Things to consider when buying basketball clothing online

Basketball may be a great hit in the United States, but that does not mean that people in other countries are not interested in it. In fact, the United Kingdom is home to one of the biggest basketball fan bases in the world and many people here like going to basketball matches, sometimes even outside the UK. The NBA is a huge sporting phenomenon that has claimed millions of fans worldwide, so it comes as no surprise that people want to get their official merchandise. Until the advent of online shopping, fans would travel all the way to the United States to buy jerseys, caps and shirts, or ask friend and family to do this while on holiday. It was a difficult and stressful process, but, thanks to websites like, people can have access to a wide variety of clothing, even when there are no official NBA stores in their area. Ordering basketball clothing online has never been easier. Whether you want to buy caps, jerseys or T-shirts, you can get everything with a few clicks from the comfort of your home. However, there are some things you should consider before confirming your order.

Is the NBA merchandise original?

The best way of supporting your favourite team is to buy their official merchandise. If you want to do this, then make sure the store you are buying from stocks original clothing. This is obviously more expensive than replicas, but it is worth it if you only want to settle for the highest quality. Avoid websites that advertise original products but have suspiciously low prices. But sometimes not everyone is so passionate or committed to the NBA that they want to purchase original items. If you only want basketball clothing to create outfits or customise it, then it’s more convenient to order replicas, because they are cheaper.


Double check the sizing

The US and UK use different sizing systems, which makes it tricky for people to order clothes in the right size. Make sure the website has a size converter, but don’t forget to check the sizing chart as well to calculate your measurements. Basketball clothes usually come in bigger sizes and are not fitted. For example, if you are a UK size 10, you will probably be a US size 6, or even 4, if you don’t want your clothes to be loose.


Is the merchandise updated?

As any basketball fan knows, NBA clothing can become outdated when a player is transferred. This can happen very often, which why you should order from online stores that frequently restock with new items. More specifically, you should choose, if possible, a large retailer that is part of an international network of partners can offer you merchandise from both major and minor teams.


These are the main aspects you should take into consideration, but don’t forget that reliability should come first. Read reviews online and make sure your store is certified and stores all your personal data securely!