What is PAX Sivir?

One of the pleasures of playing League of Legends is that you have the chance of changing your champion’s skin and making it look unique in the game. While this may not have a huge influence on your in-game evolution and the average skin does not offer spectacular features other than appearance, some skins have quite a reputation and indicate that you are one of the hardcore fans of this MOBA. For example, there are skins such as Royal Shaco that you can purchase directly from the riot store or win in the game. These are quite common and coming across them is not uncommon. However, other skins are very exclusive and are obtained either by taking part in special riot events or by looking online for a provider that has them. One relevant example is PAX Sivir. This is one of the skins that you can apply to Sivir, the popular female character in League of Legends. First of all, it should be mentioned that apart from PAX, there are several other skins for this character:  Classic, Warrior Princess, Spectacular, Bandit and Huntress. Sivir is one of the first main champions in the game and, since she is a female, she is particularly fun to change the skin.

PAX Sivir is the rarest skin for Sivir, because it is not available in the official store. It can only be obtained by attending PAX events, which makes it very hard to get. If you do not want to attend these events, then you can purchase PAX Sivir from external sources. If you are wondering what makes this skin so special, then you should know that it was inspired from the Tron franchise and has a Tron suit. She also has a throwing disk with razor, which comes in very handy in battles. It might look like an oversized boomerang, but it does a lot of damage – including decapitation. Strong metal armors are not affected by the razor, but it can deflect and affect other enemies.


Using the PAX skin for Sivir does not make you a better player, but it will definitely help you get a good reputation in the game, because you can intimidate other players. Because PAX Sivir is normally offered at exclusive PAX events, they will imagine that you attended them. However, there’s one potential downside that you should consider: other players might want to unite in order to defeat you, just for the satisfaction of getting back at a more experienced player. That doesn’t happen very often, though, and if you get the PAX Sivir skin, you’ll definitely enjoy. Tron fans were really happy when this skin came out, because League of Legends is often associated with a fantasy, not sci-fi world, so when the two worlds are combined, buying this skin is totally worth. If you don’t know where to get it, then you can visit League of Legends skin stores such as LOL-skins.com and find many options there, for Sivir and also the other champions.