Things to know when buying box-spring beds (Boxspringbetten)

Many people have a hard time resting at night, especially because they are not able to sleep well during the night, due to back pains or uncomfortable positions. Even if you don’t have back problems, having a comfortable bed that is able to provide you with adequate relaxation and coziness is essential for a good night’s sleep. Have you ever wondered why you sleep so much better when you are on vacation, in the hotel room? It’s not because of the air, it’s because of the hotel beds (Hotelbetten). Most of the luxury hotels use box-spring beds (Boxspringbetten), with the based filled with bonell springs or pocket springs, providing a high level of comfort. If that sounds appealing to you, you should know that you can have the same comfort level in your own bedroom (Schlafzimmer) if you purchase a box spring bed (Boxspringbett) for your home, which you can do if you find a reliable provider such as Möbelisten. This company is not just a store, but also the manufacturer of these luxury beds (Luxusbetten), working with their own designers and creating beautiful and unique models of bedroom (Schlafzimmer) furniture (Möbel) and bed sets (Betten).

Before you buy (kaufen) a spring-box bed (Boxspringbett), there are a couple of things you need to take into account. First of all, these sleeping systems can be quite expensive, but if you work directly with a manufacturer, like Möbelisten, you will enjoy preferential prices. Furthermore, Möbelisten produced on demand, which significantly reduces expanses for the company by cutting off middlemen and warehouse costs and these reductions are transferred to you in the form of much lower prices. Secondly, this type of sleeping system (Schlafsystem) gives you a lot of room to juggle, offering a wide array of choices when it comes to material, color or headboards (Kopfteile). Due to the fact that, as mentioned above, the company manufactures boxspring beds (Boxspringbetten) on demand, you have full control over the how the system should be constructed and you can select the size of the bed, the model of the headboard (Kopfteil) or the filling of the box base (Boxspring). Furthermore, at Möbelisten, you also get to choose from a diversity of mattresses (Matratzen), which is another aspect you need to take into account before buying (kaufen) the bed. If you prefer a harder mattress (Matratze), you should go for a H4 level, while if you’d rather sleep on softer, cuddlier surfaces, there are several other degrees of hardness (Härtegrad) for you to choose from.

The topper is also an important decision you have to make and if you want seasonal cooling, then you should choose organic horsehair toppers, which cool down over the summer and warm up during winters, keeping your body heated. As you can see, there are several things that make the bed (Bett) systems (Schlafsystem) a unitary tool for a good sleep and these are all things you should know when you are thinking about purchasing one. This is why it is important to find a reliable provider like Möbelisten, which can help you not only by offering you the best prices on the market, but also assisting you in choosing the right sleeping system for you and designing it as per your requirements and requests. As a result, you will get to benefit from both great style and great comfort (Schlafkomfort), just like in a hotel, right in your home bedroom (Schlafzimmer).