What settings to change for a high-converting Facebook ad

Building good Facebook ads can be quite complicated if you don’t know what the trends and principles of online marketing are. Without knowledge about this topic and experience in this domain, you can spend a lot of money on ads that won’t turn any good results. In this sense, it’s best to know about the best practices that one should follow when creating a Facebook ad. From content to how to boost it and what else to consider, you will find it all in this short list of tips:

Using the Power Editor instead of the Ads Manager

The Ads Manager you find on Facebook won’t offer you as many choices as the Power Editor will. In order to have more control over your ads, you definitely need to choose the Power Editor. When you run big marketing campaigns on Facebook, it’s easier to track everything and to automate some processes by using this editor instead of the basic Ads Manager one. The settings are more complex, but it won’t be difficult to get a better grip on how they work. In the long run, the choice will surely be worth it. Keep in mind that the Power Editor gives you the opportunity to edit budgets and audiences in-depth, as well as scheduling posts the proper way. In case you can’t handle all the settings and you feel overwhelmed, it would be best to hire a white label Facebook ads management company to deal with it.

Run page post engagement ads instead of boosting buttons

Facebook will place a boost button right next to your ad and you will be tempted to use it because of the convenience it offers. Again, this opens doors to settings that are much more complex than in the case of the boost button that rapidly sets things up for a quick sponsored ad. For a high-converting ad, you will need to pick some features and details carefully. In order to do that, you should run page post engagement ads instead.

Keep in mind that ads won’t convert from the first try

In most cases, running an ad won’t convert from the very first try, but once you start understanding how things work and what you really need for your own website or company, things should begin clearing up. When you start your first marketing campaign through Facebook paid ads, you need to try all sorts of ads until you figure out which one turn to be the best for your purposes. This can take a while, so take your time to do your research.

Set targets instead of budgets

When trying to set the cost of the marketing campaign first, you can limit the power of the ads tremendously. Instead, set lead targets and try to adapt the ads to your budget. Start small, generating visible – but not huge – results, and increase the amount of money you want to spend on the campaign as things start to contour and develop.