The benefits of online user testing for small businesses

In today’s business environment, having a website is no longer a luxury or an option. On the contrary, it is an essential part of your business and you need to treat it with the attention it deserves. The site is a reflection of your company ethos in the online world, a connection between you and the customer, so you should invest time and money to ensure that it is intuitive and user friendly. As a small business owner, you are already facing a great deal of competition, so launching a poorly made website can be incredibly risky and lose you money. In addition to hiring a web development company  for the design and function of your website, you should also look for a professional team of testers who can analyse every section of the website and tell you what needs improvement. These are the three main benefits you get by working with companies that do online user testing in Australia.

Get relevant feedback from real users

Automatic testing software is useful up to a point, but your website will not be accessed by computers, it will be accessed by real people. The feedback provided by human testers is the most valuable, because it tells you how appealing your website is in the eyes of a potential customer. Testers visit every section of the site and check every page/feature, reporting the things that did not work at all or did not work well enough. This way, you know for sure what elements to leave unchanged and what elements to work on. Send the list of bugs and suggestions to the development team and, when the site goes live, you can feel confident that it has an intuitive design and works flawlessly.


Save money on website development


Fixing user experience issues can be time consuming, especially if the project is already in its final stages. You should contact a team of online user testers as early as possible, so that they can send you feedback. This way, you won’t have to pay extra to the developers for re-doing the design or rethinking features that they finished a long time ago. Needless to say, you will avoid frustrating customer support issues that may arise as a result of faulty programming, such as slow loading time or buttons that do not work. Sometimes, you may be too involved in the development process, focusing on finer details and neglect the bigger picture. In such cases, the expertise of online testers can help you readjust your focus on get back on track.

Analyse the competition


For small businesses, launching a website in an over-saturated field carries a lot of risks, but you can diminish them by analysing the website(s) of the competition and finding out what works for them. Testers can have a look at their web pages and then you can interpret this data to find out how your own project compares.