Logo design trends to keep your eyes on in 2019

Logo design trends to keep your eyes on in 2019

Logo trends come and go all the time. Staying up to date with them is often difficult. The graphic design industry changes so rapidly because so does technology and the preferences of people. Some trends that were very popular in the past but slowly encountered a fall in the industry made a return in the past years. 2019 is all about adopting trends that were popular in the past and that are highly adopted today as well. Here are some of these trends and how can you use them for your company’s branding:

Simplified, plain logos

This is a trend you probably noticed as colossal companies started to rebrand their companies. For instance, Microsoft went from a complex design to a very plain one, that seems to be highly appreciated by their users. The same goes for Google, Uber or Apple. The simpler the logo, the better. Simplicity can never fail in terms of graphic design, so you should opt for it in case you are undecided regarding what to do with your own logo. You can get your inspiration from https://www.mandreel.com/indonesia/jasa-desain-grafis-branding-kreatif/. The company has been trying to adapt to the trends and you can notice that through their work.

Responsive, interactive logos

Companies such as Coca Cola and Chanel made their logos more responsive by reducing the elements they use. This way, the logos load faster and they don’t make the website or their products look too crowded. In this sense, you need to think about where your logo will be placed and whether there are any limitations in terms of packaging. Making logos interactive is a new trend that slowly starts to emerge in the graphic design world, but it is still under the development or experimentation phase. Plus, simpler logos are easier to place on merchandise items such as T-shirts. See one example here: https://www.mandreel.com/indonesia/jasa-pembuatan-desain-logo-kaos/.

Sustainable logos

Simplifying the structure and color scheme of logos also has another great implication, which is transforming them in eco-friendly ones. Because less ink is necessary to print them down, they are sustainable, and they encourage ecological movements. One of the few brands that rebranded with this purpose is Carlsberg. When sustainable logo design is accompanied by recycled packaging, the whole branding scheme becomes a sustainable one. Moreover, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, simpler logos tend to attract more people and encourage memorizing them easily. Classic logo designs are timeless, and they don’t go out of style that easily as those governed solely by trends.

Duo-chrome logos

Finally, it is highly important to mention the trends in terms of colors. Logos are now created from two tones that intertwine in a gradient effect. The gradient effect was popular a while back, but it made a huge comeback now and it may be the focal point in 2019. See the example of Spotify, that redesigned their entire platform into a duo-chrome one.