Boosting your IT career with a Cisco certificate

A lot of people today, students or not, focus their attention on the IT field as far as career paths are concerned. To that extent, more and more people are signing up for Cisco courses and certification, as this type of thing looks great on one’s resume and can really help boost your IT career. However, getting a Cisco certificate doesn’t simply imply going to courses and taking an exam, it requires proper planning and even a strategy. The great thing about getting such a certification is that it can benefit you whether you are already in the IT field and trying to advance your career or you are just now thinking about starting a career in the field. This certification can be valuable either way, provided that you find the right strategy and thus maximize the level of your success.

One of the first things you need to think about when planning to earn a Cisco certificate is setting goals. The more precise your goals are, the easier it will be to draw up a strategy. More often than not, a lot of capable individuals are held back by procrastination, which is why it is important to set your goals early, especially since there are various and numerous Cisco specializations. Once you’ve mapped out what you are trying to accomplish, try and stick to the plan as much as possible. For a beginner in the field, such a goal might be obtaining the CCNA certification, while other might also need to achieve the R&S certification but in order to become voice professionals. Whatever the case might be, drawing a road map towards one’s goal can get them a long way, helping them focus on what’s important and putting resources into the right direction. Nonetheless, coming up with an actionable plan is not the only factor to take into account, another essential aspect being the study materials used. Proper study material is crucial for passing an exam and it’s always best to use a combination of materials, meaning not limiting the range to books, but also getting involved in Cisco communities and going online, on forums and websites.


Reading books and staying connected to online platforms dedicated to Cisco is not enough for some people, which is why there are so many companies offering specialised training for getting a Cisco certificate. Training is oftentimes a key ingredient to success, so make sure you browse the market carefully in order to find the best suitable provider for you. As mentioned above, your options are wide and various and there are now companies that offer training even online, so be sure to conduct a careful research. Last, but not least, if you want your Cisco certification to boost your IT career, then you need not only to obtain it, but also to practice it. Practice makes perfect and Cisco engineers make no exception from that saying.