How to Use the Authorship Snippet on Search Engines?

Search engines are a very important part of our lives. They are our GPS through the wide variety of information found on the internet. The problem is that in order to get what we want, we must learn how to use this GPS; otherwise we will be mislead by the numerous links who all promise to provide the right answer. In order for webmasters to make their link more appealing than the rest of the links, they must make their result description stand out. And this is where the authorship snippet comes in handy.

  • What is a snippet?

When you use a search engine, it generates countless results from various websites which the search engine considers to be relevant to your search. The answers come in the shape of a title, a link and a short snippet. The snippet is usually a meta description of an article containing the answer to your query. However, there are also certain results which contain a lot more information such as a picture or video snippets. Search engines refer to this extra information as rich snippets and they strongly advice webmasters to use them in order to direct more relevant users to their websites.

  • Understanding the authorship snippet

An author rich snippet is an improved search engine result which includes a person’s photo, byline and link to Google+ profile. One may wonder why a person would be interested in this additional information. The answer is very simple. People usually tend to trust information which comes from real people. Although most information found online is written by real people, adding some information on the author of an article, adds a personal touch to the content, making it more believable.

  • Why use an authorship snippet?

As a webmaster, using an author rich snippet can bring you a lot of advantages. For starters, this snippet draws more attention to your website. It is even more efficient than paid ads. Furthermore, it leads to qualified traffic since the users will have a better idea of what to expect, before clicking on the result. Last but not least, this snippet will establish an author rank, thus making your website more trustworthy. This will also help your readers get to know you better and trust the information which you are providing.

  • How to use the author rich snippet?

The first thing that you need to do is create a Google+ profile which includes a clear and relevant head shot. Next, you need to check if your websites includes a byline containing your name on each page that you are publishing. The authorship can be verified either by e-mail or by linking your Google+ profile to the website. If you are using the e-mail, it must have the same domain as your content.


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