Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools

Search engines rely on websites in order to provide relevant answers to their users. In order for the answers to be as relevant and accurate as possible, the search engines must be able to read the websites. This means that both the search engines and the webmasters must use a common language. In other words, it is in the interest of the search engines to teach webmasters how to make their websites stand out. This is why the Google Webmaster Tools was invented. This software is the major instrument through which Google communicates with the webmasters.

  • Why use Google Webmaster Tools?

This software is very useful for keeping a close eye on your website and for detecting problems which you may not have encountered in the programming process. It can even detect the annoying Malware infection. As we mentioned above, it is in Google’s interest to help the webmasters optimize their websites which is why this software is absolutely free.

  • How to verify your website with the GWT?

If you have a basic understanding of websites, you will be able to use Google Webmaster Tools without any problems. For starters, you are given a blank file which you must drop in the root directory of your website. You then click on the verify button and you can use all the tools of the GWT. Another verification method is to click on the HTML tag in order to get a metatag which you can put into the head of your website’s home page. You can also use the Domain Name Provider in order to have a safer verification with a personal security token. The Google Analytics account (if you have one) can also be used to verify your website by using the asynchronous tracking code in the head of your home page. Last but not least, you can verify your website with the Google Tag Manager.

  • Dashboard

Once you verify your website, you will be able to see the Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard. All the information sent by Google can be found in the site messages box. The dashboard also contains settings, preferences, site settings, Google Analytics Property, change of address, verification details, users and site owners, associates and many more useful features.

  • Features

GWT has many features to offer and they can all help you keep your website under control and improve it in the same time. Among the most popular features are HTML improvements, Penguin & Webmaster Tools, site profiles, authorship and so on. If you are taking care of more than one website, you may want to switch to a power user account in order to simplify the maintenance process.

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