The importance of customer service

Since the world of services has become more and more varied, due to the development of technology and modernization of methods, the product has started to lose importance, while the manner in which it is delivered to the clients has gained more and more. Regardless your business, offering good customer service is very often the key to success. Whether you are selling ribbon on an online store, or collaborating with huge companies or business man, you must have respect and consideration towards all your stakeholders – customer service concerns also your partners, employees etc. In a business partnership, the most important thing is trust, which is why you must build a strong relationship with your partner, using all the possible details. In case you work remotely, you can for example borrow a corporate limousine Toronto, to offer them an unforgettable ride in your city, or find out which food they like, to surprise them with your consideration.

Good customer service is the added value of any business or service provider. Besides offering promotions, financial advantages or any other material stuff to your stakeholders, keep in mind that your attitude and way of delivery may be more important than any gain. It has been proven that instead of attracting new clients and investing in new marketing campaigns, it is easier to invest in maintaining your old customs. The best thing to do is trying to follow the customer flow: after attracting a certain number of clients (or partners), convert them into promoters. That can be easily achieved by offering them qualitative services, almost flawless, exceeding their expectations, without any delay. Afterwards, make sure you keep them close, with some tricks related to customer service, which can be easily done by anyone, such as remembering their birthdays and sending them symbolic gifts, (especially in case of your partners, it will be difficult to do this if you have plenty of clients or employees). The last stage comes after you manage to make them value your services and products: delighting them, with all sorts of details used in your advantage: hire luxurious transportation, order them customized presents, or send them holiday greetings. This will for sure gain you some faithful and reliable stakeholders, and you will not have to make efforts to design strategies and attract new ones.


The long debated concept of customer service has the purpose of bringing customers back. They have already experienced collaborating with you, they have seen that your services/ products are the best and also know they will be happy to try them again. For this reason, they become permanent clients, and also spread the word about your business, helping you increase your reach on the market. Nowadays, there is nothing you can offer, that some other person or business cannot, which is why customer service is the element that determines your success. Use luxurious means to impress your most important partners, and remember that a short-term investment can bring you long term profits, such as trust and respect relationships, and plenty of promoters.