Things you should know about cargo alliances

Freight forwarding in an important activity for the trading industry, because it facilitates good and merchandise exchange between international companies. Given the huge volume of transactions, companies often find it difficult to deal with their clients’ demands, which is why they have to use the services of a specialised transportation agent. These are the entities that intermediate merchandise circulation between cities and even between different countries. Taking into consideration that the forwarding industry is dominated by large multinationals, which have the monopoly over a wide percentage of international transactions, independent forwarders need to find a solution to get more contracts. Fortunately, there are plenty of alliances providing their members with support. In spite of this, few people actually know how the family WCA works and which the criteria according to which forwarders can become members are.

Cargo alliances are global

Of course, there are smaller networks, but global alliances are the real deal. They provide access to international clients, various industrial fields and important partnerships, which is why most independent forwarders are striving to become members. If you have a transportation business are you are planning to expand over the borders of your country, then you should probably consider applying for a membership card. Given the fact that these networks operate on the global market and their regulations are applicable to all members, regardless their countries of provenience, forwarders that are part of such an entity are devoid of bureaucracy and legal procedures. However, make sure you join a reliable alliance, which is able to take care of any legal consideration.


Forwarding network members have plenty of benefits

By definition, international forwarding alliances are entities aiming to support forwarders’ activity and offer them a beneficial environment where they can improve and grow. Besides having as a purpose to improve clients’ experience through better shipping services, cargo networks also aim to streamline the dedicated industry. One of the most important advantages for members is that their membership works as a genuine recommendation: since you are part of a global organization, you have a reliable image in the specialized industry. This way, you will be able to attract more clients (from all around the world) and establish partnerships with important entities. Once you join a global brand, your company will be associated with professionalism and expertise. In addition to this, since alliances are founded on the principle of mutual support, you will become part of a huge family. Last but not least, global networks also offer multiple development and educational opportunities. One of the most significant is the possibility to attend the Annual Meeting, an international even reuniting the most important forwarders in the world. By participating, you can interact with experienced forwarders, get access to new information and global good case practices, not to mention that you can establish new partnerships, face to face. When it comes to business relationships, trust is very important so you should take advantage of the opportunity of knowing your potential collaborators.