Coil springs – the right choice for your car’s suspension

Most trucks and old cars come from the factory equipped with leaf spring suspensions. Leaf coil springs have been around for many years and for good reasons. However, there is debate as to whether this is  the right type of coil for car suspension. Manufacturers make many kinds of springs, all of which have benefits and drawbacks. If it were necessary to make a choice, you should definitely opt for coil springs over any other kind of mechanical devices, including leaf coils. Mechanical devices like those marketed by Pedders Suspension allow a better range of movement as well as other benefits.

Coil springs – the bases of the suspension system

Coil springs are can be defined as a type of mechanical device that is mainly used to absorb the motion of the wheels. What car springs do is take in the shocks formed as the result of driving on rough surfaces. They also ensure the best tire-road contact owing to the fact that that they keep the descending pressure on the road. It is not therefore surprising to see that so many car manufacturers choose them compared to other mechanical devices. You can judge the quality of a coil spring based on the energy that it is able to absorb. Since coil springs are used for isolation, they are placed to the front and the back of the car.

How are coil springs better than leaf springs?

Leaf springs are much simpler, which means that they do not have a complicated suspension geometry. On the other hand, coil springs do have a complicated suspension geometry, meaning that they ensure a better range of motion. Coil springs can be used successfully for high performance applications, like setting up a performance car. Taking into consideration that they absorb so much power, they are surprisingly lightweight. While other mechanical devices have their place in car performance, it is the coil springs that provide the necessary strength and stability.

Features that make coil springs the ideal choice

Springs in general are manufactured from fairly inexpensive metals and so are coil springs. Since a very small quantity of steel or metal is used to make springs, they are an inexpensive choice. In addition to this, coil springs require less to almost zero maintenance. The only thing that is necessary is to lubricate the spring once in a while or to clean it. You even have the option of giving the mechanical device special coverings. Although the mechanical device may break down at times, fixing it is relatively simple. In terms of flexibility, coil springs are made available in a large variety of models, meaning that they have special uses. For instance, you have tension or torsion springs, each of them offering different benefits. The choice depends largely on the intended use.

To sum up, coil springs are surprisingly light, they are made from quality, low-cost materials and most importantly coil springs permit a range of movement. When having to choose a spring for your cars suspension, you should opt for coil springs given that they have so many benefits.