you deposit $200, you are likely to receive about $100 extra cash, Another benefit is that brokers usually give you the financial incentive right after you’ve made the initial deposit. Above all, the extra money allows you to engage in more trades that usual and try different trading strategies. Not only will you gain important experience and knowledge about financial markets and so on, but also you don’t risk losing your initial investment.

Different types of bonuses

There are considerable differences between the services offered by broker in terms of bonus amount and types. Some brokers offer extra money for clients who decide to start trading with them. This type of incentive is called a signup bonus and it allows the trader to familiarize himself with the platform, the financial market and other data. The main goal of brokers is to provide clients with the opportunity of gaining experience. Other financial incentives are offered for a deposit made. The offer basically implies compensating the customer with a percentage of the deposit sum.

What are the risks involved

Although the extra money does come in handy, there are lots of dangers that the trader may not be aware of. The fact is that many people simply do not read the terms and conditions, meaning the section that outlines the restrictions and possible implications. In other words, you will be compelled to make a specific number of trades before being able to withdraw the cash. Even when you experience a winning streak there are criteria that prevent you from withdrawing the deposit. Since restrictions apply to bonuses as well, it is worth paying attention when you sign up with a broker. For these reasons, it is important to focus on key features when selecting a top broker, and not necessarily on bonuses. If not, you risk losing your funds.