Consumers still fear online payments

Although shopping over the Internet and contracting services online has been an explosively expanding trend, recent surveys have shown that most consumers are still worried when it comes to paying for goods or services online. Their fear comes not only from having to divulge banking information, but also from sharing personal details, such as their home address. The statistics also showed that approximately half of the consumers don’t trust the security of online payments, the percentage exceeding 50% in some countries. This fear is also fueled by the impressive amount of fraudulent emails that consumers receive on a daily basis, asking for personal data and money. There had been many developments in the area of online payments, particularly through the arrival of virtual currency and e-wallets systems, such as Ukash, which helped out consumers’ worries to rest. By using Ukash, people avoid the release of personal information and banking details on a variety of websites and simply enter the Ukash code.

Making online payments with Ukash reduces the risk of online identity fraud, which is why many consumers all over the world want to Ukash al, which they can do either from the official website or from affiliate platforms, which usually also offer great deals, promotions or discounts. For the Turkish consumers as an example, is one of the several options they have, when it comes to e-wallet systems and virtual currency such as Ukash. Using this type of method to perform online payments is very easy and highly secure. All you have to do is Ukash satın al from reliable platforms and you will receive a code, which is worth the amount of cash you paid for it. Then, every time you want to buy something from the web or pay for a service online, you can simply type in the code, instead of your banking details, without having to worry about the security of the website you are purchasing from. Nevertheless, the Ukaash codes are as valuable as cash, so consumers are advised to protect them just as they would do with real money.


The downside of making online payments with Ukash is that not all Internet platforms and e-commerce websites have implemented this option yet. Therefore, you may find a certain product or service you want to acquire on a website that doesn’t allow Ukash payments. However, as the Internet expands more and more and the consumers’ fear of online payments begins to affect merchants, it is expected that an increased number of platforms will begin to accept Ukash payments. As a result, it is also expected that the number of websites where consumers can Ukash al will rise as well. This is not necessarily a bad thing, although it will make it a bit more difficult for people to choose where they Ukash satın al from, but as long as they resort to well-established, experienced websites, as opposed to newly risen platforms, the decision will be easier to make.