Choosing the right print head provider


If you are about to buy a new print head for your professional printer, there are a few things you should take into consideration. Since original print heads are quite expensive, you will need to make sure that you are collaborating with a reliable supplier, just to avoid any potential problems in the future. Whether you are trying to buy a Xaar 128/80 pl print head or something else, this is what you should look for when choosing a new provider:

Check if they have original products

When you are buying print heads for industrials printers, the originality of the products is very important, as something counterfeit could potentially damage your printer. Even if you might be tempted to buy something that is not original just because it has a lower price, when you think of how much it would cost you to fix it, you should think twice. In addition, if the supplier you are collaborating with promises original products, it is important to make sure that is the case when you receive the product, just to be able to take the proper measures.


Check the delivery times and rates

The delivery of the products is very important, especially if you are counting on receiving them in a certain period of time. If you need those print heads in a few days, you need to make sure that you will receive them in time, especially if your production depends on it. In addition, you should also compare delivery rates, because you might be able to find the same product at a supplier who offers the delivery for free or at a considerably lower price. Of course, you should also compare the delivery times, because if you need your product as soon as possible it is worth paying a little more on delivery.


Variety of products

If you are satisfied with the print head you have purchased, you may want to buy one from a different manufacturer in the future and it is always advisable to do your research properly the first time, in order to save time the next time you want to order. Once you have found a reliable supplier that offers a wide variety of products, it will be much easier to order everything you need and receive them promptly. A supplier with a wide variety of products will offer you the certainty that should you want to invest in a new printer, you will not have any problems in finding the right replacement print heads for it.


Competitive prices

Even though it is important to buy original print heads, you should still choose a supplier that offers them at competitive rates. While a very low price should raise some alarms regarding its originality, this does not have to mean that you should buy the most expensive products on the market. Try finding a supplier who offers fair prices for its products, along with high quality customer services and you will definitely have a positive buying experience.