The importance of the human factor in promoting new technology

Companies would do anything to increase consumer product usage and this in only natural, as they survive on the market thanks to the sales they make. When it comes to promoting new technology, the human factor is essential. Recent statistics show that a heartfelt approach and experiential promotional campaigns is currently the most successful approach in this domain. While technology is seen as cold and impersonal, not to mention its reputation of killing social skills, the attempt is to diminish the negative effects of this type of thinking by hiring the services of promotional staffing agencies or making campaigns that appeal to the emotions of the audience. This is the problem technology marketers have to face and the outline of the solution addressed to this issue sounds simple: introducing the human factor into the campaigns. Smartphones, tablets and computers are all presented as means to bring family members closer and people smiling will always appear in commercials. This is all part of promotional strategy. This is why experiential campaigns are still so popular nowadays, when information technology is available at marketers’ disposal. The impact of such a promotional campaign is great, especially when it involves a skilled staff using an ingenious means to promote a product on the streets or at an exhibition.

If you educate professional promotion staff about the new technology you intend to sell and thus provide them the information and skills to promote your product, the results will be amazing. The ability to create differentiated promotional campaigns that will keep your company ahead depends solely on your ability to assess the expectations of your potential customers. Involving real people in this type of projects that would add the human factor into the equation has never failed before. Imagine launching a new smartphone on the market. You can list all its features and advantages, but that would tell the public nothing in the end. However, seeing a product demonstration can finally give your potential customers an idea about how they could use it and why would they need it. Having promotional staff demonstrate these things at an exposition or special product demonstration is the best solution to introduce a new technology on the market.


All in all, promotion is important in any domain and the approach would differ from case to case. However, when introducing new technology on the market, you will only increase consumer product usage with a heartfelt approach that contains the human factor or at least using actors or promotional staffs that will help potential customers feel a connection with the brand. A flash mob is not only an efficient solution, but it is also a cost effective one and this is probably why experiential promotional staffing agencies still have a large customer base. No matter how much technology advances, some things do not change and the smile of a cute promo model handing you a flyer is one of these things. In the end, those campaigns that invoke a powerful feeling in customers’ hearts are also the most memorable.