League of Legends tips for beginners

Considering that League of Legends is currently the most popular MOBA game on the planet, you’re probably giving some thought to the idea of starting to play it – that is, if you don’t play it already. Before you start, you should first understand that this game is huge and it’s better if you find out about some common issues. League of Legends might be fun, but it can also be very frustrating, especially if you’re unlucky enough to get stuck into eLO hell. One way of optimizing your experience is to buy LoL account. Most games don’t realize how many benefits this brings, but getting a LoL account from a specialized provider saves a lot of time and helps you avoid many unpleasant situations. For example, if you buy an unranked account, the champion will already be at level 30, which means that you don’t have to spend weeks, even months, leveling up your character. Therefore, you also won’t have to be cope with all the challenges that come with being what they call a noob. LoL players blame most of their defeats on beginners and they use this excuse all the time, but if you buy an account that’s already at level 30, you won’t have to experience this.

Even if you buy LoL account and you start at level 30, that doesn’t mean to you have to imitate a pro’s playing style. It’s best if you play a few games, around 20 or 30 to familiarize yourself with the game. Most players get struck in eLO hell because they don’t know the basic rules and tips, so it’s always advisable to do a bit of research before you jump straight into the game. Start with the basics. Don’t ignore the ground rules because you think you are too good. This might sound surprising, but there are many level 30 players who have no idea what the basics are. By taking a few hours to read forum threads, you will pick up some tips and tricks and you’ll optimize your gaming experience. For instance, don’t make the mistake of picking a champion that everybody likes, but which you cannot play with. For best results, pick a champion that you are familiar with.


If you don’t like the idea of having to earn Riot Points and Influence Points, then the only way of getting out of this situation as a new player is by buying unranked LoL accounts. Generally, these come with many benefits and even though you’ve never played before, you’ll have several tricks up your sleeve. Also, you won’t have to be stuck in a division you don’t like. There are many people who have started playing League of Legends and were in fact quite good at it, but they decided to quit because they felt like they were losing their time. If patience is not your strong point and you want to enjoy the pleasure of gaming without having to go through the tedious level up process, then buying unranked LoL accounts could be a good solution for you.