Three garage organisation ideas worth considering

Garages are rather versatile spaces, being suited for several purposes. As one can imagine, these purposes are all related to storage. People tend to use this space to free their rooms and to avoid a cluttered atmosphere in the house. However, one mistake most people make is that of simply throwing everything in the garage, without having any order or storage plan in mind. Sooner or later, they all end up fearing to open the garage doors as all the things deposited there might fall over them. Simply stuffing things in the garage is certainly no option. If you take storage seriously and invest in garage racking and shelving solutions you will end up storing more tools, old clothes and toys than you would have ever imagined. So, to help you in your attempt to make the best of this space, here are three storage ideas you might find suitable for your needs.

The garage: a place to store and work in

People often turn their garage into a place of work, a place in which they can continue practicing their hobbies. For instance, some might like to build toys for children made of wood and the garage is transformed in a workshop. However, since they have nowhere else to put all of their old things or their much-needed tools, they need to be organised. You can set up your working area in the middle and buy a few suspended cabinets to place on walls. This way, you will have enough room to move around, without bumping into boxes or containers.


A shared garage: dividing space through storage solutions

There are families that like to keep their things separated. For instance, their old clothes are organised into boxes bearing the name of the wearer. There is nothing wrong with sharing a garage, especially if you take the time and arrange items based on ownership. As you can imagine simply putting a box over another is not a solution. You need to take a step further and divide your space using garage racking and shelving units. Choose units of different colours like red and blue shelves or green and yellow, so you will know which one is whose. Not only is this idea practical, but it will also help you settle the matter of space rather quickly and correctly.


A garage for everyone in the house


The garage is the place that’s supposed to house everything, from all your gardening tools, bikes and skateboards to mom’s old clothes, shoes that no longer fit and so on. These may be items you no longer have any use for, but you can’t part ways with them. You wouldn’t believe how many things fit in one garage if you have the right storage plan. You need a combination of all alternative storage solutions that suppliers are ready to offer you. For the garden tools, hooks that are fixed in the garage doors would be perfect. You have easy access and you won’t risk stepping on the shovel or rake. For old clothes, toys or shoes, you would wise to invest in a few shelving unit, preferably made of metal and some boxes. Be sure to label the boxes to know exactly where everything is stored. If you should have working tools or cleaning products you wouldn’t want your children to reach, then suspended cabinets are definitely a great choice. A storage plan that includes all these options is the one that will best serve a garage for the entire family.