What RSS Feed Aggregator or Reader Can I Use?

By using an RSS feed aggregator, you can read news and weblogs in a quick and efficient way. A powerful aggregator allows you to get most out of newsfeeds, because you can search, categorize and organize the news items just like you would with emails. Although the best feed aggregator is a matter of preference, some are better than others. The list below will help you choose the one that is most suitable for you:

Desktop readers

Many people prefer desktop readers that couple an internal browser with feed management. This creates a reader-centric workspace that can be very powerful. Neveertheless, desktop readers can cause an unnecessary bandwidth burden on the site they’re downloading from and on the local client.

Web-based readers

A web-based RSS feed aggregator is the direct competitor of desktop feed readers. If you have a good one, it can produce a powerful workspace that gibes you better work flow than the desktop aggregator. Moreover, they are free and you can access them from any location, unlike the desktop apps. However, the majority can’t subscribe secure feeds, so if you have a number of password-protected feeds you need to keep track of, try using another tool.

Major browsers

All major browsers, including Opera and email clients such as Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird have the ability to read feeds. If you are looking for a more powerful RSS feed aggregator, you can install many extensions and add-ons that enhance their capacities.


Feedly is the RSS feed aggregator of the 21st century, available as an extension for all major browsers, but also on iOS, Blackberry and Android. They even developed a backed server to replace Google. Add it to your mobile device or browser in order to gain access to the latest news and best blogs. Moreover, you have a minimalist interface that allows you to focus on reading.

Google Reader

Google Reader is a very simple and reliable tool, because of its comprehensive web-based RSS feed reader and flexible labeling system. If you combine it with Google News, the result is a powerful RSS feed aggregator. While the reader allows you yo add many feeds and organize them, Google News agreggates thousand of newspapers, blogs and online magazines, delivering the content almost instantaneously.

Omea Reader

Omea Reader allows you to stay up to fate with RSS feeds, web pages and Usenet news. You can use flagging, annotations and search folders so you can stay organized. Although it finds items fast, Omea does not offer categories and learning filters. Moreover, you cannot synchronize multiple installations.

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