What you should know about polygraph tests

What you should know about polygraph tests

Even though most people have heard about polygraph or lie detector tests, most of them still do not know exactly how these tests work and how it is that they offer such reliable results. Since virtually anyone can take a lie detector test these days with companies such as liedetectors-uk.com, here are a few details that you should know about them:

How does a lie detector work?

A polygraph actually measures several indices such as pulse, blood pressure, skin conductivity and respiration that when analysed will indicate whether or not the person taking the test is lying. There have been many studies that show how people react when lying and there is clear evidence that they cannot hide their emotions, as much as they would like.


Are polygraph tests reliable?

Yes, polygraph tests are very reliable when they are conducted by professional examiners who have been properly trained and can identify the signals accurately. Most people are afraid that they will be too nervous and because of this they will fail the test, but they do not realise that the nervousness will certainly not influence the results because an experienced examiner will easily make the difference between a lie and a genuine nervous reaction.


Can I beat the test?

As much as some people might try to convince you of that, the fact that that an examiner will always be able to tell if you are trying to distort the readings. Obviously, most people who are guilty of something will try to beat the test, but a qualified examiner will not have any problems in interpreting the results accurately and offering the client a reliable result. In fact, studies have shown that examiners can be up to 98% accurate in most of their readings, so in case you are planning to beat the test you should probably refuse to take it altogether. At the same time, those who want to ask their spouse or a job candidate to take the lie detector test, can always expect to receive honest answers and find out the real truth about the facts they are interested in.


How long does a test take?

Usually, a polygraph test takes about 3 hours, but that time can vary depending on the situation. If you are the one who has requested the test, you will be able to discuss with the examiner the questions you want to be asked or the information you might be interested in obtaining. If you are the one being tested, you should prepare yourself to spend this time taking the test.


These are the most important aspects that anyone should know about polygraph tests. Whether you are someone interested in taking the test or you want to ask someone to take the test in order to prove their honesty, with the help of a skilled examiner you can always count on receiving accurate results. So take your time and find the right person to test you and you will always be glad of choosing this option.