Using technology to increase sales of vintage marquee lights

You may think it is strange to hear the words technology and vintage in the same sentence, but the truth is that the two concepts do not contradict themselves, at least not in this particular matter. Vintage marquee lights are a thing of beauty, reminiscences of the old Hollywood and they go great in a variety of decors, from bars and diners to gardens and many other such places. There are several manufacturers and retailers of these lighting signs and just because they are in the business of preserving the vintage, it doesn’t mean they can not make use of the advances of technology and media to promote their products and increase sales. The Internet has become the premiere spot for advertising these days and many companies take full advantage of the opportunities it provides to present and promote their services and products. The same is valid for marquee light signs designers and retailers.

One of the first technology aids that you can use to increase the sales of vintage marquee lights is, obviously, setting up an e-commerce platform to facilitate the potential buyer’s intention of finding and purchasing your product. An e-commerce platform, if it is well optimized, will also allow to access a much larger market of potential customers than having a regular, brick and mortar store, no matter how well it is placed and how popular its location may be. However, the online store is not the only step you need to take in order to attract customers and increase sales, you need to advertise your platform and your products on any channels possible and you should definitely pay attention to social networks, such as Facebook. A Facebook page is, in fact, a great idea, allowing you to post photos of your products, not only in the shopping cart kind of way, but in actual use. Existing or former customers who have your products in place can post photos of how the signs look at their establishment, which will definitely be more appealing than seeing a lighting sign out of context. Social media platforms also enable you to engage potential customers, asking them for ideas, feedback, organizing all sorts of contests and so on.

Due to the fact that most consumers today prefer the use of smartphones and tablets, it would be a good idea, beside the use of social networks and e-commerce platforms, to create a mobile app for your website, which enables users to better experience your products and offerings from their smartphones. The Internet provides you with several ways to increase your exposure, promote your products and gain new customers, from every market sector, as everyone uses the Internet today to look for products and services, especially when it comes to products that are somewhat unique, such as vintage marquee lights, items that one cannot find at every street corner. Therefore, you need to make the most of this great opportunity and start promoting your products properly.