Using Innovative Technologies to Deal with Mobility Impairments

People who suffer from mobility impairment should search for the best solutions to make their life more pleasant. Giving the technological era that we live in, the possibilities for becoming more active and independent are endless, which means that you should turn to innovative mobility equipments as a way to continue to do the activities that regular individuals do. Keep in mind that mobility scooters should represent more than just a single-seat device with uninspired designs. Here are three types of outstanding scooters and vehicles that disabled people can use to become more mobile.

The Toyota i-REAL Personal Transport

Adding the most practical features of a Segway to a standard mobility equipment you will obtain a stylish mobility scooter that can meet even the highest expectations. The Toyota i-REAL Personal Transport is a three-wheel-device that made a great impression when it was first introduced in 2008. Giving its short wheelbase, this mobility scooter is very easy to maneuver among pedestrians, and unlike other types of machines, it doesn’t take up too much space. Furthermore, when used in high-speed mode, the wheelbase of the Toyota i-REAL increases its length to provide a lower gravity center and a better stability. Due to its innovative technology, this futuristic unit uses monitoring sensors to detect when a collision is about to happen, and it notifies the user through noise alerts and vibrations. So, that can only mean that it was built with safety in mind.

The Honda EV-Monpal

The designer of the Honda EV-Monpal used the previous model, the Monpal ML200, as an inspiration for creating a better looking mobility equipment. In other words, he made the dual headlights more attractive to create a new mobility scooter that would be more approachable to the user. Giving that people who need a mobility scooter to travel are seniors and disabled people, the designer tried to make the Honda EV-Monpal easier to use by including a single LCD panel that features all of the scooter’s controls. This idea enables easy settings that allow the user to adapt the control system to his individual needs.

The GM Electric Networked-Vehicle

The GM Electric Networked-Vehicle is a Segway-based vehicle that features a two-passenger pod, so it can be seen as a great solution for couples who suffer from impaired mobility. Although it might require more space than other mobility equipments, this vehicle can be easily used in crowded urban areas, so it is very functional. Furthermore, this under-1,000lb device works on lithium ion batteries that enable a 25 miles range, so you can definitely rely on it to travel long distances. Due to its 25 mph maximum speed, you can reach any destination fast, so you can save lots of time and money with this mobility equipment.

These are the best transport choices for people who suffer from mobility impairments. However, technology has also made progress in other areas. For example, nowadays you can find pool lifts that can allow people with mobility challenges to safely descend in the pool. Stair lifts are also a great choices for houses with more than one floor. These devices are very useful for elderly people who are having troubles climbing the stairs. If you read the reviews on, you will see that there are many models to choose from, each one with amazing comfort and convenience features.