Did you know facts about aluminum recycling


It is commonly known that the process of recycling aluminum did not appear yesterday. People have been recycling it for decades, and even though it might be hard to believe, experts say that more than three quarters of the entire amount of metal ever made is still being used nowadays. Recycling is the easiest way through which people can save the environment. If you are one of those persons looking for a place to take used cans or other scrap metal from around the house, you should know that many Aluminum recycling Canada companies have appeared on the market in the past years. Below are some interesting facts about recycled aluminum.

Stages of the recycling process

Have you ever wondered what the process of recycling aluminum is? In case the answer is yes, you should know that there are five main stages of this process. The first one and probably the most important is collecting aluminum products. Whether they are foil trays, drinking cans or aerosols, they are all collected and brought to a recycling factory. The second phase is sorting. Scrap aluminum is usually mixed with other metals, so it is important to separate them, because not all materials have the same melting temperature. After being compressed into bales, they are taken to various reprocessing plants. This is where most part of the action happens. Aluminum bales go through a series of successive stages, and those are shredding, decoating, melting and the last one casting, when the resulting metal is cast into some large ingots. Afterwards, these ingots are transported to another place where sheet aluminum is made and converted into various other items.

Interesting facts

  • The most important thing about recycling is that it protects the environment. By recycling ten pounds of aluminum cans, other sixteen pounds of greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, not to mention the fact that this quantity is the equivalent of nearly seven gallons of gasoline.
  • One thing that should concern everyone is that aluminum needs four centuries to break down naturally, so recycling might be a good solution.
  • More than half of the amount of  aluminum present in North American cars is made of recycled aluminum
  • Truth is aluminum can be reformed and reprocessed countless times and during this entire process it still does not lose its quality
  • Recycling scrap aluminum saves a huge amount of energy compared to using raw aluminum, so using recycled metals does seem like the best option, not to mention that through this process natural resources are preserved.

Overall, these are only a few interesting things about the process of recycling aluminum. It is worth mentioning that not only aluminum can be recycled, but all sorts of metals, plastic materials and even paper. Protecting the environment is crucial, especially because the level of greenhouse gas emissions has drastically increased in the past decades. Maintaining the planet healthy is a serious matter of concern that everyone should take into consideration and teaching children the importance of recycling is a key point in this process.