Situations in which gaskets are useful

Gaskets are generally used for mating two different objects in order to fill potential irregularities that might appear, and for this reason gaskets are also called “joints” or “seals”. The most commonly used material for gaskets is rubber, but they can be made from cork or non-asbestos materials too. You can find more information about gaskets, if you do some quick research on the Internet. Websites such as provide useful details, which can help you determine which type of gasket is better for what you need. Gaskets are used in many situations, so it is important to know what type of gasket to choose according to the situation in which you use it.

Liquid sealing

One of the most common situation in which gaskets are used has to do with liquid seals. The reason is that people want to prevent leak or ingress of liquids. One suited material in this case is rubber, which has to be created specifically for the two pieces that are going to be joined. It is worth mentioning that there are several types of rubber, some of them being more resistant to other chemicals, as it is the case of Viton for instance. On the other hand, nitrile rubber is commonly used in situations that involve oil, solvents or fuels.


Gaskets are also used in fields such as pipe supports, structural bearings or machinery mountings in order to prevent vibration, which can affect the stability of pieces. Vibration can cause damage and influences the amount of energy used within certain processes, so gaskets are used to disrupt frequencies caused by vibration.


Gaskets are very important in mounting processes, because they protect any sensitive pieces from ingress of liquids or dust, or possible shocks. These are used especially in protecting display units.

Environmental seals

When it comes to environmental seals, it is recommended to use gaskets in order to avoid the ingress of environmental contaminants, as it is the case of dust. They are typically used for enclosures. For instance, a foam rubber gasket used at doors is an essential piece if you want to make sure the integrity of the enclosure is maintained properly.

As a result, gaskets are used in various situations. All you have to do is choose the right material for what you need. You can search online for more information in order to be sure you make the right decision.