Enterprises should care about their employees’ mental health

Enterprises should care about their employees’ mental health

Mental health problems are quite common in the workplace, causing millions of working days to be lost. Employees don’t work in decent or productive environments. On the contrary, they are expected to give their best no matter how tired they may be or how stressful the situation is. The worst thing of all is that staff members don’t get the support they need from the enterprise. Organizations focus on anything but promoting mental health in the workplace. Organizations need to take action and they need to do it before it’s too late. If the enterprise culture doesn’t promote employee mental health, then a change is in order. Why? Simply because the mental health of the team members is crucial.

Mental illness can cause enterprises to lose millions

People are so busy nowadays that they rarely have the time to think about others. It’s impossible to imagine what someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety is going through. Let’s give it a try, though. When an employee is battling mental illness, they spend all their time hiding what is wrong with them. Basically, they try to keep up appearances. The person doesn’t go to healing retreats or undergo Ibogaine treatment. Is Ibogaine the answer for mental health? That question never comes to mind. Productivity is hindered. Not doing anything is costly for an organization. If the personnel doesn’t provide an optimum output, then the company loses money. Projects aren’t finished on time and clients become upset. The biggest cost of mental illness isn’t loss of productivity, as it’s tempting to think, but absenteeism.

Mental health initiatives that need to be taken

  • Eliminating stigma: The reason why employees don’t disclose their mental health problems is that they fear they will be judged. What’s more, they think that there might be repercussions. It’s necessary for executives to promote mental health education at the office.
  • Treating issues – Anyone who has ever had the chance to listen to Johnny The Healer knows that anxiety and depression are serious issues. What is there to be done if staff members are sick? Help them, of course. Treating issues in the nick of time reduces the negative impact on the company. Offering support means paying for therapy and respect the privacy of the people in question. This is the right thing to do. The HR manager plays an important role in the process. There needs to be a capable intermediary.