What should the perfect video converter offer you?

File conversion software has been around for years and people have been using them to manage text, audio and video files for personal or professional reasons. Recently, videos have emerged as an excellent way of presenting information, not only on news and entertainment websites, but also on YouTube, where users post vlogs.

Therefore, the number of video file converters has been growing, so that people who want to turn video from one format to another have hundreds of options to choose from. The offer is so rich that choosing the right option can be a bit confusing. Here are the four most important things you should look for in a video converter, apart from a wide range of input and output formats.

Ease of use

In this day and age, converting files should not be complicated and it should not take more than a couple of minutes. When conversion technology first came out, those who wanted to use it had to download the software first, but today it is no longer necessary, because you can resort to a browser-based, online free video converter where you just drag and drop a video from your device to select and convert it. The output settings should be easy to find and overall the service should not require any advanced computer skills.



A quality converter should also be fast and the entire process should not take more than a few minutes on average. Of course, the waiting time also depends on the size of the video. Some services allow you to select the speed/ quality ratio; for example, you can choose to convert a video in the shortest time possible, but get only decent 480p quality, or wait for a few more minutes but get superb video quality.


High quality video

No matter the device that you want to watch the video on, the service you use should have minimum quality loss. Nowadays, even mobile phones have impressive displays, so you cannot compromise on this. The converter should provide not only 360p and 480p videos, but also 720p and 1080p for HD and full HD devices. Image quality is not everything; during the conversion process, the audio quality should also be preserved. If you have a larger file to convert and it’s your first time using a certain converter, you can test it out first with a smaller file.


Social features

Most people who use the Internet like sharing files with their friends and family, which is why social features are very important. Modern services allow users to share videos on Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube or add them to Google Drive after processing is complete. This is not an essential feature, but it is a useful one, because it helps you save time and puts you in control.