Mandy Walters offers counselling in North London

Mandy Walters is a dedicated counsellor in North London that has been working in this field for 8 years, building a positive reputation, as well as gaining an impressive number of clients. The modern society is through its nature a difficult place to live in, and at times, people find themselves overwhelmed by the problems they have to face. Unfortunately, instead of wishing for problems to disappear and always being disappointed, individuals should focus more on learning how to cope with these issues. Mandy Walters is an expert in integrative psychotherapy in North London, offering all interested clients appropriate counselling sessions for a wide variety of problems and issues. With the help of this counsellor, clients may start to accept difficult aspects of their lives and to try to find solutions for them. The demand for counselling in North London has increased and as a direct consequence, the number of specialists in this field has grown as well. It can be said that the North London counselling field offers individuals in need a large number of choices, and deciding to work with Mandy Walters would be a wise choice.

The above mention counsellor has both the expertise, as well as the experience to best provide clients with the most suitable treatment method for their needs. Mandy Walters has graduated from the five year program Integrative Psychotherapy through the Metanoia Institute and Middlesex University. Also, it is worth mentioning that Mandy Walters is currently completing her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Having been working in the specialised field for the last 8 years, one can only assume that this counsellor has plenty of experience to work with many of the issues clients might be facing. For clients interested in knowing the range of problems Mandy Walters is specialised in, these are as follows: depression, anxiety, relationship problems, trauma, loss of direction or meaning, bereavement, low self esteem, abuse and work issues. Because this psychotherapist is specialised in integrative psychology, clients should expect a service that incorporates various counselling methods to best suit their needs.


Mandy Walters helps clients feel safe in her presence, as well as in the counselling environment, because this is the key to an appropriate, successful therapy. On the official website, clients may find most of the answers they might need regarding therapy in general, as well as the fees charged by Mandy Walters. It might be of some help for clients if they took the time and looked through the ‘question’ section, present on the official platform. Important questions such how long therapy should last for or confidentiality details, all are answered. After reading the pieces of information found in this section, clients will have a greater understanding of counselling altogether.  For further details about Mandy Walters and the services provided, patients are requested to visit the official website, where more details on the topic can be found.