Facial peels – what patients should know about

Patients should know that a chemical peel is a treatment, which should be done in a professional clinic because an acid solution is used to remove the patient’s damaged layers of the skin. The role of such a treatment is to smooth the texture of the skin and enhance it. Many people might not know but it is effective to treat wrinkles, skin pigmentation and blemishes. Through this procedure, the outer layers of dead skin are exfoliated and an improved skin layer is revealed. A chemical peel Toronto improves the colour, tone and texture of the skin, but patients should know some things before having this treatment.

Who can be a candidate for a chemical peel

Specialist are saying that light-haired and fair-skinned patients are good candidates for this treatment, but this does not mean that if someone has darker skin, he or she cannot have great results. Actually, the results depend more on the type of the issue the patient is dealing with. For some conditions like severe wrinkles, bulges or skin sags professionals recommend other type of treatments like laser resurfacing are recommended, and the person that can determine this is a specialist from a clinic. Patient should talk with their therapist before doing this treatment and tell him if he has a history of cold sores, scarring or facial X-rays. In this case, the specialists are the ones that can tell patients if they are good candidates for this treatment, or they should try something else.

Types of chemical peels

Patient should know that there are different types of chemical peels, according to the specific issues every person deals with. The first type is the light one, which is done by a cosmetician that uses a customised formula based on every person’s skin and the wanted results. This peel treats pigmentation, the areas of dryness, acne or fine wrinkles, and is great for the persons that want to benefit from the advantages of a peeling but do not have time to recover for a deeper one. The medium type is done with the help of trichloroacetic acid, and specialists recommend it for treating superficial blemished, surface wrinkles and pigmentation problems. This one does not require so much recovery time, and the persons that have a darker skin prefer it. The deep peel is the strongest type of the chemical peels, and it uses phenol acid. With its help are treated patients that have to deal with blotches caused by sun exposure or aging, coarse wrinkles or pre-cancerous growths. The procedure of the deeper peeling takes longer than the other ones, and the patient needs more time to recover. A special type of peel is the acne one, which is used by the patients that are trying to treat their acne blemishes and scars. Depending on the issue of the patient, there are more types of acids that can be used. It is advisable for the patients to talk with their cosmetician before starting any procedure, because only in this way they can enjoy the benefits of this treatment.