How to land your first tech job

Anyone who visits online forums is likely to find thousands of posts on the subject of employment in the IT industry. Even though the growth of the Internet has allowed the birth of many companies, it seems that the supply of jobs is not that high as expected. Probably one explanation is the fact that numerous unqualified individuals have been drawn to the technology industry, the result being that now employers rarely trust those that have actual certifications. In addition to this, those seeking employment do not have real world experience and are thus rejected by employers. So, how can you start a career anymore? Instead of accepting a job that is beneath you, consider working with IT recruitment agencies that work to the benefit of businesses and job seekers alike.

Why is it difficult to get employed?

Although you may send thousands applications, the truth is that you only get to a couple of interviews – if you are lucky of course. The worst part about seeking a job is that you may be required skills that you have not acquired in college. For instance, you may have to learn graphic design or even start learning a foreign language. If you do not possess additional competences, then you may not be hired for the job because employer do not like to spend money on training new workers. The lesson to be learned here is that learning new skills can drive your career forward, meaning that you should go to as many training courses as possible.

Never contact Human Resources

Generally speaking, it is advisable to deal directly with the manager of the company you are interested in instead of contacting Human Resources. The fact is that managers are the ones that decide your future. If you cannot do that on your own, then you can use a recruitment agency. These kinds of companies make sure that your CV arrives at the right person and can possibly set up an interview. Use the time you have been granted to prove that you are able to solve real-time problems and that you are capable of listening and understanding.

Managing the interview

When you finally get to the point of getting interviewed for the job, you have to keep in mind a couple of things. First of all, do not avoid answering disqualified questions. You should make sure to answer positively every time, meaning you should act as a professional. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not attempt to negotiate your salary from the very first meeting. When you are asked what you are looking for, try to explain how landing your first position is the hardest part. Basically you should agree to what the hiring manager asks of you.

To conclude, getting your first job in IT is hard, but not impossible. The only possible way to build a career is to work for a while in a place and once you have gained some experience to get certified. Having too many qualifications will hurt too because employers will see you as over-qualified, preferring experience to training.