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Logo design trends to keep your eyes on in 2019

Logo trends come and go all the time. Staying up to date with them is often difficult. The graphic design industry changes so rapidly because so does technology and the preferences of people. Some trends that were very popular in the past but slowly encountered a fall in the industry made a return in the past years. 2019 is all about adopting trends that were popular in the past and that are highly adopted today as well. Here are some of these trends and how can you use them for your company’s branding:

Simplified, plain logos

This is a trend you probably noticed as colossal companies started to rebrand their companies. For instance, Microsoft went from a complex design to a very plain one, that seems to be highly appreciated by their users. The same goes for Google, Uber or Apple. The simpler the logo, the better. Simplicity can never fail in terms of graphic design, so you should opt for it in case you are undecided regarding what to do with your own logo. You can get your inspiration from The company has been trying to adapt to the trends and you can notice that through their work.

Responsive, interactive logos

Companies such as Coca Cola and Chanel made their logos more responsive by reducing the elements they use. This way, the logos load faster and they don’t make the website or their products look too crowded. In this sense, you need to think about where your logo will be placed and whether there are any limitations in terms of packaging. Making logos interactive is a new trend that slowly starts to emerge in the graphic design world, but it is still under the development or experimentation phase. Plus, simpler logos are easier to place on merchandise items such as T-shirts. See one example here:

Sustainable logos

Simplifying the structure and color scheme of logos also has another great implication, which is transforming them in eco-friendly ones. Because less ink is necessary to print them down, they are sustainable, and they encourage ecological movements. One of the few brands that rebranded with this purpose is Carlsberg. When sustainable logo design is accompanied by recycled packaging, the whole branding scheme becomes a sustainable one. Moreover, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, simpler logos tend to attract more people and encourage memorizing them easily. Classic logo designs are timeless, and they don’t go out of style that easily as those governed solely by trends.

Duo-chrome logos

Finally, it is highly important to mention the trends in terms of colors. Logos are now created from two tones that intertwine in a gradient effect. The gradient effect was popular a while back, but it made a huge comeback now and it may be the focal point in 2019. See the example of Spotify, that redesigned their entire platform into a duo-chrome one.



Enterprises should care about their employees’ mental health

Mental health problems are quite common in the workplace, causing millions of working days to be lost. Employees don’t work in decent or productive environments. On the contrary, they are expected to give their best no matter how tired they may be or how stressful the situation is. The worst thing of all is that staff members don’t get the support they need from the enterprise. Organizations focus on anything but promoting mental health in the workplace. Organizations need to take action and they need to do it before it’s too late. If the enterprise culture doesn’t promote employee mental health, then a change is in order. Why? Simply because the mental health of the team members is crucial.

Mental illness can cause enterprises to lose millions

People are so busy nowadays that they rarely have the time to think about others. It’s impossible to imagine what someone who is suffering from depression or anxiety is going through. Let’s give it a try, though. When an employee is battling mental illness, they spend all their time hiding what is wrong with them. Basically, they try to keep up appearances. The person doesn’t go to healing retreats or undergo Ibogaine treatment. Is Ibogaine the answer for mental health? That question never comes to mind. Productivity is hindered. Not doing anything is costly for an organization. If the personnel doesn’t provide an optimum output, then the company loses money. Projects aren’t finished on time and clients become upset. The biggest cost of mental illness isn’t loss of productivity, as it’s tempting to think, but absenteeism.

Mental health initiatives that need to be taken

  • Eliminating stigma: The reason why employees don’t disclose their mental health problems is that they fear they will be judged. What’s more, they think that there might be repercussions. It’s necessary for executives to promote mental health education at the office.
  • Treating issues – Anyone who has ever had the chance to listen to Johnny The Healer knows that anxiety and depression are serious issues. What is there to be done if staff members are sick? Help them, of course. Treating issues in the nick of time reduces the negative impact on the company. Offering support means paying for therapy and respect the privacy of the people in question. This is the right thing to do. The HR manager plays an important role in the process. There needs to be a capable intermediary.

Why Collaborating with a Cabling Expert Will Make Your Business Run Smoother Than Ever Before?        

All big businesses have a data centre that keeps the company alive. Without it, everything becomes concerningly slow and inefficient. And all data centres have, you guessed it, plenty of cables. In this case, cabling issues can appear unexpectedly every day. However, with a little planning and the services of a professional team, you will be able to maintain a spotless data cabling for your business, at all times.

While you may be able to deal with some parts of this matter, you should always consider hiring an expert team. They will bring your cabling to state-of-the-art conditions.

Spotless services from the start

Dedicated teams will always make sure that they collaborate with their clients from the start. Selecting the cables so they support their client’s necessities is incredibly important for cabling teams. Because there are several solutions available, such units always make sure that the chosen options correspond with their client’s needs. Because many cabling solutions look fairly similar, a professional team will always make the perfect recommendations for your company’s needs.

Affordable installation costs

Although professional structured data cabling units have a generous portfolio and offer complex and comprehensive services, the installation costs are mainly identical, regardless of your company’s cabling needs. While many business owners associate similar services with higher expenses, the costs associated with such services are smaller than they would be if the cabling would be done in-house.

Complex services, including emergency fibre repair

Experienced cabling teams have as part of their portfolios, emergency fibre repair services. If you are the type of business that bases most of its activity on a steady and reliable Internet connection, you might be familiar with the importance of similar services. Luckily, those companies that feature emergency fibre repair services in their portfolios, also have the necessary equipment to fix such issues in a timely and professional manner. Search for enterprises that have OTDR test equipment in their intervention protocols, as this type of tester offers high rates of accuracy and reliability. This allows the engineers to identify a cable fault within a distance of 1.8 meters and will boost the efficiency of the team. It will also decrease the necessary time to correctly and accurately identify cable faults. 

The team will offer further maintenance instructions

Once your cables are properly installed, a professional team will offer you all the necessary information to maintain your cabling running smoothly and efficiently. Tips on how to keep your cables cool, a thing that few of us think about, is one important piece of advice that you will surely receive and that you have to follow closely. Also, ask for some useful tips on how to avoid “spaghetti cables”, a common concern in most data centres.

Although most businesses choose to manage in-house cabling matters, a professional team can take the whole matter to perfection, allowing your data centre to function at state-of-the-art levels. Also, you will be able to hire the team’s emergency fibre repair services, as this is a common fault of cables.


Digital marketing in 2018 – how to create good ads 


Promoting businesses online is the best way to deal with marketing nowadays. Why? Because people tend to spend more time online rather than doing anything else. Even though it might be difficult to believe, online marketing started to be more effective compared to any other strategy. The reason behind this is that the millennials prefer doing their shopping online, spending time on their social media accounts, looking for inspiration online, communicating online and so on. Digital marketing is meant to attract and engage potential clients through content that you publish. All social media platforms could help your business become more popular and more appreciated. You can do that by creating quality ads that you publish and sponsor on these platforms. Here’s how:

Put motion graphic first

As you may already know, 2018 is the year of video marketing. Motion graphics are now preferred to the detriment of static visuals. This preference of the users can be justified through one characteristic of today’s society – rushing. People hurry in order to save time for activities they actually enjoy doing. They no longer want to waste time. Thus, assimilating more information in a shorter amount of time is the goal, and what better method to do that other than video marketing? In motion graphics, you can even include background music from stock websites similar to The possibilities became unlimited and there are no boundaries when it comes to creating impactful ads. Digital marketing is entirely based on delivering information in impressive ways. The more eyes these ads attract, the higher the chances of gathering more customers. Boosting profits might be dependent on how your business looks in the online field, so don’t ignore the popular trends.

Instagram is constantly rising

If in the past few years Facebook was ruling the digital marketing industry, today you can rely on Instagram as well. Sponsored ads on Instagram seem to be even more engaging than the ones on Facebook. Because the Instagram social platform is entirely based on visuals, eye-catching ads work best here. Luckily, Instagram is optimized for business accounts that want to promote their posts to a larger target audience. What’s even more interesting about this platform is that it can be combined with a Facebook promotion. Cross-platform is a condition you can’t ignore these days because most people prefer interconnectivity over exclusivity.  

The same goes for Snapchat

If Snapchat was not the focal point of digital marketing in the past few years, the short stories published there can have a bigger impact on people than you think. Because most users scroll through their Snapchat stories daily, publishing short ads here can really make a difference for your marketing campaign. Snapchat also provides users with the possibility to switch to an advertising account, which will make it easier to track and analyze the resources you spend and the impact you received in exchange. You can choose a specific audience, a flexible budget and schedule all your posts right from the app. Isn’t that convenient? Choose whatever method suits your situation best and wait for the results.


Exploring phone deals when not having a phone              

Whether your mobile phone allows you to contact family members, friends and partners or it gives you the possibility to discover the latest news across the world, the reality is that you cannot live in today’s society without such an important device. In what concerns the options available in stores, the selection process might prove to be quite overwhelming. Obviously, the light or non-technical user will opt for the basic phone that gives him the possibility to call or text other people while the heavy or high-range user explore all the features included in every mobile phone in order to choose the most advanced one. However, what happens when evaluating and selecting the best phone deal out there? What option suits each user, especially when also expressing the need of a new phone? Starting with the basics, a person has the opportunity to choose between three variants including pay-as-you-go, month to month and SIM only contract. The amount of coverage you get is also important because if you live in a rural region, you will need 4G while in an urban area, 3G should suffice.

Ask yourself these questions when exploring phone deals

Some phone deals come with a new smart phone while others provide only the SIM card. Since you are desperately in need of a decent mobile phone, you have to determine if you currently have the necessary money to go in store or navigate online and order a specific device that suits your preferences and matches your needs. If the answer is “no”, then you might have to sing a two-year contract that forces you to pay a certain amount of money each month for a new handset. If you think about the situation this way, it seems more than simple because it all comes down to money, but there is much more to consider when exploring mobile phone deals. For instance, you might want to ask yourself several relevant questions. Are you the type of person who always keeps her mobile phone close or uses it to build a strong social media presence? If you sign the contract, will you afford the monthly payments? Do you prefer to raise the necessary funds and purchase the phone when you afford it or you want to tie yourself to a service provider?

How to determine what is the most adequate deal for your needs

The main idea is that by offering correct and realistic answers to the questions mentioned above, you will be able to determine if you should purchase the mobile phone and the SIM card separately or if you should go with a plan that gives you both the cell phone and a certain amount of data, calls and texts each month. Taking into consideration that this article has the purpose to make your life easier or at least, facili5tate your mission of choosing a phone deal, you should link each type of user to the most suitable mobile phone plan. For light users, pay-as-you-go is perfect while heavy users should direct their attention towards a pay-monthly contract.


Your guide to Audi Q3 2018 technology


In the past, when a person bought a car, they would typically consider things like safety, fuel economy, and running costs. This isn’t the case anymore. Today’s buyer is interested in technology and only technology. But why? Probably because technology is the thing that makes them who they are. If you’re like most people, then like most people you care about technical specs. You want to navigate the city in an Audi Q3 2017. If so, Edmunds advice for Audi Q3 2018 buyers. Before acquiring this beauty, you would like to find out more about the technology behind it. Well, you have come to the right place.

BOSE® Surround Sound System

Until now, it was unimaginable to have a home theatre system in your vehicle. Fortunately for us, we live in a time when everything is possible, even enjoying entertainment in the car. The thing is that the BOSE® Surround Sound System is a unique entertainment center. The speakers may be small, but they are capable of providing a superior audio performance. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering that the surround sound system provides 465 watts, not to mention the 10-channel amplifier. What you can be sure of is that you’ll enjoy crystal clear sound.

Bluetooth® wireless technology

One thing that you’ll surely be happy about is the Bluetooth wireless technology. Thanks to this high tech, you’ll be able to connect your devices to the Audi Q3 2018. With a wireless connection, you can stream music, read your text messages while you drive and, of course, share an Internet connection. The tech that is found in multiple electronics is now behind the Audi Q3 2018. You should be happy about it. Millions of car fans out there are excited about Bluetooth technology and for good reason too. Life may not stop while you’re in traffic, but it certainly helps to do something to pass time.

Side assist

Some people have difficulty approaching traffic due to the fact that they can’t change lanes while they’re in progress.  The good news is that technology can help drivers overcome such challenges. Audi Q3 2018 provides side assistance. The intelligent car system lets the driver know if an automobile is in the blind spot. If you need help when changing lanes, then you’ll certainly appreciate Audi’s side assist. The system will warn you if there is any danger. It will take some time, but you will get used to the ambient light.


Top advantages of using online directory and direct dial services


Sometimes, finding the customer service number of a particular company is not such an easy job, and you might end up spending a lot of time searching with no successful results. Well, in situations of this kind, one option that will provide you with the help needed is an online directory and direct dial service. This type of services has proven to be of incredible help in various situations, and you might need them when you would least expect. A good company that provides direct dial, such as Sky’s helpline, will allow you to reach the customer service department of any major company in the UK. Here are the top advantages of using direct dial:


Sometimes, even if you might manage to find the phone number of the company you are interested in contacting, when searching on the internet, you can never know for sure if that number is actually the correct one, or if it is still functional, which means dealing with a potential inconvenience can easily happen. While face an unpleasant situation, such as calling to the wrong number, or not being able to reach the company you are interested in, when you can receive the support you need through an online directory and direct dial. This type of service has helped both companies and customers connect, and it can do the same for you.

Saving time

Without any doubts, you have spent, at least once, a lot of time searching for the phone number of a particular company. Losing time with this takes can quickly become frustrating, and you might even give up on contacting the company all together, if you notice that it is taking you longer than you have expected. With a direct dial option, in less a couple of minutes you will be talking to customer service, and thus go on with your day, without any unpleasant delays. Time saving is certainly one of the strongest reasons why this type of services have become popular among both clients and companies.

Affordable fees

Sometimes, people avoid resorting to this type of service from the misbelief that they will have to pay quite a steep amount for their dial. In reality, the fees are standard ones, no expensive costs to worry about. Of course, this can depend on the online directory and direct dial company you choose to resort to, so perhaps doing a pre research will be necessary, in order to avoid spending more than necessary.

As you can see, a directory and direct dial service can actually be quite advantageous from several points of view, so perhaps you should give this option a try for yourself. No more wasted time searching for phone numbers, no more wrong dialling, and no more hassle, a direct dial service will make things as easy for you as possible, when it comes to contacting a department of a certain company, you just need to find yourself the right online directory of this kind.             


Making the most out of your wedding with the help of technology


Although you might be extremely excited for your wedding, being the most important day of your life, the planning that this event involves is anything but pleasant. Because you want everything to look perfect, and every detail to be carefully thought through, feeling overwhelmed is normal. However, if you want this day to truly be successful, you still have to keep a few important details in mind. There are some tricks that can help you with your planning, making tasks easier and your event more enjoyable. Incorporating a few gadgets in your wedding, such as this article on advises, can be a wise decision to make. Here are just a few ideas you should consider:

Digital invites instead of paper ones

Wedding invitations are an essential part of wedding planning, probably the first things you will have to take care of. However, they can be a bit expensive, and it can become an inconvenience to send them to each one of your guests. Well, you should go with a more modern and easier alternative – digital invites. Embrace technology and select this unique, yet useful invitation alternative. You can still opt for the design of your choice, but you will spend less money on invitations, and send them to all your guests much faster. This way, you can also receive a RSVP much quicker, giving you the chance to continue your wedding planning, while knowing exactly how many people will be attending the reception.

Install an app on your phone for appointment alerts

Florist appointment, salon appointments for a pre-wedding hair and makeup trials, wedding cake tastings – these are only a few of the many appointments you will have to attend, and having so many things on your mind, you might easily forget an important errand. To prevent that from happening, and to avoid anything from causing you inconveniences, you should think about installing an app that sends you appointment reminders. Whenever the date of an appointment approaches, you will receive an alert. This is extremely useful for brides who do not have a wedding planner, and need to handle everything by themselves.

Register for gifts online

There are various apps out there, that allow you to register for wedding gifts extremely easy, from any store you might want. You can even scan the bar code of an item you wish to receive, and save it on the app. You can send your guests your wedding gift list, and it will be much easier for them as well, to buy you the perfect present.  

Planning a wedding can quickly become one of the most stressful thing you have done, and if you can find a few tricks to make tasks easier, then you need to use them to your advantage. With the few tips above mentioned, you will manage to plan a successful event that every single one of your guests will pleasantly remember. With the advancement of technology, you can now enjoy things that traditional wedding couldn’t. You can look for even more inspiration online, where you will find many blogs written by specialists.


Hybrid electric cars – what drivers should know about them?

 More and more people consider the option of buying a hybrid car when they want to change their old vehicle, or when they think that it is the time for them to buy one. In case you do not know what a hybrid car is, then you should know that it is a vehicle that uses two or more engines. It features a conventional engine, on diesel or petrol, and an electric one. The gas engine is used to power the car at high speeds, and the electric one is used to power it at lower speeds. In Edmunds opinion, the 2017 Toyota Prius is one of the best hybrid cars, because it both produces less CO2 emissions than the rest of cars and conserves fuel. Even if these cars are very popular, not many drivers use them, because they do not consider them as good as the gasoline powered ones.   

Hybrid vehicles are environmentally friendly

In modern times, people strive to design devices that are environmentally friendly, because they want to protect the world they are living in. And one of the greatest advantages this model has is that it runs cleaner, and because its gas millage is better than of the other types of gas, it is environmentally friendly. The hybrid vehicles run on twin-powered engines so this feature helps them conserve energy and cut fuel consumption.

Hybrids bring financial benefits to drivers

The majority of people choose to invest in this type of car due to its financial benefits. They are supported by many incentives and credits, which make them more affordable than other types of cars. As a driver, you will be able to save money, because you will spend less on congestion charges and annual tax bills.

They have regenerative braking system

What many people do not know about hybrid cars is that every time the driver applies the brake they help the car recharge the battery. They are designed to feature a mechanism that captures the energy released during this action and to use it to charge the battery. In this way, the driver will not have to stop very often to recharge the battery.

Hybrids are built from light materials

This type of cars are known as energy efficient because they are made from lighter materials, than traditional cars are, and this requires them less energy to run. Also, their engine is smaller than the ones of standard vehicles, and this also helps them save energy.

They have higher resale value

If it were to analyze the tendencies of the market, you will notice that the price of gasoline is in continuous increase and this is a great reason for people to think of investing in a hybrid car. And in case you want to change your hybrid car in the future, you can be sure that you can easily find a buyer for it, and obtain a great price, because these cars are always selling at premium prices, even if they are used.


Heavy Goods Vehicles – tips for responsible and safe driving

Driving HGV vehicles can be quite a challenge for most drivers, because besides the fact that the vehicle is much bigger than a regular car, they also have to ensure they transport all those goods safely to the specific destination, not to mention that they have to pay even greater attention in traffic. This is the reason why most lorry drivers opt for the latest HGV vehicle safety technology and make all sorts of updates to their vehicles. Here are some pretty useful tips for safe and responsible driving that lorry drivers should consider.

Communicate with other road users

The first and most important safe driving tip is to pay attention not only on your own driving, but also on other users of the road as well. Whether you are driving a Heavy Goods Vehicle or any other type of vehicle, it is mandatory that you communicate to other road users any change in direction you are about to make, so ensure you use those direction indicators in good time in order to let others know what you are going to do. Do not use the indicators too early though, because this could confuse others and cancel them as soon as you have turned.

Install proximity sensors and camera systems

Another thing that can give you higher level of safety when driving HGVs is installing a camera system. Believe it or not, this can prove to be quite a useful update especially in the unfortunate case of an accident for instance. Proximity sensors are also worth considering installing, because they help you when you need to park your lorry or get out of a parking area. Having these sensors allows you to move without any worry, since they will notice you when you get too close to another vehicle, thus avoiding any unpleasant incidents. There are numerous companies that offer installation services for this type of vehicle upgrades, so all you have to do is search on the Internet for the best one in the industry.

Check the road before heading off

It is recommended that you check the traffic before you get on the road in order to have an idea on what to expect. With all those apps available on the Internet today, you can see which routes are clearer and which ones you should avoid in order to not get stuck in traffic jams, so make sure you install at least one of them on your smartphone.