Choosing the front door – which are your option?


Although at first glance, it may seem something unimportant, choosing the front door is definitely a real struggle for most house owners. This element represents an important accessory for your house: it is the transitional part between the interior and the exterior, shows a bit about what is going out indoors and it can also help you create a great impression on the passers-by and your guests. For this reason, you will need to do some serious thinking before actually making the final call. There are many options available on the dedicated market, so you may find it difficult to decide, but remember that the main criterion should be functionality. Narrowing down, you will need to choose between steel, wood and fiberglass composite, so here are some relevant pieces of information about each of these.

Steel doors

These represent maybe the most reliable solutions you have. They are durable, stylish and easy to maintain, so there should be no problem once the door is installed. It is true that they can suffer dents and scratches, but these can be easily repaired or even eliminated if you own an auto-body repair kit. Toronto steel doors are a great option because they have a great insulation value, not to mention the affordable prices – experts claim that they represent one of the least expensive alternatives.


Wood doors

When it comes to front doors, wood is the most common material, since people tend to prefer it. This is justified by many reasons: it is very resistant, it looks amazing and traditional, it offers the house a solid appearance and it is also easy to maintain. However, there is also a drawback: the fact that it has a lot of substitutes – this means that if you choose a wooden door, make sure it really is made of the material claimed by the manufacturer. There are also a lot of modern designs you can choose from, if your house has a contemporary architecture. When looking for the perfect wooden door, remember that any product that is thinner than 1/16 inch thick can get easily damaged.


Fiberglass doors

Composite doors have as the main benefit durability. Affordability is also a plus: they are not only inexpensive but also quite resistant, which makes them a good option. In addition to this, they basically need no maintenance at all: so forget about removing stains or eliminating scratches, because your fiberglass composite door will last years and years without suffering any damage.