Creating a Minecraft server for your friends

If you and your friends are fans of the Minecraft game – and why shouldn’t you be? It’s a great and exciting video game that has won no less than 7 awards – then setting up a server for all of you to play on it’s a wonderful idea to enjoy some gaming time together. The great advantage of setting up your own Minecraft server is that you get to create custom rules for you and your friends, including competitions or impose construction only, whatever you want. However, in order to set up a fast and reliable server, you will need proper Minecraft hosting, which you can find at dedicated providers online. Don’t worry about the costs, as most of these plans are customizable and if you don’t plan to accommodate too many players, you won’t need a big package, so you’ll be able to find greatly affordable solutions.

The first thing you need to do in order to create a Minecraft server for you and your friends is get the server files, which you can download from the official Minecraft website. You will also have to buy the game, obviously. It’s not that you can’t run the server without purchasing the game, but you won’t be ale to play it. Anyway, if Windows is your operating system of choice, then you will have to go to Multiplayer server and click on the Minecraft_Server.exe link. If you run on Mac OS X or on Linux, you will have to download the minecraft_server.jar file. Create a folder and download the specific file into it. You will need the latest version of Java on your Windows for the server to run properly, as you will need, as mentioned above, a suitable Minecraft hosting solution. Running the server is an automatic process and by double clicking the .exe file, the configuration files will be crated and added to the folder automatically. For Mac OS, the process is a little bit more complex, so you should look for tutorials online, preferably step by step guides that also show you how to assign more RAM to the server and so on.


Once the server has run, you have to set up your administrator privileges, which you can do by opening the ops.txt file in the server directory. Then, add your friends to the white-list.txt file and give them your external IP address, so that they can type it in their Minecraft multiplayer menu. Now, you an your friends can play in multiplayer version. You can also enhance the experience by installing new plugins and modifications that are available free of charge, such as new game modes or world building enhancements. However, remember that the more you want to add to the gaming experience, the better Minecraft hosting solutions you will need. To that extent, you should choose a hosting provider that offers flexible plans that you can upgrade or modify as you please.