Running a profitable Google AdWords campaign

The world of e-commerce is continually changing and it is no surprise that even professionals get overwhelmed. In addition to managing your website to ensure traffic flow, there is a lot you will have to do in terms of reaping the benefits that the Internet has to offer. One thing you have to do is launch a Google AdWords campaign. Launching an AdWords search campaign is without doubt an exhilarating process. All the fears and the emotions in the world will overcome you when it is time to press the Enable button on a new campaign. You will have to learn how to use and optimise your search account in order to increase site traffic as well as revenue. The following tips from Irish PPC agency SMBclix will help you turn your campaign into a profitable one.

What is Google AdWords?

Paid search refers to when you pay for forcing your website and brand name to get at the top of the search engine result. The surest way in which you can make sure that you get at the top of the list is to pay Google to put you out there. While this can be the exact opposite of the organic search, it is very effective when you are in a highly competitive market. However, attention should be paid to the fact that there are ins and outs to running an AdWords campaign. If you want to see how an agency can help you manage your Google AdWords campaign, see this infographic.

Key ingredients to a profitable Google AdWords campaign

The most important component is customer demand. If your customers are not actively searching tour product, then it is obvious that the search advertising will not work for you. Even before starting your campaign you need to make sure that there is search volume for what you are intending to offer. The tool that will come in handy is the keyword suggestion tool, which acts very much like a thesaurus. All you have to do is enter a phrase and Google tells you if something alike exists. You will also have to a basic understanding of math. Before finalising the keyword list, you should make sure that the math makes sense so as to determine if there is any chance of being profitable. Thirdly, you will need to reduce the competitors’ intelligence since most of them have tested and optimised their campaigns. For this, you will need their information.

How to increase your leads

The first thing that you will need to do is update your landing page. Even if visitors do come to your landing page, you have to ensure that the page meets their expectations. A landing page should always load fast and allow users to navigate easy. In order to generate as many leads as possible, you have to make sure that the landing page is user-friendly. If the users perceive your website as being untrustworthy, then they will not provide their information. It is possible that not every lead is genuine. This can result from the fact that the information was not validated, so protect yourself from fake leads. Record submissions. Last but not least, you may want to consider a campaign re-structure. Keep the campaign stocked with high performing keywords.