Understanding URL Destination Goals

As a webmaster, you must know not only how to create a website but also how to maintain and improve it. In order to do this, you must use certain tools. One of these tools is Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, which allows you to access various statistics about your website’s traffic, traffic sources, sales and conversion measures. It is a great tool for an online business as it allows you to monitor the evolution of your online strategies. Today we are going to explain one of the most useful features of this service: URL Destination Goals.

  • What is a URL destination goal?

This Google Analytics feature allows you to measure the results of your online marketing strategies. The destination goal is but one of the many goals that you can track. Nevertheless, it is probably the most useful one. What it does is tell you when a person visits your site as well as what pages has that visitor browsed.

  • How to set up the URL destination goals?

The first step in setting a destination goal in Google Analytics is to go to your chosen website within the Analytics service and log in your admin account. Enter the description of your goal in order to be able to differentiate it from other goals that you may later set up. Once you do this, proceed to destination and the next step. The next option is setting the goal details. Here you have to choose the page where your users will land on after finishing a goal. For example, if the goal that you want to measure is a purchase, the landing page can be the Thank You Page which appears once a user makes a purchase. In the drop down menu you should choose the Equals option and if you don’t have an exact URL you can choose either the Begins With option or the Regular Expression option. When you finish setting up a goal you can also add some additional options. For example, you can turn the URL goals into funnels, an option very useful for websites which have more than two pages in the checkout process. Doing this can help you monitor whether the multi step process is responsible for loosing conversions. Another option which you can choose is the monetary value which shows you how much money you earn with each conversion.

  • Benefits of the URL destination goals

There are many benefits of the destination goals and they can be very useful in helping you improve an online business. You can track the benefits of your free offers or discounts, your overall sales, the content form fill-outs, your mailing list, how many of your users register to your website, how many of them comment on your products or your articles. Google Analytics is basically a statistical generator which gathers your chosen data and organizes it for you in clear categories.