Reasons why online file sharing is a great option

Sending and receiving files across business teams can be done using several methods, but the most popular option for business nowadays is cloud-based file sharing. If you are wondering why you should replace your traditional data sharing method, such as FTP, with online file sharing, then you should learn a thing or two on the topic. With today’s technology advancements, the needs and requirements of businesses has changed, and this is why new backup and file sharing methods have been introduced. All companies, regardless of size, have the possibility to work faster and easier with the help of proper online file sharing capabilities.

Ease of use

One of the greatest benefits of cloud-based file sharing is the ease of use. Other file sharing methods, such as FTP, involve a steep learning curve, making the process more difficult to understand. Many companies have faced the need of hiring someone to oversee the setup or to offer permanent maintenance, which is rather inconvenient. Nowadays, there are many cloud platforms offering advanced file sharing functionality, requiring no additional hardware implementation. You have the possibility of freeing up IT resources, and everything will be easier for you, as a user.

Size limitation

The biggest downside of using traditional fire sharing methods is size limitations. It can become inconvenient for your business to have a maximum file size, especially when the majority of high-res multimedia files can be larger than expected. With a cloud-based solution, you can accommodate any files, regardless of capacity. Once the file is shared, you can also opt to notify the recipient for a retrieval. With this great option, sharing files will be less complicated and more efficient, which can only be a plus for many businesses.


Accessing any file you might need whenever you need it is a crucial aspect for the productivity of your company. With the right cloud-based solution at your disposal, retrieving files from any type of device or browser is possible, because there is no demand for an additional software or hardware installation. Improved accessibility is a great advantage for many types of companies.


Critical business files require an additional security measure, which FTP for example lacks. A reliable cloud service provider will ensure you of security standards that meet your requirements and needs. With proper encryption and strong password protection, you can feel safe knowing that all your information is protected. Your business can manage all its users effectively, without the need of involving an IT team. It is up to you to establish who can access each one of your business’ files. For security purposes, online file sharing is certainly the best solution you have.

If you desire to benefit from no size limitation, security and accessibility, online file sharing could be the best solution for you. However, with so many cloud backup and file sharing services out there, it is imperative to choose the best offer. Research the topic, and make sure you opt for the best alternative for you.