Innovative technology in today’s hot tub models

With the advent of technology, people have started to lead lives that are more comfortable and fun. The latest innovations affect our everyday lives in unimaginable ways, helping us finish our tasks earlier, making things easier and allowing us to relax. From automatic vacuum cleaners that clean our homes without requiring assistance while we are away to computer programs that allow us to control nanny surveillance cameras remotely from our workplace; it is clear that we have access to more and more convenient solutions to our everyday problems. A great example of the advent of technology is the modern hot tub. The most innovative hot tubs Port Perry offer a quality worry free experience and allow you to enjoy more time in the hot tub, while saving you money in the long run. Here are some great innovations that can help you appreciate your hot tub even more:

Remote Android control

Imagine that you can turn on, control the temperature of your hot tub remotely from your Android tablet or smartphone and have it ready for you when you reach home. The latest hot tub technology has introduced the concept of glass touch screen controls that you can use while you enjoy the bath or remotely from your smartphone, because the control system has a syncing function. Therefore, you can program water care cycles, monitor the hot tub and heat up the water while you are on your way from work. These modern hot tubs come with an app compatible with Android and iOS that puts the power control of your hot tub at your fingertip irrespective of your location. The cutting edge app will pair with the control system and allow you to set the hot tub water temperature, turn jets on and off, schedule maintenance operations and adjust the spa lights from the palm of your hand. This technology uses a Wi-Fi connection, so as long as you place your hot tub in the range of your home Wi-Fi and you connect your device to the Internet, you can remotely control everything conveniently.


The most impressive features of modern hot tubs

The most noteworthy evolution of hot tubs is the one addressing previous shortcomings. The latest hot tubs are not only therapeutic, they are also energy efficient and easy to maintain. They also come with a unique insulation system that recycles radiant heat and reuses the water, reducing energy and water consumption to a minimum. Another great feature tackles the mold and mildew problem, as well as pest infestation. Modern hot tubs are made of recycled natural fiber that prevents mold growth. The integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology also allows users to listen to music while taking a relaxing bath. The automatic sanitization system reduces chemical maintenance by using cartridge oxidizer to clean the water. What is more, the latest hot tubs come with a great number of jets, all targeting different areas of the body making the hot tub experience a truly unique one.