Why choose managed IT services

The technology era that we live in has made IT services an absolute necessity for all companies and businesses that want to take advantage of the many benefits provided by online exposure and the Internet. Some businesses have the financial power and stability to invest in their own IT department to handle all of their information technology needs, but most companies, especially small to medium sized businesses, contract these services out, employing IT companies to handle their entire technological infrastructure, which is also known as managed IT services. As a result, there are now numerous IT service providers on the market, offering extended services and various categories, from IT security and cloud computing to IT setup and support services. Therefore, a business should carefully analyse its particular needs and requirements before choosing not only a suitable provider, but also a suitable package of services from the array of packages provided by the IT company. One of the most important aspects to factor in when making such a decision is whether your business needs managed or unmanaged IT services.

There is plenty of information available online on the differences and particularities of both unmanaged and managed IT services and if you take your time to read the extended resources, you will see that most of them will advise you to go with the managed package. Not only will this approach provide you with ongoing support for whatever your IT needs may be, but you will also benefit from high flexibility and adjustability. Generally, managed services refer to outsourcing the entire IT infrastructure, but due to the fact that information technology providers have acknowledge the variety of issues, requirements and needs that different businesses face today, they now provide their clients with the opportunity to choose which IT components they need to have managed and to what level. Therefore, the services can be tailor-made to fit your business needs exactly. In addition, through managed services, you will be able to enjoy continuous monitoring of your IT infrastructure and the ability to solve problems or any concerns quickly, as you will benefit from a dedicated team for IT support.


Usually, managed IT services offer monthly reports and consultations, as well as IT support that can be both remote and on-site, depending on your needs and preferences. You can choose to have your servers managed or only your network, in order to eliminate the hassle and complexity of managing LAN, wireless, WAN or firewall networks. Some IT companies also offer managed device services, which means the company also provides support and service for your business IT devices, such as laptops, desktops or tablets. However, one of the greatest advantages of choosing managed services is that most packages come with data protection, which is crucial to any business in any field. Having experts handle the daily protection of your business data is not an advantage to be ignored.